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Jan 11, 2008, 02:03 AM

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Is an Align 430L brushless motor (300 watt and 3550 kv) too small to put in a t-maxx .15? I just bought one but it's a very small motor in comparison with the traxxas 3500 kv brushless conversion. It's technically a heli 450 size motor, but I thought with the integrated cooling fan it'd be perfect for a truck. Also, any hints on mounting it? Looks like I might have to make or come up with a custom motor mount.

Also, in converting this to brushless, do I need to convert the tranny to single speed? This motor and esc support 14.4/14.8 volts, and that's what I thought I'd try running. The mo the better.

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Jan 11, 2008, 01:14 PM

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generally people seem to use 540 long or Xtra long type motors for brushless 1/8 MT conversions.
My LST for instance uses a 540 XL 7 turn motor and my Cen Matrix uses a 540XL 8 turn.You need a largish motor for torque and heat dissipation as you'll be pulling some high amps at times.


Jan 11, 2008, 01:54 PM

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(Video) Modified RC's T MAXX.. Stretched and Electrified on 4S 120amp ESC

Jan 11, 2008, 04:32 PM

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Cool stuff there ghost. I guess if that thing catches on fire you've always got the fire dept right there. t-maxx brushless conversion - RC Groups (1) I think you guys are right about the motor. Seems it needs to be rated at around 750 watts - or 60A instead of 30A - more than twice what I've got now. Maybe that motor would work on my old 1/10 scale 2wd Traxxas Hawk 2. It's pretty small with 2.2 tires. I bet with 14.4 volts it'd smoke.

It looks like no one is converting T-maxx trucks? I found out the tranny has a centrifigal slipper per the rc-monster guys. They are recommending the E-maxx tranny on the t-maxx and use your esc for reverse. I guess that tranny doesn't have a centrifigal system, maybe it's just more direct? And the T-maxx tranny if it's disengaged, you can't use your engine braking. And you don't have a servo for the disk brake unless you Y connect the wire going to your esc. Looks like you also have the problem of where to put the batteries. And then there's the motor mount problem too. But I know there's guys that would like to go brushless with their t-maxx trucks though. It's funny too that Castle posts on their site that the Mamba Max motors are not for monster trucks. I wonder why not? Maybe the way the trucks are set up, the torque from that motor would ruin it. With the E-maxx tranny I bet it would be fine, especially if you got the new E-maxx tranny with the steel gears. What do you guys think?

I think it's interesting though that Traxxas hasn't put the Velineon brushless on a 4wd monster truck yet though. The E-maxx still uses the dual Titan motor system, but they advertise it's brushless ready. If that's the case, put a friggin' brushless motor on it!

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Jan 11, 2008, 05:39 PM

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(Video) Traxxas EMAXX NITRO to BRUSHLESS Conversion! - (short clips)

you cant use a mamba max MOTOR in a monster truck or 8th scale
you can however use the mamba max without issue as far as the duel velineon system.. its a joke.. dual brushless isnt necessary and is just plain dumb.. one motor will always and i dont care what kind of trigger their using fight with the other.. its the law of the machine so the one motor is pinning faster than the other one is gonna screw up.. burn up.. then its time for an upgrade.. yet again when a single big bore would draw much less amps and be much more reliable

Jan 11, 2008, 06:16 PM

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Why can't you use a Mamba max on a monster truck or 1/8 scale? I know their site says you can't, but come on, it's got the power to pull that truck.

I agree on dual brushless - pointless considering the torque brushless motors make.

Another idea on the stock T-maxx tranny is to use the forward only conversion. Part number 4994x. It looks like it has a single gear that's locked to the shaft, so you could use your esc reverse and motor braking. Maybe you should use the forward only and the single speed conversions. Or is there something else in the T-maxx tranny that makes it too weak to use with a high power brushless setup. Yeah, the plastic gears are weak, but is there anything else for us guys on a budget?

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Jan 14, 2008, 12:01 PM

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Castle Creations responded to my email and Joe Ford there said that a Mamba Max will pull too many amps in a monster truck. So... they are working on a new Monster Max motor they say will be out in early to mid February. It's a larger motor and higher rated esc, and they've already had an E-Maxx up to 65 mph! You can email them and get on the notification list when it's ready. Sounds like good stuff.

That all said, you could probably gear down with a Mamba Max and make it work, but then it's going to have a slow top end. Maybe there's some guys using it now for Revos, E-Maxxes or T-Maxxes, but they may be running fans too or not maxing it out.

Jan 14, 2008, 12:49 PM

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yes the simple answer istn that itll pull too many amps its the fact that the rotor is too short and it doesnt produce enough torque to pull the big guys around you need an L or XL size motor with a bigger rotor than the mamba max offers

no you couldnt gear it down to make it work it simply wont it doesnt have the power.. its a 600W constant motor less than 1hp a monster truck needs at least 1000 watts constant preferably 1300-1500W constant and the ability to spike up to 2000W

However i have ran the mamba max system in an 8th scale 2wd trophy truck
the big guy from back in the day called the ThunderKing BUT its light the whole truck only weighs like 6lbs and its geared well simple single plate chassis light components and strong gearing setup thats about the only time ive seen or tried a mamba max in something of that size my meters showed a constant of 480W "motor wasnt hardly working" and spikes of 78A so being it was light and geared it worked

now heres the neat information if the truck had weighed one lb more.. it would have drawn over 90A constant and spiked 130A on launch which would have smoked the mamba motor without issue

(Video) Brushless 12428 Maiden Voyage

Jan 15, 2008, 01:19 AM

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you will still void the mamba max warrenty if you put it in a M/T or other 1/8th. That's good news about the Monster Max, it seems like it's been in production longer than normal. The boys at Castle all say the same thing, "it pulls too many amps". It's easier than going into the various quantum details that take up their time.

Jan 19, 2008, 06:50 AM

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This is the same MMM that was supposed to released summer '06.

(Video) Brushed E-Revo Upgraded to Brushless E-Revo

I've watched as this current release date has slipped from early Jan to now mid - Feb.....and counting.

Jan 20, 2008, 07:20 PM

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If you run to small of a motor it will get hot. While the Mamba maxx controler can be used it is limited to 4S Maybe 5S if you like to gamble.

4S can get the truck faster then stock. But if you want to really Rock. You want to get to atleast 5s. With a XL sized motor.

The long waited MMM controler or one of several released controllers will get you to 6s for a price, but once you make the plung..... You will have all the power you need... next your have to start fixing the components that can not handle that kind of power. Slipper, Drive shafts, Diffs etc... Once you get that kind of power these trucks are a lot of fun t-maxx brushless conversion - RC Groups (4) Plus you will have a setup that can even grow into a slighty larger vehicle if you need to some day.


PS. If money is not a concern... The Nue motors are supposed to be great. I just have had that kinda $$$ allocated for my bash monster truck

Jan 21, 2008, 04:51 PM

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4s seems to be the sweet spot in reasonable power.My LST runs over nitro revos like they were speed bumps on 4s and is just stupid on 5s...can't even imagine 6s t-maxx brushless conversion - RC Groups (5)

check out rcmonster.com if you get a chance...good site full of people running brushless t-maxx , revos and what ever else you can think of

I have pics of my cen matrix and LST conversions here http://www.putfile.com/troutgeek/images/80778


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