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Black and White Kitchen and Bath was selected from a group of contractors to complete the renovation of the Men & Women's Bathrooms of our church. Their planning process was smooth and there were many options for materials. There were some challenges withe scheduling at times, but the management was very responsive to our concerns. We are more than pleased with the outcome of our renovations and would highly recommend Black and White Kitchen & Bath

- Elizabeth G....

Hawkins Electric Service Inc


The gentleman did a wonderful job on keeping the hole he made very subtle, and also keeping the walls pretty clean during the installation. He was very efficient and thouroughly explained everything. I was seeking quality and I feel that I received it with this company. I will definitely choose them in the future for commercial or residential services

- Sharvita H....

Patuxent electrical services


Things went Very well. The electrician assigned to our job was professional, and on-point. He left the site clean and planned many dimensional specific outlets very thoughtfully. We have used Patuxent before and have always had great results. Some of our sites require somewhat precise locations on lighting and power outlets, and these guys really get the detail right!

- Chris P....

Ebenezer Electric, LLC


They are terrific. They did work at our house and kept coming back for different things that we had -electrical needs, at our house. They do a lot of commercial stuff too for our business and now we've been using them a lot. They've been sub-contracting for a lot of our jobs. It's another family-owned business, they're very conscientious. They just do a really good job and from a pricing standpoint

- Katrina B....

I have been using Wilcox for over 3 years, service has been8 amazing, prompt, courteous, and professional and cost is always competitive to other electrical companies.

- Rita N....

Beacon Home Services


After the failure of a second ceiling light fixture and deciding to have someone else do it, I took advantage of the Angie's Special with Beacon Electrical. I was pleased that they were in touch with me quickly, set up the appointment about a week out (not an issue with me since I wasn't in a rush - I suspect that they may have been able to come sooner), and took care of the problems professionally. I would be glad to use them again

- Charles B....

K&C Electric, LLC


Cristobal is a very professional and excellent electrician. I will wait weeks for him - rather than hire another electrician. He is always so pleasant and does an excellent job. He always has a solution for all my lighting and electric problems!

- Marisol G....

D&G Remodeling


Since day one, Deybi and his crew have been able to solve any electrical problems I've had and provide efficient and effective solutions at a proactive level, long term result. First time working with them was due to our previous preferred electrical contractor failing to help with complex electrical problems at a commercial space (office space), so after some looking we found DBG Electric. They were able to help with setting up light switch wiring, installing cubicle receptacles and replacing fluorescent light ballast along with breakers. At another commercial site, we needed help with installation of power packs, emergency lights and flood lights. All of these were installed in a high ceiling area, which was no problem for DBG. They've also helped with lighting a my personal residence, ranging from kitchen light replaced with LEDs to recess lighting needed in the basement. I highly recommend using them, specially with difficult projects that require some ingenuity

- Carlos A....

Isanski Ryszard


He is very good. He usually works with large places and commercial places. He is licensed and bonded. He explains everything to you. He did all the lighting for our kitchen in 2003 and last year he had the lighting done and he also had a designer working with him. He is outstanding. He is very professional, punctual and proud of his work. I like working with him and I find that he is a busy guy

- John W....

Allegiance Electrical Services LLC


I would recommend Allegiance for any electrical services. Top notch service for both commercial and residential work with excellent customer service.

- Darren H....

Wilcox Electric LLC


They were very friendly, very prompt, they got started right away (it was an emergency situation) and they stayed on site the whole time. They were also very professional.

- Marie P....

Millennium home renovations Inc


Excellent as always. Have used Millenium’s services now on 3 houses and a commercial property we owned over the last 20 years. Dan Ramirez and his team are the best.

- Richard K....

Kelko Electric Inc


We had to quickly double people in offices and needed dedicated electrical outlets for them. The Kelco team did a great job under a very tight deadline. They installed about 20 new electrical circuits and a sub panel.

- Dallas C....

Southern Electrical Service Co


Southern Electric has been providing quality service to Pighini Builders for several years. We would highly recommend them for any Residential, Commercial and service jobs big or small. Very professional and easy to work with

- Kevin P....

HavePOWER Electric LLC


Jason, the owner, was very thorough and did a fantastic job. He was thoughtful about where the outlet should go and asked questions about how we would use the charger. He installed a commercial grade cover over the wires so that there would be no high voltage exposure hazard. We're very pleased and will have him come back in the future for our electrical needs. I've got family members in the business (now retired) who were impressed with the work done in our home. We had a charger installed by a different provider in our previous home and Jason's work was significantly better

- Suzanne N....



Awesome. They were professional, punctual and most accomodating to us. I started using them two years ago and have never had better service from any electrician. The fact that they are a very well established small owned business attracted me from the beginning. I get no and quot;bulland quot; but a lot of help. I will never use another electrician! Marty Zimmerman runs a well polished business and because he does not run commercials on TV soI donot pay for the overhead costs. Last year I bought an Art Deco Sconce that was not able to be UL rated for my home and Marty himself came up with not only a cheaper way to install but safe. The respect, politeness and knowledge he has shown me tells me I will never call anyone else

- Wendy B....

Wilcox Electric LLC


They're terrific: they show up on time, are polite and professional, do first-rate work, and clean up after themselves. Unlike some electricians we've used, the people Wilcox sends out appreciate that they're working in a home, not a commercial construction site.

- Anne W....

Se-Ta Home Improvement


Seta is the only contractor that we trust for taking care all our remodeling project since 2011. Sets have been working on both commercial and residential project for us. You can check on Seta work for our recent remolding restaurant at Caphe Banh Mi in Old Town Alexandria

- Mimi H....

Staples Electric LLC


Craig and his team put in a new electrical panel along with doing lots of other electrical work. They were courteous, professional and completed the job on time. I have also hired them to do commercial work which went very well.

- Patrick A....

Beacon Home Services


Recovering from a basement flooding issue, we took advantage of a special Angie's offer and installed recessed lighting. The look is perfect, the installation crew very professional offering a recommendations but not pushing. Have since recommended them for both residential and commercial projects.

- Kathleen M....

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