Top 5 Electric Bikes/Scooters In India (2023)

Published On Sep 14, 2020 11:34:26 AM

Top 5 Electric Bikes/Scooters In India (1)

Want to be an early adopter? Buying one of these would do you good

Electric two-wheelers are finally getting recognised and appreciated in India. The early influx of low quality, rebadged Chinese products have finally given way to some quality products in recent times. Even established two-wheeler manufacturers have realised the need to step up and meet the demands of sustainable mobility. In case you want to be an early adopter of electric automation, here are the five best electric two-wheelers that you can currently buy in India.

  • RsPrice1.36 - 1.58 Lakh*

  • Range146 km/charge

    Motor Power6200

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Ather Energy has been the top dog when it comes to electric two-wheelers in India. The electric start-up’s first product, the 450, gave us the first taste of what a quality electric two-wheeler feels like. Its latest scooter, the 450X, builds on the great foundations of the 450, taking everything good about the original scooter and making it better. You have more power, more torque, more connected features and less weight than before. It is also the priciest of the lot.

  • RsPrice1.52 Lakh*

  • Range95 km/charge

    Motor Power4080 W

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After not making scooters for nearly a decade, Bajaj reentered the scooter business with its first electric offering -- the Chetak. The design looks classy, especially given that it comes with a full metal body. The Vespa lineage of the scooter is obvious. But what really stands apart is the exemplary levels of fit and finish that Bajaj has strived to achieve with the electric scooter. It might not be the fastest scooter in the market, with its top speed capped at 60kmph, but Bajaj has tuned it for an easy riding experience.

  • RsPrice1.25 Lakh*

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India’s first electric motorcycle came from Revolt Intellicorp. This unheard-of brand gave us the first electric motorcycle and unique ways of owning it. It might be a rebadged Chinese product (its technology partner is Super Soco), but it is not like those flimsy ones that flooded the Indian market in the early-2010s. The RV400 gets some pretty top spec components like a USD fork, aluminium swingarm and LED headlight. The performance of the motorcycle is comparable to a 125cc commuter. Also, you do end up saving money over a petrol-powered motorcycle if you end up buying the motorcycle via the subscription-based plan.

  • RsPrice1.25 - 1.61 Lakh*

  • Range100 km/charge

    Motor Power4400

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Just a month or two after Bajaj introduced the Chetak, TVS also decided to bring its own electric scooter into the market. While Ather went for futurism and Bajaj chose to go neo retro, TVS kept it plain and simple with the iQube Electric. The scooter was first showcased as a hybrid concept at Auto Expo 2010. The performance from the scooter is commendable as it has a top speed of 78kmph.

  • RsPrice3.80 - 5.50 Lakh*

  • Range100 km/charge

    Motor Power4400

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While Revolt, Bajaj, TVS and, to a certain extent, even Ather, operate in the commuter space, Ultraviolette is one of the few start-ups who seek to offer performance-oriented electrics. The company is heavily inspired by aeronautics and fighter jets. It is evident in its sharp and edgy design, incredible performance and also the name of its first motorcycle, the F77 (from the F22 Raptor). Ultraviolette claims the performance capabilities of the F77 is equivalent to a 200-250cc motorcycle but their claimed figures are quite close to some 300cc bikes we have tested.

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