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What is the best Tritoon for the money 2022?

If you’re in the market for a pontoon boat this year, it’s important to do your research before you make a decision. A pontoon or tritoon boat is a hefty investment, so make sure you’re picking the right one as you go shopping in 2021.

The best tritoons for the money in 2022 are:

Best Tritoons in 2022

SunTracker 22’ Party Barge XP3

What Is The Best Tritoon For The Money in 2022? | Sand Surf Lifestyle (1)SunTracker boats are some of the cheaper boats you’ll find on the market. This is because their motors are all Mercury Motors, and they only offer those types of motors for all of their boats, lowering the price for their offerings. They also keep their prices low due to their manufacturing process, but that leaves you with fewer options during that process to customize your boat.

TheParty Barge XP3calls itself a “recreational pontoon” boat and offers four lounge seats, seat storage, a Bimini top, a swim platform, and a sound system. These are all relatively normal when looking at a pontoon recreational boat, but the added value here is the XP3 performance package—the three 26 foot long pontoons have lifting strakes and the boat itself has hydraulic steering, so the horsepower is increased to 200. The deck underpinning also comes standard with this model, so the water is deflected down for a smoother ride.

Other features include bucket reclining seats, drink holders, a removable table, a 500 GPC Ultima auto bilge pump, handicapped accessible entry, and EPA compliant fuel system.

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Depending on the motor you choose, this tritoon could run you between $47,000 and $51,000.

Harris Cruiser 210, 230, or 250

What Is The Best Tritoon For The Money in 2022? | Sand Surf Lifestyle (2)Harris has been manufacturing boats since the 1950s and is one of the best manufacturers in the business because of that. Like SunTracker, they exclusively use Mercury Motors, keeping costs low. They also have the option for you to purchase a value model—while built a little smaller and at the same quality, their value models can be up to $50,000 less.

The Harris Cruiser comes with either two pontoons or three; the 210, 230, and 250 cruisers have the option to add the third tube.

The Cruiser 210has a length of a little over 22 feet and a width of about eight and a half feet. With three tubes, the capacity is between 10 and 11 people and has a horsepower of 200. This boat starts at around $20,000.

The Cruiser 230has a length of 23 and a half feet and can carry up to 13 people. The horsepower with three tubes is 300. This tritoon starts at $24,000.

The Cruiser 250is almost 26 feet long, with a capacity of up to 15 people, and a horsepower of 300. This tritoon starts before customization at $26,000.

Bennington L Series

What Is The Best Tritoon For The Money in 2022? | Sand Surf Lifestyle (3)When comparing the Bennington L Series to the Harris Cruisers, they similarly give you the same quality at a lower price. Again, the Bennington brand cuts back on the custom offerings, leaving you with fewer choices but with a lower price tag.

TheBennington L Seriesare the most inexpensive tritoons that Bennington provides, while still keeping their luxury status.

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TheL lineis the most basic of the three tritoons in the series, it focuses on performance and handling. With this version, you can get a power package of up to 300 horsepower. Other customizable options are the Bimini frame, colors, optional GPS, and other equipment. You can also pick the design of your L line tritoon to fit whatever activities you are planning on partaking in. These tritoons come in at a cost of around $40,000 without customization.

TheLX Lineboats are between 19 and 26 feet long, boasting customizable opportunities. Some of the features outlined on their website include charging stations, vinyl-wrapped benches, and a premium speaker and LED lighting system. Customers can pick from a few different floor plans, including fishing, a quad bench, or an entertainment set up with a bar or dinette. The LX Line boats, not including customization, cost about $50,000.

TheL Bowrider Linetritoons focus on usability and functionality, including a step-down lounge seating configuration to allow you to be closer to the water. The new hull also gives you more in-floor storage and better performance. Its low-profile bow also lets you get even closer to the shore. Without customization, the L Bowrider costs about $75,000.

Lowe SS Series

What Is The Best Tritoon For The Money in 2022? | Sand Surf Lifestyle (4)Lowe is another one of the best pontoon boat manufacturers in the game, and their SS Series is no exception. An interesting perk that Lowe offers is what they call the TL Package—when adding it to the SS Series of pontoons, it adds a third pontoon, converting it into a tritoon and increasing both the horsepower and the fuel capacity.

TheSS 210serves as Lowe’s basic tritoon option when adding the TL Package. It increases the capacity from 11 to 13, the fuel capacity from 24 gallons to 30 gallons, and the maximum horsepower from 115 to 150. For a more basic setup, this boat runs about $21,000.

TheSS 210 Walk Thruboasts a premium ride for families, along with different setups for the furniture in the boat. With the TL option, it increases the 210 Walk Thru’s fuel capacity from 24 gallons to 30 gallons, and the horsepower increases from 115 to 150. Compared to the SS 210, this boat offers walk-through couches in the aft section. The SS 210 Walk Thru starts at $22,000.

Similar to the SS 210, theSS 230 Walk Thruhas similar features, but with the option to purchase an even bigger performance package. With a horsepower range up to 250, this boat is primarily used for watersports and for speed. This boat starts at $45,000.

But what exactly is it you’re looking for, and what are the benefits of picking a tritoon over a pontoon? Read on to find out.

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Pontoon vs. Bowrider: Which one is better for you?

What is a tritoon boat?

A tritoon is a form of a pontoon boat. A pontoon boat is a flat boat that uses a pair of floats, or pontoons, to stay above the water. Their buoyancy lets designers make large-scale boats for pleasure sailing, and increased horsepower to the boat. Because their drafts are shallow, they can come closer to shore.

Pontoons typically range from about 16 to 27 feet long, can carry between 8 and 20 people, and have a minimum horsepower of 25. A 25-horsepower engine, though, is very weak, and if you’re planning on transporting more people, you will need significantly more horsepower.

A tritoon, on the other hand, is a pontoon boat with three floats on the bottom. It allows for additional speeds, as it can support a bigger engine, making it more of a thrill-seeking boat rather than a cruising boat.

They tend to be a little bigger, from about 22 feet to 30 feet in length. They can also carry more people—14 to 25 on average. Tritoons also require significantly more horsepower of at least 250 to 350.

What are the benefits of a tritoon over a pontoon boat?

It comes down to a few different aspects when comparing a pontoon to a tritoon.

What Is The Best Tritoon For The Money in 2022? | Sand Surf Lifestyle (5)One aspect is what activity you will be primarily engaged in. If you want a boat that is a calm ride on a lake, a pontoon is really all you should need. You may not be able to experience the full benefits of a tritoon if you are on smaller bodies of water. If you’re looking for a fishing boat, you may want to consider a pontoon boat. Because it’s harder for a tritoon to navigate, you may need a pontoon to make sure you get out of any tight spaces.

That being said, tritoons are great for deep-water fishing like in oceans or deep lakes. They are more stable than the pontoon, and if you anchor your boat, you have better stability in deeper waters.

If you’re looking for a boat that can pull tubers or water skiers and can push high speeds, consider buying a tritoon.

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Another aspect to consider is the budget. Because of the additional tube, a tritoon will be more expensive. But, with that tube comes a smoother ride, more speed, and better stability when out on the water. The only time you sacrifice maneuverability with a tritoon, though, is when you’re trying to navigate into tight spaces or to shore—make sure your skills are appropriate for dealing with those downsides. You will also need a bigger trailer for your tritoon than you would need for a pontoon, as they are bigger.

Because of their difference in size and carrying capacity, when considering a tritoon over a pontoon, you must ask yourself if you need the space to carry that many people.

What should I look for when shopping for a tritoon?

  • Service.Wherever you buy your boat from, consider their location. Are they close enough that you can travel to them if you need service? If not, consider a different dealer.
  • Motors.If you can find a reliable outboard motor that is less expensive and you can get it serviced, choose that for your tritoon. The key, though, is making sure you have a reliable provider for this outboard motor, like a Suzuki, before you consider buying it. It could save you up to a few thousand dollars when purchasing your tritoon. If you want speed, consider 150 to 300 horsepower. If you’re unsure or just want to cruise, consider 115 to 150 horsepower.
  • Deck size.The smaller the deck, the better it is for calm bodies of water. The larger it is, the more room you have for people and for larger bodies of water; a 22- to 27-foot-long deck can hold up to 18 people, and even more with your third pontoon.
  • Options.When considering upgrades to your boat, make sure you are familiar with the things you need or don’t need. While stereo upgrades seem like something you might want, they could cost upwards of $7,000. Accent colors or lighting packages could be fun, too, but those could cost you around $2,000 each. Consider what you need first, and then play with the cosmetics later.
  • A used boat.Finding a used tritoon can help save you a lot of money, but make sure you’re aware of all the possible issues with it first. If you are doing the servicing on your used boat, consider where you will get your parts. If you are not, do you have a service provider that can do it for you?

As you can see, many of the costs of your future tritoon rely on your customization. Looking at this list, you’ll have a ton of options, so make sure you look through what each one can do for you to find the best for your summer, 2021, and beyond!


Are tritoon boats safe?

Due to their design and construction, pontoons and tritoons are very hard to tip over. Be aware that it still could happen, depending on the weather. Before you head out, make sure you check weather reports and head back to shore if you are out and a storm hits. While pontoons and tritoons are safer and easier to get back into shore, note that tritoon boats are harder to maneuver in smaller spaces than the pontoon boat.

What are some of the best pontoon boat brands?

Some of the best pontoon boat brands are SunTracker, Lowe, Bennington, and Harris. Although they vary in price, you will find boats with the best quality and most customizable options within those four brands.

What Is The Best Tritoon For The Money in 2022? | Sand Surf Lifestyle (6)

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