The 8 Best Roller Skates to Channel Your Inner TikTok Skating Goddess (2023)

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From Amazon best-sellers to under-the-radar designers, snag these skates while you still can.


Jayla Andrulonis

Jayla Andrulonis

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Published on April 14, 2021

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The 8 Best Roller Skates to Channel Your Inner TikTok Skating Goddess (1)

Looking back on the last year, it's clear that a lot has changed. The world jumped on board with leggings being real clothes and you probably developed a connection with a Peloton instructor you've never met IRL but see daily. Perhaps most surprising of all? Roller skating came back in style like the '80s never even left.

When viral roller skating videos seemingly blew up overnight thanks to TikTok earlier last year, it didn't take long for people to get on board with the resurgence. Everyone — from influencers to regular moms to celebrities like Kerry Washington — tried their hand at it by lacing up some skates and hitting the pavement. (

How Quarantine Helped Me Rediscover My Passion for Skating

The revival couldn't have come at a better time. Between gym closures and group fitness classes on pause, roller skating was a perfect activity for getting outside (while still social distancing), blowing off some steam, and sneaking a fun workout in — and maybe snapping a few Instagram-worthy shots in the process.

But as is the case with all trends, skates started selling out quickly. A quick throwback to a Economics 101 lecture on supply and demand explains just why that is, but as someone who jumped on the bandwagon herself (with zero regrets), it took me months to decide on a pair. And anytime I did, I would find they were always sold out in my size.

While the pair that stole my heart did so mostly for aesthetic reasons, the time spent searching and perusing through the thousands of reviews left by skaters far more advanced than I helped me learn a thing or two about what to look for. Style aside, it's the wheels and fit of the skate that really make or break your skating experience. While you can use most skates indoors or outdoors, depending on the hardness of the wheel you'll have an easier time. Pro tip: If you plan on switching from the pavement to the slick floors of your local roller rink, you can always just swap out your wheels for smaller and harder ones, as opposed to larger and softer wheels more fit for outside skating.

These are the best roller skates of 2022:

Of course, skates are just the first investment you'll want to make if you're looking to channel your inner TikTok roller skating goddess. If you're a beginner, grabbing yourself a sturdy helmet and a set of protective guards is the way to go. Trust me, your wrists and knees will thank you — especially while you get the basics down.

The trend of roller skating certainly isn't going anywhere anytime soon, so there's never been a better time to take up the hobby yourself. Below, shop the best-selling roller skates with rave reviews left by shoppers at Amazon, Nordstrom, and more while they're all still in stock.

Best Overall: Moxi Skates Beach Bunny Roller Skates

The 8 Best Roller Skates to Channel Your Inner TikTok Skating Goddess (2)

As the overall best-seller in Amazon's category of speed roller skates, Moxi's Beach Bunny roller skates may look like the things of TikTok dreams — but they're no joke when it comes to performance. "These quad skates are amazing," said one reviewer. "I skate about 30 miles a week all over Atlanta in them. They're great for skate parks, street skating, dance, and tricks. The skates are lined with cushions which prevent blisters around the ankle. They are so comfortable and easy to skate in. I highly recommend these to any beginning skaters especially if you want to be safe."

Best Fashion: Whip It Tan Cheetah Skates

The 8 Best Roller Skates to Channel Your Inner TikTok Skating Goddess (4)

If you're in it mostly for the 'gram, getting your hands on a cute pair of skates is a must. These cheetah print skates by Intentionally Blank have sold out before, but you can snag them here while they're still available. With a break stopper and tool included (it can help you tighten, repair, and reassemble your skates), they're suited for both indoor and outdoor use. As someone who's added them to my own cart, I can confirm they're suitable for beginners and offer plenty of cushioned support. (Related: The Mental and Physical Health Benefits of Outdoor Workouts)

Best for Beginners: Chicago Skates Classic Roller Skates

The 8 Best Roller Skates to Channel Your Inner TikTok Skating Goddess (6)

Everyone starts somewhere and doing so in this budget-friendly pick by Chicago Skates is a great place to start, according to hundreds of Amazon shoppers. It has a supportive, high-top fit and is designed for both indoor and outdoor skating. "I'm new to skating so I'm not sure of the logistics of what makes a great and professional roller skate, but this works awesome for me so far," reported one new skater. "Rolls smoothly and fits really well!"

Best for Roller Derby: Roller Derby Candi Grl Quad Roller Skate

The 8 Best Roller Skates to Channel Your Inner TikTok Skating Goddess (8)

Whether you're a roller derby vet or your dreams are purely aspirational, you can channel the sport with these Roller Derby Candi Grl Quad Roller Skates. With suede exterior and padded construction, the skates are suited for every level and help you work on controlling turns with precision. As of right now, hundreds of shoppers have already purchased these best-sellers — so you'll want to act fast.

Best Outdoor: Xudrez Leather High-Top Roller Skates

The 8 Best Roller Skates to Channel Your Inner TikTok Skating Goddess (10)

Skating outside is all about having a pair of skates fit to take on bumps and keep your ankles safe in the process. The wheels on this popular pair are built for shock absorption and its high-top style is designed for a secure feel. "Comfortable and well made," noted one reviewer. "They work great outside and are true to size." (After a long day of skating, you'll want to come home and treat your feet to one of these comfy slippers.)

Best Designer: Intentionally Blank's Partner Roller Skates

The 8 Best Roller Skates to Channel Your Inner TikTok Skating Goddess (12)

When the indie shoe designer Intentionally Blank launched a collection of skates earlier this year, it brought just as much style to the table as it did practicality. This pair has earned the praise of Nordstrom shoppers claiming they "can't say enough" about how much they love the two-toed skates."High-quality, beautiful, and comfortable," wrote one shopper. "I've been rollerskating in my basement in Chicago and cannot wait until I can get back into a roller rink. If you're even thinking for a second about buying these, do not hesitate. They are the best."

Best Lowfit: Riedell Dart Pixel Quad Roller Speed Skate

The 8 Best Roller Skates to Channel Your Inner TikTok Skating Goddess (14)

If you're more comfortable with a low-cut silhouette, Amazon shoppers suggest this style from Riedell which features a low, snug fit around the ankle and a velcro cinch strap to secure the foot in place. "These are the first pair of roller skates I've bought and they are incredible," raved one reviewer. "I like how they don't go as high over your ankles as most types of roller skates I've seen — it allows for better range of motion, in my opinion."

Best Indoor: Gets Flash Wheel Roller Skates

The 8 Best Roller Skates to Channel Your Inner TikTok Skating Goddess (16)

Sure, having smaller wheels is important if you're trying to pick up optimal speed while indoor skating — but it also comes down to looking cool. And what's more cool than a pair of skates designed with light up flashing lights? In short: Nothing. "The wheels light up when they spin and are really cute," said one Amazon shopper. The wheels are very smooth and good for both outdoor and indoor skating."

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