Top 10 Best Heated Towel Racks Reviews (2022)

Looking for a gadget that you can use to keep your bathing towels warm throughout, well, a heated towel rack is the perfect device to buy. The heated towel racks are powered by electricity, or they may feature the combination of the central heating and electricity to provide the right heat. The heated towel racks have different heating levels which you can regulate to select the heating level you want.

They feature two installation modes where some are mounted on the walls, while others have freestanding installation mode. The racks come with varying hanging rods that range from 3 to 10 rods. So, check some of these features when buying the stand to ensure it will provide the right services. If you are not sure of the best brand of a heated towel rack to buy, the following review features the top ten best-heated towel racks on the market today.

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10-Amba RWH-CB Radiant Hardwired Curved Towel Warmer

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Replace your old towel rack by acquiring this quality heated towel rack that keeps the towels dry a warm throughout. You don’t need to take your towels outdoor to air as this rack keeps them dry and fresh for hygiene purposes. This towel rack from Amba has low electricity output, so you don’t need to worry about the bills going high on buying it.

The frame is quite standard in commercial places like spas and hotels since it ensures the towels are warm for the guests and customers to use. The construction of the rack has quality material resistant to water damage such that you can place your wet towel on it to air and dry.

Special features

  • This Amba rack towel warmer features verticle and horizontal heated bars
  • It takes a few seconds to heat up
  • The material construction features 304 stainless steel materials
  • It heats up to 149 degrees F

9-Towel Warmer with built-In Timer LED indicator

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With a variety of timer settings on this towel warmer rack, it is easy to control the amount of heat is disperses. The warming times are; 2 hours, 4 hours, and on/off to choose from depending on the level of wetness or how long you want the towel to warm up. The timer has an LED indicator that shows when the power is on and goes off immediately when the time elapses for easy control.

This rack has a total of 10 curved black electric warming bars to accommodate multiple towels. It is a perfect choice for homes with many people and commercial areas as well. There is a high heating technology that regulates from 113 to 117 degrees F.

Special features

  • Installing this rack on the wall is a breeze
  • The pack comes with a 2-year warranty
  • There are heating timers to choose from
  • The heat can also regulate

8-HEAGENE Hot Towel Warmer For bathroom Hardwired Heated Drying Racks

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The durability of this towel warming tool is fully guaranteed due to the quality material construction. The rack has steel material that has black powder matte coating to prevent it from rust, or corrosion even after prolonged exposure to moisture in the bathroom. The frameworks pretty fast to warm the towels and keep them fresh for long.

The rack does not take a large area in the bathroom, considering it is mounted on the wall. The process of mounting takes a few minutes since it comes with mounting tools and hardware. Other than drying and warming towels, this rack is also compatible with other clothes such as swims wear since it provides gentle heat consistent with multiple fabrics.

Special features

  • The rack has a quality material constriction
  • It is easy to mount on the wall
  • It keeps the towels and swimwear warm for an entire day
  • The stand provides multiple rack rods to hang towels

7-Tangkula Towel Warmer for Home bathroom

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The white finish on this heated towel rack makes it blend well with other finishing and features in the bathroom. The frame is quite light in case you wish to move it to multiple areas in the bathroom. It is a versatile rack that you can use to warm multiple items including hats, coats, and even your baby mittens throughout all seasons.

The structure has iron material that has beautiful white spray painting to safeguard it from damage. There is an on and off switch for controlling the functioning of the rack. Note that this rack operates at 100 watts to fasten the drying process.

Special features

  • This towel warmer rack is versatile and can be used to warm other items
  • It weighs 10 pounds for comfortable portability
  • It features five full bars to accommodate multiple towels
  • The rack operates at 100 watts to keep the towels and other garments warm for an entire day.

6-Pursonic TW300 6-bar Freestanding or Wall Mountable Towel Warmer Racks

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If you don’t want to interfere with the wall in your bathroom, you can set this heated rack as a freestanding or still, mount it on the wall. It has higher heating temperatures that rise to 122 degrees F to keep the towels warm and fresh for a whole day. This rack has six racks rods that provide ample space to hang your towels.

It has durable aluminum material that also has a chrome-plated finish to give it a touch of decor look. The finish also makes it blend well with other finishes in the bathroom. This rack only measures around 23 x 2.3 35 inches to save on space, and it weighs 5 pounds for comfort when moving or mounting.

Special features

  • You can install the rack on the wall or use it a freestanding model
  • It is versatile to set in the bathroom or any other room in the house
  • The high heat level helps to eliminate the growth of mold and mildew
  • This towel warmer rack only weighs 5 pounds

5-Heat rails PA002& Towel Warmer Drying Racks with Timer

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With the available drying timer, you can set up the right time you want this rack to keep the towels and other garments warm in the bathroom. The heat is also adjustable up to 112 degrees F to fit multiple warming needs. This is an energy-efficient towel warmer gadget that connects to 110- 120 volts standard power connections.

The rack comes with stand- feet that you can connect to use it as a freestanding rack, or screw it on the wall using the provided screw and hardware.

Special features

  • The frame features six wide drying rods
  • This stand features a timer settings
  • The heat regulates up to 112 degrees F
  • It comes with a warranty for quality assurance

4-Royal Massage Deluxe Freestanding Electric Towel Warmer Racks

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This towel warming rack features a thermostatic for regulating the temperature while saving energy usage. This also prevents the frame from overheating to provide the right heat levels to the towels. This warming rack has adjustable warming heat that ranges from 110 to 122 degrees F. It also works in a quiet mode to prevent distractions if you set it up in the bedroom. Operating it is easy since you are only required to switch on and adjust the warming heat you want.

Special features

  • The rack has aluminum material that is durable and resistant to moisture damage
  • The temperature regulates from 110 to 122 degrees F/43 to 50 degrees C
  • It warms the towels within 30 minutes
  • The gadget works in low tones

3-WarmlyYours 10-Bar Infinity Towel Warmer Hardwired Brushed Stainless Steel

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It is easy to program and monitor the functioning of this towel warmer thanks to the available backlit display that shows the timer and temperatures. There are seven programmable warming modes to choose from. There is the option to use an automatic or manual mode to control the time and warmth.

This towel warmer is suitable for spas and hotels since it comes with a two-hour backup battery in case of a power outage. The rack comes with a switch for turning it on and off. Ten brushed stainless steel rods provide multiple surfaces to hang the towels.

Special features

  • Maintaining this electric heating rack is easy
  • The material consist of stainless steel material that is brushed
  • The frame has both manual and automatic control modes
  • It has a backlit for monitoring the functioning

2-SHARNDY 6-Bars Portable Electric Towel Warmer

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The inbuilt timer on this heated towel rack allows you to monitor the heating time to save on the electric power and prevent overheating. This rack has the freestanding mode to avoid damaging the wall and allow flexibility since you can move and set it on any area in the house.

The material construction of this towel heating rack has durable stainless steel material that has a coating to prevent them from corrosion or rusting. There is an in-built timer that features 4 hours settings, 2 hours, and the on/off mode, so you can select your preferred warming time. There is also an on and on switch for comfortable operating.

Special features

  • This towel warmer rack has a lightweight design
  • It only takes 10 minutes to warm up the towels
  • The frame is light in weight
  • It has an LED indicator

1-Warmrails FBA WHC Hyde Parks Towel Warmer

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This is a durable towel warming gadget to purchase for your family use. It features the freestanding mode to allow flexibility when setting up in the bathroom or other areas in the house. Apart from keeping the towels warm, this heated rack also ensures to eliminate bad odor and prevent the growth of mold on the towel. It works pretty fast since it only takes about 15 to 20 minutes to warm up the towels. The rack has durable aluminum material that is built to resist rust and corrosion.

Special features

  • This towel warming rack is affordable
  • It has a chrome finish that adds a touch of elegance look to the rack
  • It features the freestanding model
  • This rack is quite light in weight for portability


Keep your towels and other light garments warm, dry, and fresh for long by utilizing the above reviewed heated towel racks. They work fast to warm the towels and they also provide 24 hours of warming effects. The majority of the above-heated towel racks have a thermostatic set to regulate the heating levels and timer where you can choose the warming time you want. So, check the above review to find the towel size and brand that will accommodate your family.

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