Kuberg Freerider Electric Dirt Bike Review (2022)

What’s that buzzing around you? A giant fly? No, it’s the Kuberg Freerider electric dirt bike.

No electric dirt bike looks or feels as out-of-this-world than the Kuberg Freerider. Its appearance is that of a mosquito on steroids… and with wheels. But, faster. And stronger. And, rather than blood, it sucks the boredom right out of you.

This electric dirt bike was built for two important objectives: First, to help adults relive their best juvenile memories (the legal ones) and, second, for kids to craft those fantastic memories. Yes, all that at the cost of just $3,999 USD.

Kuberg Freerider Electric Dirt Bike Review (1)

What Is the Kuberg Freerider?

The Kuberg Freerider is a mid-power lightweight electric dirt bike purpose-built for short fun rides across dirt trails and small hills. It is the first of two Freerider variants, the other being the Freerider Street which is remodelled for non-offroad purposes.



The Kuberg Freerider bears qualities that are considered rare in the electric bike industry. For one, its mobile phone connectivity allows riders to configure their bike’s performance via Wi-Fi connection using the Kuberg Volt mobile app. The app also allows functions like speedometer simulation, firmware updates, and riding stat monitoring. This provides riders with real-time awareness of their bike’s status.

Connectivity just scratches the surface of this bike’s feature list, however. The Freerider also includes [your feature list]. Let me walk you through the great and not so great characteristics of this little electric mosquito.


Starting off with a wimper, the Kuberg’s display is a bit of a bore compared to the rest of the bike. No LED indicators whatsoever. But it gets worse: the fixed LED battery level indicator with Green, Red, and Blue lights means it’s difficult to tell exactly how far you’ve gone and exactly how much battery power you have left.

(Video) Kuberg Freerider XTC14 First Ride Impressions: 80 lbs and 18 hp is Insane!

Don’t fret though as the Freerider comes with mobile phone connectivity, allowing your mobile phone to act as a heads-up-display. In this regard, the Kuberg app — Volt — is incredibly informative, showing your battery level and speedometer as well as allow you to monitor your bike’s condition on the fly. Just make sure to fasten your phone somewhere so you’re not riding with one hand. On the dashboard for example, or on the handlebars.


Constructed with a powder-coated, double-cradle frame with steel tubing, this electric dirt bike bears exceptional structural integrity. A double-cradle frame uses two tubes running beneath the engine in order to support it instead of one steel tube on a single cradle frame. It provides a significant advantage over a downtube chassis in terms of strength and rigidity while also being cost-effective. It has a curb weight of just 79 pounds which makes it ultra-light and easily hand-carried and transported.


The Freerider electric dirt bike uses a 1-speed automatic drive with chain. This type of drive makes the bike accessible to inexperienced newcomers to the 2-wheel world.

A 1-speed automatic drive also provides instant power but affects stability as there is no way to control power output. This can prove dangerous to newbie riders as they can quickly lose control of the bike. An unintended twist of the throttle can launch the bike forward, bucking the rider off.


A 48V mid-mounted gearless direct drive hub propels the Kuberg Freerider with 8000W of power. That is pretty remarkable considering this is an small-sized ultra-light bike.

It has enough power to reach a top speed of 34mph (55km/h), fast enough to safely bomb through dirt trails. The power output and top speed can also be configured through the Kuberg Volt mobile app.


A 48V Power Force lithium-ion polymer battery powers the Kuberg Freerider with 22.2Ah of capacity. This is a reliable battery with a lifespan of over 1000 cycles.

Unfortunately, this battery can only power the Freerider for up to 1 hour on full throttle before it needs to recharge, cutting the fun off right before it’s truly enjoyed. This can also prove a hassle especially on lengthened off-road rides.

(Video) FOUND The BEST E-Bike You Can BUY!! Kuberg Freerider

Regular recharge time is shown to be 2.5 hours from a 110 V or 220 V outlet. A quick charger is also available as an optional accessory. Quick charging reduces wait times to just an hour.


An effective electric dirt bike needs effective brakes. The Freerider features a hydraulic disc brake system using Tektro Auriga hardened 203mm brake discs. Tektro’s well proven Auriga brakes aren’t light and stock pads aren’t great but they’re reliable at best.

These brakes provide an amount of stopping power achievable only with hard braking, except with only one or two fingers on the lever. This proves useful in dirt situations where staying on your bike and not bailing is crucial.

It also comes with sintered brake pads on both front and rear. Sintering is the fusing together under heat and pressure of metallic particles and in the case of brakes it blends various other elements to enhance friction properties and wear life. A sintered brake reduces the heat that regular discs generate and to ensure longer disc lifespan.


The Kuberg Freerider’s suspension comes in the form of a Manitou Dorado Expert front fork with air pump and 7in travel, and a DNM Burner RB-RCP rear shock to provide exceptional support through various terrain. Manitous and DNMs are examples of cheap but reliable suspension.

Tires & Wheels

20″ x 2.5″ Maxxis Creepy Crawler front and rear tires rest beneath the suspension. These tires are purpose-built for offroad use and provide maximum traction even in wet conditions.

The front wheel can optionally be upsized to 26”. This gives the bike an irregular layout that further expands its off-road performance. The reason the front wheel has a larger diameter is to take and manage impact better. The larger size gives the bike better handling and stability in possible rough roads which ultimately protects the rest of the bike.

Kuberg Freerider Tech Specifications

The Kuberg Freerider is a great bike built with great enthusiasm. If you want to know the things that make up this awesome ride, here’s a breakdown of the bike’s main parts:

(Video) Let's take a CLOSER LOOK at this INSANE 14kw Ebike!!!

Manufacturer NameKuberg
Model NameFreerider
Model Year2017
Motor ManufacturerKuberg
Motor ModelKuberg Mid-Mounted Gearless Direct Drive Hub
Motor Power48V, Peak power > 8kW
Motor PlacementCentrally-placed
Power Pack48V 22.2 Ah Power Force lithium-ion polymer battery
Battery Capacity22.2 Ah
Battery RemovalQuick removal
Rangeup to 1 hour
Ride ModeEnduro / offroad (Trail, Sand and Snow)
Regenerative Brakingnone
ThrottleTwist Throttle
GearsNone (1-speed automatic)
Top speed34 mph (55 km/h)
Weight79 lbs (36 kg)
MaterialsPowder-Coated Steel
Seat height34.5″ (86 cm)
Front SuspensionManitou Dorado Expert 180mm with air pump front

DNM Burner RB-RCP rear

DisplayFixed LED Battery Level Indicator
(Features mobile phone connection which can act as speedometer)
PurposeDirt, Sand
ConnectivityWiFi ready – adapter sold separately
SecurityConnectable to mobile phone via Kuberg Volt app

After-Sales Support

Kuberg deeply values the quality of its customer service. They’re based in the Czech Republic and you can contact them at +420 608 757 353 or via email at [emailprotected]. You can also visit their headquarters at Mankovice 158, 742 35 Mankovice, Czech Republic.

Live in the United States? Don’t worry, Kuberg also has a branch in North America located in Florida. You can contact the US branch at 954 323 6531 or via email at [emailprotected].

Where Can I Get One?

The best place for US residents to get the Kuberg Freerider is through Kuberg’s North American website. Kuberg also distributes to dealers all across the Czech republic and North America. There 4 main dealerships in the US. These dealerships are based in Florida, California, Indianapolis, and New york. They all provide complete service packages to customers.

Kuberg Freerider Videos

A written description is never enough. Sometimes you have to see the bike in action to believe. Here are some videos about the Kuberg Freerider electric dirt bike:

Kuberg Freerider Choice Commentaries

Want to find out what people are saying about the bike? We’ve gathered some commentary about the Freerider from various sites. Check them out here:

I took my bike out for the first time today, and I had the time of my life. (I’m an adult, by the way. Anyone can have a blast with this thing.) I’d recommend setting your bike to the lowest torque mode if you’ve never ridden a dirt bike before. My bike was originally on race mode, and I crashed pretty badly. The handlebars got scuffed up and the bike wouldn’t run for about 15 minutes. But the bike worked perfectly after that period. It is very durable.
Riding on the beginner’s mode, I quickly became used to rate of acceleration. I felt in control. The bike was incredibly responsive while turning and braking. The bike went over cracks, curbs, grass, hills, etc. like it was nothing. Today, I rode for about 45 minutes straight (probably 15 of those minutes at top speed), and the bike is still more than halfway charged. Its range is incredible.”

-lynxkeeper (Amazon)

The Freerider appeals to a VERY wide range of riders! It is a teenage sized bike that adults will have a blast on as well. The weight capacity on the original website was listed incorrectly. The Freerider has a capacity of 220lbs or 100kg! The bike can be set up for taller riders simply by adding taller bars or gooseneck (downhill mountain bike parts). Who will want to ride a Freerider? Teenagers, racers, retired (lightweight motorcycle to place in the RV) women, casual riders, mountain bike riders looking for a different thrill, dirt bike riders/racers, security companies, search and rescue teams, indoor race facilities. Where will people ride it? Anywhere and everywhere! mountain bike parks, single track trails, pump tracks, backyard moto tracks, inner city, suburbs, skate parks, race track paddock transportation, airport transportation, EVERYWHERE! At $4000. Most that appreciate quality and engineering are shocked we can supply it at that price! We have our own factory in the Czech Republic. Most components are supplied in house, including our excellent state of the art electronics! Remember, some are paying $8000 for a downhill pedal bike! and a Stealth Bomber is $10k+ !!

(Video) 12kw Kuberg Freerider Electric Dirtbike

-kdog (NewAtlas)

Who are these made for? Rich kids ($4k bicycle?) who are 6’4″ tall and less than 75kg? Seems like a very limited sales range. But at least they got the voiceover guy with the super deep voice to say “the Freerider from Kuberg”, eh?

-1jaques (NewAtlas)

Well ive had this fker on order for nearly 2 years now and finally i pucked it up last night. Kuberg has been doing some shows and events in UK recently to promote the brand and they have been running races and shows at the Arenacross in sheffield and London. The top lads at E-Scape agreed to fetch my bike back up north with them.
The bike itself is a proper laugh to have a play on. The spec has increased massivly since the origional concept. It has a decent set of front forks on it now as well as a half decent rear shock. The wheels and tyres are a strange one as they are a unicycle size but it works. The motor was upped to 8kw from the origional 2kw planned. There are 3 power modes so of course it went straight to the top power for a little play last night. Its very managable but still very powerful. Its under 40kg so its easy to throw arround and the battery aparently lasts an hour at a decent pace. Ive not tested this out yet though. Before i took it in i tried power level 1 and it was bloodly lame, very beginner friendly, the power delivery very slow and forgiving.

-dukenukem (KTM Forums)

Kuberg Freerider Image Gallery

To appreciate the Kuberg Freerider’s beauty, you have to look at it from various angles. Check these images out:

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How fast is a Kuberg freerider? ›

34 mph top speed with incredible torque and 1 hour of full-on riding time. Powerful, noiseless 8,000-watt electric motor (upgradable to 12kW which increases top speed to 40mph, or 14kW and a top speed of 55mph)

How fast does a Kuberg go? ›

Our proprietary 48V motor delivers an L1e-B certified 4kW of linear power and a factory limited speed of 45 km/h.

How fast does a 12 volt electric dirt bike go? ›

Our vehicle can reach the speed of 1.86-3.1 mph, which is safe for kids to drive. 12-Volt rechargeable battery enables kids to have fun for 1-hour. Our 4-Wheel Motorcycle is an ideal gift for your little ones.

Which electric dirt bike has the longest range? ›

That's exactly what the Delfast Top 3.0 electric dirt bike delivers. It's rated to go up to 20 MPH on the road and 50 MPH offroad for as far as 200 miles on a single charge.

How long does a Kuberg freerider battery last? ›

The 22.2 Ah lithium-ion polymer battery provides up to an hour of full-throttle riding time. Re-charge to 80% capacity in only 1 hour.

How much does a Kuberg freerider cost? ›

I think the Freerider is a great choice for anyone looking for a true, off-road electric vehicle that can be used to blast through trails, for camping or even as a utility vehicle. At $3,999 it's not in the affordable category of off-road toy, but in my opinion you're getting much, much more than you're paying for.

Are electric dirt bikes legal? ›

Are electric motorbikes legal in UK? Electric Motorbikes are legal in the UK.

How fast are electric dirt bikes? ›

Top 5 Fastest Electric Dirt Bikes for Adults in 2022
Electric ScootersTop Speed
Alta Redshift MX180km
CAKE Kalk OR180km/h
KTM Freeride E-XC180 km/h
Sur-Ron X169 km/h
1 more row
19 Aug 2022

Are electric dirt bikes legal in the UK? ›

Any electric bike that does not meet the EAPC rules is classed as a motorcycle or moped and needs to be registered and taxed. You'll need a driving licence to ride one and you must wear a crash helmet.

How long does the battery last on a electric dirt bike? ›

Generally, Razor MX350 run time, as well as other Razor dirt bike's batteries deteriorate after 1 to 3 years of regular use.
How long does a razor electric dirt bike battery last? Official Manufacturer Specs.
Battery BrandUniversal Power Group (UPG)
Range30 minutes
7 more rows

What is the fastest electric dirt bike for kids? ›

Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath Electric Motocross Bike

The bike comes with all of the bells and whistles, including adjustable handlebars, dual suspension, and hand-operated front and rear disc brakes. With a powerful, high-torque engine, your young one can easily reach speeds up to 15 mph.

How fast does a 24V dirt bike go? ›

With a max speed of up to 14mph this 24V Electric Motorcycle is fun to ride on varied terrain and is sure to impress with it's motocross styling.

How long does KTM Freeride battery last? ›

1.5 hours

Who makes the best electric dirt bikes? ›

We've surveyed the landscape to find you the top 5 electric motocross brands of 2022: Kuberg, Bultaco, Cake, Sur-Ron, and Electric Motion. Read on for more on how these innovative brands are delivering the motocross bikes of the future.

What is the cheapest electric dirt bike? ›

The Segway X160 is an affordable electric dirt bike, that is marketed as a go-anywhere bike. It only costs $3,500 on Amazon. If you aren't that concerned about the environment, however, you can simply get a basic gas-powered dirt bike, with the same capabilities, for nearly half the price.

How fast is 500w in mph? ›

Battery Capacity and Calculating Range + Speed
Battery + Motor (Flat Terrain 165 lbs Male)Max SpeedAverage Charge Time
500w25 mph (40.23 km/h) (G)40 minutes
750w28 mph (45 km/h) (G)60 minutes
1000w35 mph (56.32 km/h) (R)80 minutes
1500w40 mph (64 km/h) (R)120 minutes
1 more row
14 Jul 2020

Do electric dirt bikes have gears? ›

That's not the case with electric motorcycles. Electric engines produce the same amount of power at torque at any RPM within a specific range, so there's no need for a multi-speed transmission. In most cases, electric motorcycles only come with one gear.

How do I charge my Kuberg freerider? ›

Please follow our recommended charging procedures at all times.
  1. Make sure your Kuberg Freerider is turned off.
  2. Connect your charger to an electrical outlet (AC).
  3. Turn ON the power switch on the charger.
  4. Wait for 30 seconds.
  5. Connect the charger cable to the battery connector on your bike.

How fast does a 1300w electric bike go? ›

Top speed will surpass 30Kmph. With that performance, you'll also be grateful for the high specification, light-touch front and rear hydraulic brakes. Almost silent, this bike will offer up to 18km of fun in almost any environment. Suitable for ages 7-13 at the parent's discretion.

How long does an electric bike last? ›

On average, ebikes last around 10 years. That number can be higher or lower depending on the type of bike and how you use it. If you are conscientious about caring for your ebike, it can last well over a decade. However, various parts like motors and chains will need to be periodically replaced even with proper care.

Can a 12 year old ride an electric bike? ›

The minimum age requirement for riding electric bicycles ranges from 14 to 16 years in most countries around the globe. The minimum age requirement is a direct function of the e-bike's motor wattage and maximum speed limit.

Do you need a license to drive an electric dirt bike? ›

There is no speed restriction however you must be 17 or above and have passed a CBT course OR have a full motorcycle licence.

How loud are electric dirt bikes? ›

Electric dirt bikes are extremely quiet although they are known to produce very minimal noise that is generated from the humming of their motors.

Are electric dirt bikes faster than gas? ›

Pricing - Even though gas dirt bikes require more maintenance issues, electric dirt bikes are overall more expensive to purchase. Speed - Electric dirt bikes are fast, but aren't as fast as gas dirt bikes. This is especially apparent when comparing these two models in the high-end market.

Are electric dirt bikes quieter? ›

Compared to gas dirt bikes, electric dirt bikes have fewer moving components are run a lot quieter. They're not completely silent, but they're not obnoxiously loud like gas dirt bikes.

Can I ride electric dirt bike on the road? ›

The riding of e-scooters, electric bikes or any other bike on the pavement continues to be an offence and is not allowed.

What is the legal speed limit for electric bikes? ›

In the United States, federal law (the Consumer Product Safety Act, to be specific) defines a “low-speed electric bicycle” as a two- or three-wheeled vehicle, with a maximum motor output of 750 watts and assistance limited to 20mph.

Can a 10 year old ride an electric bike? ›

Many states do not allow kids under the age of 16 to ride a Class III ebike, while many states don't allow anyone (even adults!) to ride Class II ebikes on bike paths and trails. Check out Bikes for People's Electric Bike Laws to learn more about your state's regulations.

Can you ride an electric dirt bike anywhere? ›

Be sure to avoid driving off-road vehicles on public streets or public driveways and roads. You can, however, ride a dirt bike or quad bike on Public Right of Ways roads.

How many times can you charge an e-bike battery? ›

On average, your e-bike will be able to go through about 500 charge cycles before showing signs of diminishing. However, the battery life expectancy is dependent on the exact type of battery that your e-bike uses. Here are a quick breakdown of the different battery types and how many charge cycles they have.

How long will a 48v 10ah battery last? ›

A 48 volt 1000 watt hour battery will be dead flat after about 40 minutes.

What is the best electric dirt bike for 10 year old? ›

Boasting quick and easy assembly, the Razor MX400 Dirt Rocket is an electric dirt bike that kids can start riding pretty much as soon as they get it. It's a scaled-down version of the MX500 but still delivers power that can get kids moving with speeds up to 14 mph.

What is a good electric dirt bike for a 14 year old? ›

Razor MX400 Electric Dirt Bike. Kuberg Cross X-FORCE PRO 50. Razor RSF350. Husqvarna EE 5.

What is the best dirt bike for a 13 year old beginner? ›

Honda CRF250F

The CRF250F is Honda's modern CRF230F (or XR250 if you want to compare) with fuel injection and electric start. It has plenty of torque for taller riders, and is a great starter bike for teens 13 and older.

Can you ride a razor dirt bike in the rain? ›

Do not ride your motor bike in wet or icy weather and never immerse the motor bike in water, as the electrical and drive components could be damaged by water or create other possibly unsafe conditions. Never risk damaging surfaces, such as carpet or flooring, by use of an electric motor bike indoors.

What's the fastest electric razor dirt bike? ›

Ride with confidence on off-road terrain
Max Speed14 MPH (22.5 KPH)14 MPH (22.5 KPH)
Battery24V, lead-acid24V, lead-acid
Motor250W, single speed250W, single speed
Run TimeUp to 30 minsUp to 30 mins
7 more rows

How fast does a razor electric bike go? ›

Razor - Dirt Rocket MX350 eBike w/10 mi Max Operating Range & 14 mph Max Speed - Blue.

How fast can a 36V electric bike go? ›

How Fast Does A 36V Electric Bike Go? On average, a 36V electric bike can have a top speed of 15-20 mph. These electric bikes usually fall under classes 1 and 2, with a maximum speed limit of 20mph in most states. A 36V electric bike is fast enough to ride across cities and towns.

How fast is a 65cc dirt bike? ›

While casual 65cc dirt bikes can hit a top speed of 30-45mph, motocross racing 65cc dirt bikes can go as fast as 60mph.

How fast is a 750 Watt ebike? ›

A 750-Watt e-bike can attain speeds of up to 20 miles per hour for most brands. The motor belongs to the class three category, and they can reach 28 miles per hour at the maximum. This estimate goes down in the face of other factors, such as your weight, riding uphill, and the battery condition.

How fast can a 250cc dirt bike go? ›

If you are a pro at dirt bike riding and you want to experience real power while riding, then get a 250cc dirt bike. 250cc dirt bike delivers powerful acceleration with high performance. Depending on the type of engine, a 250cc dirt bike comes at a maximum speed of between 55 to 70 mph (90-113 km/h).


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