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Our specialists.

Eugenie Robitaille

Marketing, Design and Social Media

Social media, Web Design and Printing are essential to today’s businesses. Eugenie is a Senior Graphic Designer, very orderly, she is articulate for all the posting and creation she does and loves to bring in a n artistic touch to assignment.

She has proven the ability to revise and create designs under tight deadlines and to stay abreast of design trends. Passion for design and interest for photography, Eugenie’s specialty is creating mock-ups, graphic layouts and playing with fonts to create an artistic and visual imagery for all your branding needs.

Fast and always delivered on time, you can always count on a work well done with a touch of creativity. Effective & Engaging in your Social Media Marketing needs.

Steve Troletti

Master-genius, clever and very Knowledgeable Photographer

Photography expert Steve cleverly knows not only how to be creative, artistic but also very wise with technology. Steve massive years of experimenting with photography makes him a very intellectual and wiz photographer. Steve knows his tools for creating great images, but he strives to always get well informed on the latest trends of technology. He is a genius of the light, the understanding of photography. He is skillful and manages to create breathless images.

Passionate about nature as his photography, Steve will make your image go to a higher level. Technically, graphically and artistically Steve Troletti is the best photographer there is.

Roger Girard

Brilliant and Sharp computer wiz, incredible with any computer problem.

Any problem solving, Roger comes to the rescue, he is patient and very careful before he does any job. Always 100% secure and 100% done. Roger is best known for his mutilate hard work with programming and problem solving.

Knowing how the science of computers and how the world of technology flies, Roger’s Expertise is to try, verify and get intimately familiar with bugs and solving challenging problems. His Strong computer skills and great communicator for the very important technical advice about computers and software makes him a very knowledgeable computer wise person


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