Future Fear - TheSorceressRaven - DuckTales (Cartoon 2017) [Archive of Our Own] (2023)

Chapter 1: The Villains Excursion

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On an Island in Greece called Corcyra, all seems normal on the streets, but something sinister is hidden underground. A tunnel is kept secret from the residents living on the Island, leading to different dusty corridors. Then, the quiet, dark halls are lit with flashlights moving up and down the walls.

“Lands sake, why did I ever let you talk me into coming on this crazy excursion?” Ma Beagle groans.

She walks just behind Magica De Spell. Bradford, her now mindless pet vulture, sits blankly on the dark sorceress’s arm. Glomgold stumbles in from behind. Each of them, except the vulture, is holding flashlights to help light their way.

“Oh, pipe down, you barbarian mobster.” Magica hisses. “I told you we came here to achieve an essential artifact that will aid us in finally defeating Scrooge McDuck and his family once and for all.”

“Only I, Glomgold, shall have the right to exact my revenge on Scrooge McDuck!” The stubby kilt-wearing duck booms.

“Why do you think you’re the only one that has the right to get vengeance on McDuck and his brats?” Ma Beagle gripes.

“Scrooge thinks he all that and tries to prove it every time we compete at something! Of course, I should have the right to my revenge!” Glomgold shouts.

“That is nothing compared to having your land swindled from under your feet like it was from my pappy.” The Beagle elder growls.

A loud and very annoying argument between Glomgold and Ma Beagle begins.

Magica rolls her eyes skyward in irritation.

“Why did I ever think this alliance could ever work?” The sorceress mutters, slapping her hand over her forehead.

Magica does her best to ignore the childish bickering behind her to glance down at the scroll in her hand. Something she found in the Library of Alexandria. Once she saw it, she knew that she had to achieve the artifact hidden in the caverns on this Island.

The title on the scroll reads, The Underground Corcyra Museum of Cronus. Following the instructions on the sheepskin paper, Magica continues down the hall. She quickly glances at the Bradford Vulture.

The big bird blinks twice before tending an itch under his wing. Once he was a stiff old accountant and C.E.O. of McDuck Enterprises, but behind the scenes, he was head and founder of a Fiendish Organization for World Larceny or F.O.W.L. for short. Now, Bradford is nothing more than an obedient pet.

Satisfied with Bradford’s new appearance, Magica enters a room at the end of the hall. In the center of the room sits a black Scythe floating inside a light beam. The evil sorceress walks up to it, hypnotized by its glistening appearance.

“Absolutely gorgeous.” She purrs.

Magica reaches up to the illuminating aura. For a moment, she marvels at each curve and sharp angle. The design is flawless. Her focus, however, is interrupted when the loud bickering of her so-called alliance catches up behind her.

“You are no threat to anyone, little alone Scrooge McDuck.” Ma Beagle chuckles. “I bet you ain’t even Scottish.”

Glomgold lets out a repulsed gasp.

“What’s the matter with you,” He snaps. “Can’t you tell I’m wearing a kilt?”

“That is it!” Magica spins around in frustration. “I’ve heard enough out of you moronic fools! One more word from either of you and I will be forced to turn you into toads!” She threatens with a purple glow from her crystal staff and her lifted hand for emphasis.

Instantly frozen in their tracks, the other two villains stand silent in front of the angered sorceress. Once Magica sees that her threat worked, her expression softens, and the glow from her staff and hand dies down.

“So, ah, where is this doohickey that will destroy our greatest enemy?” Ma Beagle asks after regaining her confidence.

Magica, deciding that is a fair question, spins around again and addresses the light beam.

“Right here,” she presents the floating Scythe.

“A pointy stick?” Glomgold shrugs.

Magica slumps her shoulders forward and lets out an annoyed groan.

“No, you imbecile, this is Cronos’ Scythe.” Magica says in a snit.

The sorceress glances over her shoulder and frowns at the other’s dumbfounded expressions.

“You know, Cronos, father of Zeus, God of Time, King of the Titans, and so on,” Magica explains while rolling her wrist in the air. “The Scythe was a symbol of his power. According to the ancient Greek scrolls, Cronos became a tyrant, and the other Gods fought back. When they captured him, they cast a spell that stored all his powers into this weapon.”

“Ooooh,” the duo chorus.

Magica nods and turns to casts a spell that instantly dims the light beam. The Scythe slowly descends from its invisible perch.

“So, what does it do exactly?” Glomgold finally admits – scratching the back of his head in confusion.

In response, Magica chuckles as if she told a funny joke in her mind. Her hand grasps the handle and instantly feels the power of the Time God. A light briefly flashes from the weapon – as if it is accepting its new master.

“This will tear apart everything Scroogie has ever worked for.” She adds – her eyes reflect the shimmer of the Scythe’s blade.

Chapter 2: Family Day

Chapter Text

Scrooge makes his way out to the backyard of his mansion. He stops when he is outside and scans the area as his family is currently enjoying a barbeque party. The rich old duck lets out a content sigh at the sight of everyone mingling and playing games.

Donald Duck is roasting hot dog wieners and hamburger patties on the grill at one end of the yard. While rotating the meat, he converses with his sister, Della, and girlfriend, Daisy.

Mrs. Beakley shares a glass of punch by the buffet table with Fenton, his M’ma, Maria Cabrera, and his girlfriend, Gandra Dee. Launchpad converses with Drake Mallard (aka Darkwing Duck), Penumbra, and a few other Moonlanders by the pool. Meanwhile, Gyro enjoys a salad with his tiny robot, Lil Bulb, his intern, Manny, Cousin Fethry, and Cousin Gladstone, at one of the tables.

Over to the other end of the yard, Huey and Webby play badminton while B.O.Y.D. referees and keeps score. The rest of the kids are on the side of the badminton court, talking amongst themselves.

He begins to reflect on how it’s been an emotional roller coaster over the past twelve years. From the tragic disappearance of his niece, Della Duck, to discovering Webbigail Vanderquack is his cloned daughter. Yes, it has been quite a long journey.

Now that his family is reunited and growing with additional members to his clan, Scrooge can say he is happy. Nothing is going to separate him from his family ever again.

Finding the game at the badminton court has his interest, and the old duck starts walking in that direction. He stops beside Lena just as Dewey finishes his story.

“…It was at that moment I knew what I had to do. I turned the plane around, and I just Dewied it! Don Karnage didn’t know what hit him!” Dewey gloated, feeling extra pleased that he had defeated the notorious pirate.

Leda, Louie, Gosalyn, and Violet all roll their eyes. May and June giggle at their reactions to the retelling of the event.

“We know. We were there, remember!” Louie lets out an exasperated sigh.

“Yeah, but May and June weren’t.” Dewey states. “I had to tell them what they missed.”

“Whatever,” Louie shrugs with his hands tucked inside his hoodie pocket.

Scrooge chuckles at the dialogue between the two brothers. Instead, he focuses on watching Huey and Webby compete to win.

“So, ah, who’s winning?” Scrooge leans over to ask Lena.

“One more point, and Webby wins the game.” The eldest teen replies with excitement.

“Outstanding,” the old duck grins.

Everyone knows how much Scrooge loves games. Whether playing against someone or watching his daughter compete, the elder is eager to be a part of it.

At this point, all the kids are focusing on the two players. The white object is fun to watch as it is whacked back and forth over the net.

Huey and Webby struggle to keep the birdie from landing on the ground. Finally, Huey will swing his badminton racket at the white conical-shaped shuttlecock, causing it to soar over the net. Webby then jumps up to smack it so it will return over to Huey’s side.

Soon enough game starts to get even more intense, and Scrooge and the kids start cheering for their favourite player. Scrooge, of course, is rooting for Webby along with Lena, Violet, and Dewey.

As soon as the game appears endless, Webby finally leaps up and swings her racket down on the birdie in an overhead shot. The white feather-like object crashes down on Huey’s side. The action is so quick that the Junior Woodchuck could not reach the birdie in time. Instead, it bounces three times at his feet, sealing Webby as the victor.

“That’s twenty-one points. Webby wins.” B.O.Y.D. declares, raising his arm to Webby’s side of the net.

Those that cheered for Webby raised their arms with a loud whooping cry. Even though the rest of the small audience is disappointed that Huey lost, they still give an upbeat clap for playing a good game.

Both players walk up toward each other and stop at the center, under the net.

“Looks like I totally smooshed that overhead shot.” Webby chuckles.

“I believe you mean ‘smash,’” Huey corrected her. “You did indeed make a powerful smash that won. A well-played game, Webby.” He adds, holding out his hand in good sportsmanship.

“You too,” Webby nods as the two shake hands.

“All right, me next!” Dewey rushes up to the two players.

The blue-clad duck looks at Huey before grabbing his racket and pushing him out of the way. He then reaches over and snatches Webby’s before looking over to Gosalyn.

“What do you say? Wanna ‘Gos-for-it’?” He taunts as he tosses Webby’s racket at her.

“You bet,” Gosalyn replies as she catches the racket with one hand.

Webby and Huey leave the court to make way for the new players.

Scrooge turns away from the new game to see Donald Duck flipping the hamburger patties. Feeling a little hungry, Scrooge makes his way over to the grill.

“Donald, my boy,” He chirps, starting a conversation with his nephew. “You are off soon on your own grand adventure? When is it you set sail?”

The younger duck turns and smiles at his elder.

“I am,” he says before addressing the pool where his houseboat once sat. “See, I already moved the boat back to the harbour. We will be heading out first thing tomorrow.”

Though most people would have difficulty understanding Donald, Scrooge, on the other hand, is one of the few who has no problem hearing through his speech impediment.

The billionaire stares at the empty pool and frowns briefly. The rich duck’s backyard will not be the same now that Donald won’t stay there.

“That is good. I am really excited for you.” Scrooge attempts to sound positive, but his voice unsuccessfully hides a hint of disappointment.

“I’m still going to miss you, you big galoot,” Della grumbles, throwing a punch at Donald’s arm.

“Ow,” Donald flinches. “I’ll miss you too.” He admits.

Donald quickly rubs his sore bicep before attending to the searing meat on the grill. At that moment, the small group from the buffet table joins them.

“We will all miss you while you are gone.” Mrs. Beakley admits, holding up her half-empty cup of punch.

Fenton, Maria, and Gandra Dee each nod in agreement.

“Do you have a plan on where you attend to go first?” Scrooge asks his nephew.

“We were thinking of travelling along the Caribbean before heading north,” Daisy replies on behalf of her boyfriend.

“Not really the direction I would go, but this is your adventure, I suppose,” Scrooge mutters.

The elder glances down at the grill and realizes the motivation behind why he came here in the first place. He picks up a plate, and with a smile, Scrooge holds it out toward Donald.

“Now, how about one of those famous dogs you have there.” The rich old duck says.


The following morning, Scrooge is in the back seat of his limo. He stares blankly out the side window while Launchpad is driving. A part of him dreads going to his money bin this early. However, since Bradford left, much paperwork has been left to be completed. Eventually, he will find another C.E.O. to help with the business end of McDuck Enterprises, but for now, Scrooge has to take care of everything.

Before that, Scrooge does have one stop to make first. Once the vehicle makes a complete stop at the docks, Scrooge opens the side door and lets himself out.

“Wait here, Launchpad. I won’t be long.” He says.

“Righty-o, Mr. McDee.” The pilot, slash limo driver, chirps.

Scrooge walks along the dock and passes the kids as they help pack the remainder of the luggage onto the recently fixed-up houseboat.

“Mornin’ kids.” He says casually.

“Morning, Uncle Scrooge.” The youth chorus in unison.

“Louie, mind being more helpful with some of these boxes,” Violet complains to the green-clad duck.

“What I’m supervising.” The boy shrugs. “Louie doesn’t do grunt work.”

The purple hummingbird lets out a frustrated growl before picking up another box and carrying it onto the boat.

Scrooge continues up the ramp and saunters inside the houseboat cabin. There he spots Daisy while she does an inventory of their belongings, while May, June, and Della help. The clone twins are very excited about this trip, while Della still shows signs of not wanting to let go. Daisy is attempting to be extremely patient with Donald’s sister, yet, she could explode at any time.

The elder duck decides not to get involved and sneaks past the ladies. He stops in front of May and June instead.

“Have you two seen, Donald?” Scrooge asks.

“He’s down in the boiler room,” May replies.

“He wanted to ensure everything is secure for a safe trip,” June adds.

“Thank you,” Scrooge tips his top hat to the girls and continues to the stairwell towards the boat’s lower deck.

As he makes his way down the steps, he hears a crash from the other room. Scrooge flinches, suspecting what could have caused it.

“Della!” Daisy cries. “We needed that!”

There it is, Scrooge thought.

“I am so sorry.” Della quickly apologizes. “Here, let me grab a broom.”

“No, please just stop helping.” Daisy pleads. “In fact, why don’t you go upstairs and check on the kids with the rest of the boxes.”

“Well, alright then.” With a reluctant reply, Della sounds like she is following Daisy’s instructions.

Scrooge smiles as he continues down the stairs and stops when he spots Donald. Gradually the elder’s smile turns into a frown about how he will miss his nephew and his new travelling companions.

He quickly shakes his head and forces a smile back on his beak.

“I see you are nearly ready.” Scrooge finally speaks.

Donald spins his head around and gives a sheepish smile.

“Yes, Uncle Scrooge.” He replies. “Just going over a few last-minute checks before we head off.”

“I see,” the elder duck almost sounds disappointed. “How long did you say you would be gone for?”

“I’m not sure, a year, maybe two?” Donald admits.

Scrooge is about to add to the conversation but is quickly interrupted.

“Everything is all packed, Uncle Donald,” Huey announces upstairs.

“Thanks, Huey.” The sailor nods.

“I’ve also taken the liberty to chart a map of certain locations you guys should visit.” The red-clad duck says with enthusiasm.

“Not necessary, but thanks.” Donald rolls his eyes.

He knows his eldest nephew means well, but he can quickly go overboard with planning any trip.

“There is also a list of places I highlighted here in this touring guidebook,” Huey adds, holding up a small book. “For example, there’s a Museum of Spores and Fungi that is sure to be fun.”

Blarf,” Louie rolls his eyes from behind his brother. “You are such a nerd.”

“Haven’t you learned anything from adventuring?” Dewey asks.

“Yes,” Huey snaps in response. “Have you?”

“Hey, everybody, come to the kitchen. The special farewell breakfast is ready.” Webby cheers.

While Huey is distracted by Webby’s intrusion, Dewey gives his older brother a playful punch on the arm before being the first to run to the next room. Louie and Huey chase after their sassy brother in annoyance.

Both Scrooge and Donald look up at their nephews and smile with pride. How much they’ve grown in the past few years. The two ducks then glance over at each other.

“Come on, lad,” Scrooge says, swinging his arm around his nephew. “I suppose I can stay for one cup of tea before heading to mae Money Bin.”


Without knowing, a small group of Beagles is watching the houseboat in the distance. They are crouching down behind stacked kayaks at the end of the pier.

“Do we attack now, Ma?” The smallest of the Beagle Boys asks. “They are all there in that boat – nicely packed, like sardines in a can.”

“Not yet, Bigtime.” Ma Beagle irritably mumbles.

“But Ma,” the little Beagle whines. “Aren’t we to attack them or not.”

“Stick to the plan, Bigtime.” Ma Beagle warns. “We wait, just a little bit longer.”

The sight of movement has the Beagle elder focusing her binoculars. She smiles when she sees it is Scrooge himself leaving the boat.

After seeing the billionaire hop back into his limo, Ma Beagle waits till it drives off and disappears around the bend.

“Okay, boys. Now!” She orders.

Her three sons instantly get up and rush down the dock. From where Ma Beagle sits, she smiles at the sounds of screams and objects smashing. So far, the plan is going off without a hitch.

Chapter 3: Good VS Evil

Chapter Text

McDuck’s limo speeds down the street, over the bridge, and through the garage of the Money bin. But, in typical Launchpad fashion, he fails to slow down to stop in time before the vehicle smashes up against a pillar.

“Oops, sorry, Mr. McDee.” The driver apologizes. “I keep doing that.”

“It’s all right, Launchpad,” Scrooge assures him as he steps out of the limo. “I have a lot on my mind right now, and dinnae have time to deal with this mess.”

He dusts himself off before looking back at his dimwitted employee. The stingy billionaire suddenly feels generous and pulls out a dollar bill from his pocket and hands it to Launchpad.

“Why don’t you go get yourself a coffee or something? I’ll be a few hours.”

“Gee, thanks. A whole dollar – and it’s not even payday.” Launchpad replies, excited to see the money handed to him.

“Yes, well, don’t get used to it.” Scrooge shrugs.

The elder walks to the elevator and pushes the ‘up’ button with his cane. Scrooge glances back as Launchpad backs the car out from under the rubble and speeds off, dragging the front grille beneath the vehicle.

Scrooge shakes his head in disbelief before returning to the elevator when he hears the ding. The door slides open, and he walks in.

When the door slides open again, Scrooge is on the eleventh floor, where his office is. So far, no one else is present as he steps off the platform. At first, he is concerned but figures that some employees are on a coffee break or taking care of business in one of the other departments.

Scrooge continues to walk up to his desk. Finally, he sits down in his chair. He begins to filter through some of the folders placed there by one of his secretaries. After a few minutes of focusing on the papers, Scrooge starts to grow more suspicious of how quiet his office is at this hour. He suddenly feels a dark force in the room.

Now that the billionaire elder is aware that before Bradford officially left, he ultimately shut down the security system, leaving the bin vulnerable to magical attacks. So Scrooge focused on ways to beat Bradford and F.O.W.L. that he needed more time to reinstall the proper security systems.

In a panic, Scrooge gets up, grabs his cane, and looks around. He has an idea of whose energy he senses; therefore, the fearless adventurer is on high alert.

“Hello, Scroogie,” Magica’s voice coos from the shadows.

“Magica De Spell,” Scrooge growls.

He turns to face the evil sorceress as she creeps into the light.

“I was wondering when you would crawl back out from the shadows again.”

“You know me, Scroogie, I like to make an entrance.” Magica chuckles wickedly.

Not wasting another minute, Magica begins by throwing the first strike with a purple streak emanating from the crystal on her staff. Scrooge easily evades the blast by leaping to one side and then tucking and rolling out of the way. Magica attacks again, which Scrooge avoids without effort.

“Is that the best you got?” He taunts her.

“I’m just getting started.” The witch crows.

Magica throws magical fireballs, and Scrooge needs to duck inside his vault to evade her relentless attacks. But unfortunately, he doesn’t even have time to realize that the vault door is unlocked and slightly opened.

The witch grins once he ducks behind the heavy door.

“You know, Scroogie,” Magica purrs.

She fires another blast as Scrooge pulls the door shut.

“You are making this all too easy for me.” She lets out a chuckle.

She uses her magic to rip the heavy door off its hinges for dramatic emphasis and tosses it off to one side. It crashes through three rooms before impaling itself into the final wall.

Scrooge stands shocked that the vault door is gone. He snaps his attention back to his attacker before bolting for the edge of the ramp. Then, leaping, Scrooge dives into his hard cold cash.

“Do you honestly believe you can hide from me down there, Scroogie?” Magica says mockingly.

The evil sorceress is fully aware of Scrooge’s tricks and knows he probably has something up his sleeve. Raising her staff, Magica creates a purple orb around her and lowers herself cautiously.

“Come out, come out, where ever you are.” She sings.

The moment her feet touches the cash, the bubble disappears.

She starts looking around the mountains of gold coins and gems for any signs of her target. Though the sorceress can’t see him, she can hear the money jingling beneath her. With a huff, Magica stomps her foot down.

“Oh, come on,” She grumbles. “I can hear you swimming around down there. Just get back up here and fight.”

Scrooge leaps out from under his ocean of treasure to seize a sneak attack from behind.

“You mean like this?” He growls, swinging his cane down on her.

Magica quickly makes a force shield over her head before the old duck can hit her.

“Oooh, so close.” She teases.

The orb disappears, and the two rivals battle. Her staff clashes with his cane over and over. Each duck strives to overpower the other and become the victor.

“Give it up, Magica. You won’t win.” Scrooge promises.

“I beg to differ.” The sorceress growls. “You have no idea what surprises I have in store.”

“I’ve beaten you many times before. What do you think this is any different?” McDuck asks.

“Only time will tell, Scroogie.” Magica chuckles with a subtle hint.

Scrooge oversees his opponent for any signs of weakness, which is when he notices her let out a tired breath.

“What’s the matter,” Scrooge taunts. “Getting tired already.”

The sorceress is about to take the defence of that comment but stops herself. She quickly gains composure and stands straight.

“Not this time Scroogie.” Magica shakes her index figure from side to side. “I won’t let you trigger me into making a mistake, especially when I am so close. This time I will have my revenge!”

With two powerful swings of her staff, Magica creates two glowing spheres. The purple orbs fly fast, grabbing both of Scrooge’s wrists. He flies back a few feet, and the balls turn into cuffs, lifting him in the air by invisible chains. Scrooge is now unable to move his arms or run, for that matter.

The spell has taken Scrooge by surprise, so much so that he drops his cane. His trusty walking stick lands on a small mound of gold coins, just out of reach under his dangling webbed feet. The rich duck struggles to break free and quickly finds it futile. His only hope is that his family can rescue him in time.

At last, even he finds that unrealistic since his family is down at the docks. By now, they are waving his nephew, girlfriend, and clone twins on their adventures at sea. All Scrooge can do now is see whatever Magica has planned and hopes she does it quickly.

Magica saunters up to the trapped duck.

“I just love it when you hang around.” She chuckles.

“You will not win, you witch.” Scrooge threatens. “You may have beaten me today, but my family will step up to take you down in my place.”

“Oh, I don’t know. Your family is dealing with their own problems right now.” Magica says as a matter of fact.

“What do you mean?” Scrooge asks.

He is suddenly worried about what could happen to his family. It feels like something is lodging up in his throat. Scrooge tries to swallow whatever is back down, but it won’t move.

Magica leans forward and brings her face up close to his until their cheeks touch.

“Let’s just say the Beagle Boys are making sure your family’s little boat ride sinks before it leaves the harbour.” She whispers in his ear.

Hearing that his family is in danger causes one more attempt to fight, regardless of the restraints holding his arms up. Finally, Scrooge lets out a frustrated growl, realizing his struggle is pointless.

“Are you quite finished?” Magica asks with a snicker.

Scrooge doesn’t respond, which is a sign for Magica to achieve her prize. The wicked sorceress reaches over and slips her hand under Scrooge’s collar. Once she has hold of the item she seeks, she yanks it out with a cackle.

“Finally, your No. #1 Dime is mine!” Magica cries out in triumph.

“No,” Scrooge gasps.

While Magica watches him with amusement, he struggles to escape his magical bonds one more time.

“Now that I have what I came for, it is time for the second half of my plan.” She coos.

“What, you’re going to trap me in the dime again?” Scrooge asks in a tired tone.

“No, I’m not going to trap you in the dime again.” The witch gibes at his words in a mocking tone.

“That’d be boring.” She continues. “No, I have something more delicious in mind.”

She raises her hand, and light emits from her palm. It stretches into a straight staff, and one end curves into a sharp weapon.

The shape grows into a recognizable object to Scrooge. He lets out a loud gasp as his eyes widen with surprise.

“Is that…” he trails off.

“Cronos’s Scythe?” Magica continues for him. “Why, yes, it is. If you are aware of its existence, then you know of the power it holds.”

Using both hands, she swipes the Scythe in a downward motion. Magically, the sharp end slices an opening through the air, and a purple-blue light emerges.

“And now, Scroogie, time for you to leave.” Again, the witch emphasizes the pun.

She raises her hand to Scrooge, and the chainless cuffs disappear from the glow of her magic. The old duck lands down on his hands and knees. Quickly regaining his composure, Scrooge grabs his cane before pushing himself back into a standing position.

“Not a chance,” he growls. “You will have to force me through that portal.”

“Or perhaps you will be pushed in, McDuck!” A voice from behind shouts. “I, Flintheart Glomgold, will be the one to help you through that portal.”

Scrooge can barely turn his head to see the fat stubby duck leaping out from behind a mound of money. Not even able to get a chance to react as the fake Scottish billionaire pushes him into the spinning light. Scrooge lets out one last desperate cry before disappearing in a flash.

Magica and Glomgold stand victorious, cackling, as they watch the portal shrink and disappear.

“See you in the future, Scroogie.” Magica chuckles, holding up the dime, and watches it glisten with the last remaining light of the portal.

Chapter 4: A Real Nightmare

Chapter Text

A flicker of light emerges from within a dark, bleak, empty room built of concrete walls and floor. The light grows into a purple-blue swirling portal. Shortly after, Scrooge McDuck flies through in mid-yelp. He lands hard on the cold cracked floor. A bit dazed, the old duck sits up, rubbing his sore head.

"What happened?" He asks no one in particular.

After thinking back on the events before being hurdled through a time vortex, he realizes the horror that happened—he lost a battle.

"Magica," he growls, narrowing his eyes at the thought of the evil witch.

Scrooge also remembers that she wasn't alone either.

"…And Glomgold."

Feeling upset that his enemies defeated him, Scrooge must figure out his next step in unfamiliar territories.

"Noe, where am I?" He wonders.

Scrooge looks around the large room. Unfortunately, the place is so dark; it is difficult to tell the dimensions. He walks straight, hoping to find a door possibly, but instead, he grazes a wall with his hand. Looking up, Scrooge can get a sense of how deep the place is since it would seem forever before he could see a ceiling. Eventually, he stops at the sight of a broken stained glass window, a weak light source. Taking a few steps back, Scrooge notices a dollar sign logo barely hanging from its hinges.

He knows where he is now.

"No!" He cries out.

Realizing he is in the same spot before being tossed into the portal, Scrooge spins around to scan his now empty money bin. Quadrillions, gone!

"My money!" Scrooge screams.

He begins to run from one end to the other in hopes he can find a single coin left, but at last, it is bone dry except for the dampness coming from the ocean outside. Finally, unable to stand, the elder collapses down on his knees.

"Gone, all gone." He begins to sob.

The feeling worsens when Scrooge realizes his dime is no longer on him. He clutches his red jacket on his chest. He is no longer feeling the best companion he has worn for over a century. It is now in possession of Magica De Spell.

"My dime, too. I am completely wiped out." Scrooge lowers his head in defeat. "I am left with nothing."

The former billionaire lets out another sob, clearly drained physically and mentally. After a moment of self-pity, Scrooge realizes there could still be hope. He lifts his head, focusing on his new mission.

"Except my family," he addresses. "They should still be out there somewhere. No way would they give up without a fight."

Scrooge forces himself onto his feet and struggles to find the ladder in the darkness. Eventually, he does find it and starts to do the long climb out. However, he can feel each step more tiring since his fortune no longer takes in much of the space.

"Curse me, kilts; this is exhausting." He pants, needing to take a brief break.

The moment he reaches the top, Scrooge lets out a long deep breath before stepping onto the platform. His foot glides in front of a sensor that is on the bottom of the railing. A small red light starts blinking, seemingly unnoticed by Scrooge.

His focus is more on any possible threats outside. Regardless of the dangers Scrooge may encounter, nothing will deter him from finding his family. He defensively raises his cane, just in case.

Knowing the elevator is probably not working, the old duck makes his way down the stairs instead. The only saving grace is that he is descending and not climbing this time.

Ten levels down, Scrooge opens the door to the main lobby. It couldn't be possible, but the entrance seemed eerier than his money bin's emptiness: papers, rubble, and broken glass scattered across the floor. Windy sound whistles down the halls and drips coming from within the walls. What was once beautiful is undoubtedly a nightmare now.

A familiar voice catches Scrooge by surprise; he spins and points his cane like a sword. The old duck stands ready for any attack, but instead, it looks like two people starting a conversation down a dark corridor. Scrooge barely makes out two figures at the end.

"Did you get what I asked for?" A tall skinny shadowy form asks for a smaller one.

"I did," a young voice responds. "A rusty socket wrench from the harbour and curly fries from Hamburger Hippo. I'm afraid they may taste a little stale, though."

"Food is food; give it here." The skinny shadow demands.

Sounds of chomping echo down the hall as the man starts eating the stale fries. Scrooge carefully strides his way to their location and is relieved to see it is someone he knows.


The sudden appearance of another duck causes scientific genius to let out a girlish yelp. Half of the curly fries fly everywhere as the stalky man falls back onto the floor.

Once a young adult in his thirties, Gyro now appears slightly older with ragged clothes. His sassy personality is weak, with his knees curled up to his chest as he attempts to use the small bag of curly fries as a shield.

The young boy with him isn't a boy, but his robot creation, B.O.Y.D. The tiny robot child scans Scrooge digitally with his eyes. Once he sees no threat from the elder duck, B.O.Y.D's young features soften.

Scrooge walks closer and gets a better look at his former employee and android son. Much like Gyro, B.O.Y.D.'s clothes are also ragged, covered with grime.

"Gyro, it's me, Scrooge." The elder duck pleads.

Carefully, Gyro opens his eyes to look up at the intruder. Instantly, he recognizes him and lowers the chip bag.

"M-Mr. McDuck?" He stutters in surprise. "It can't be; you disappeared over fifteen years ago."

"Fifteen years?" Scrooge repeats.

Have I been gone that long? He wonders to himself.

"Gyro, what happened?" The elder duck asks.

"As I said, you disappeared, and soon after, the Beagles and Magica De Spell took over Duckburg," Gyro explains. "They overthrew the mayor and authorities. Magica, afterward, put a curse on this town and took control of our shadows again. She even forced some of the civilians into being her slaves. After that, no one outside Duckburg is brave enough to come in. Those that tried are never heard from again."

"Why don't you all escape? Leave Duckburg." Scrooge suggests.

"Magica has the rest of us imprisoned here in Duckburg." Gyro sighs. "We can't leave the town even if we tried. Thanks to these bracelets, we are just teleported back here." He concludes, holding up his fist to show a black enchanted 'friendship' bracelet.

"Bless me, bagpipes," Scrooge mutters, recognizing the design of the bracelets.

The weaving of the patterns is similar to the bracelets Webby and her friends wear. However, these bracelets don't have vibrant colours, only black and dark grey.

It is evident to Scrooge that Magica delighted in cursing the thing that brought joy to his daughter. He looks over to B.O.Y.D. and sees that he also has the same bracelet on his wrist. The curse works on androids too.

Returning his attention to Gyro, Scrooge has to know.

"My family, where are they?"

"They're around… I'm assuming." The skinny chicken shrugs. He gradually munches on the last few fries from the bag.

"What do you mean?" Scrooge demands.

"Look, I told you, I don't leave my lab, not since the second attempt to overthrow Magica and the Beagles. The money bin is the safest place I know. Since all your money has been stolen, not just by the Beagles but pirates too, no one has a reason to be in here. Besides, I don't like leaving my workshop." Gyro whines.

"Is there any chance you might know where my family could be, at least?" Scrooge asks desperately.

"I've seen Huey by the Hookbill Harbor from time to time," B.O.Y.D. speaks up.

"You have?" Scrooge turns his full attention to the android with a hopeful expression.

"Just this morning, he was searching for food with Webby and Louie. I was picking up some spare parts for Mr. Gearloose's inventions, but unfortunately, they didn't have time to stop and talk." The artificial boy explains.

"Do you know if that is where they are staying?" Scrooge asks.

"I don't know for sure, but I think they are currently hiding out in that area." B.O.Y.D. answers. "They do move around a lot since Magica is always tracking them down."

"Then I best hurry and find them. Thanks, lad. You are a huge help." Scrooge encourages B.O.Y.D. by patting him on the shoulder.

As the elder starts running towards the exit, Gyro calls out.

"Wait!" He yells.

Scrooge looks over his shoulder to see what the stalky chicken wants.

"You wouldn't have some crackers or granola bars on you by any chance?" Gyro asks sheepishly.

"I'm afraid not, sorry." The elder honestly responds with a shrug.

With a disappointing sigh, Gyro watches his former boss disappear down the hall.


The second Scrooge leaves the building, he stops. Instead of bright blue skies, dark swirling clouds gloom overhead. It is so thick that no one can tell if it is day or night. Above Killmotor Hill, Scrooge is stunned to see his home has changed into a temple for Magica De Spell. The building is black, like the shadows, with a purple glow emanating from the windows—a carved face, similar to her features, front and center for the whole town to see. Scrooge feels ill just looking at it.

Feeling the urge to move fast, Scrooge hurries down the bridge that leads to the main road of his beloved town. A list of things he needs to do runs through his mind. Find his family, beat Magica, get his dime back, and regain his fortune.

Duckburg's streets, once busy with happy shoppers, are now littered with garbage and homeless folk. Groups huddle around fire pits inside indented steel drums, trying to keep warm. Scrooge notices a few vaguely familiar faces as they look up at him. Their eyes are drained of life and without hope.

Scrooge feels sad for these people, yet he cannot help them now. He's on a mission and has no time for distractions.

He makes his way through the darker streets of Hookbill Harbor. At first, unnoticed by Scrooge, the street dwellers quickly sleek, cowardly into the shadows. But, the moment the action draws his attention, Scrooge is immediately suspicious that something terrible is about to happen.

From the dark allies, evil chuckles of three male figures step forward into the dim light. Scrooge's jaw drops at the sight of the Beagle Boy. Bigtime, Bouncer, and Burger Beagle, dressed in more fine clothes than their usual red shirts and blue jeans. Each of them pounded their fists into their empty hand.

"Well, well, well." Bigtime taunts. "Look who finally showed up."

"We were expecting you for some time." Bouncer smirks. "Ma and Ms. Magica want to see you."

Burger nods silently with a sly chuckle.

"You're not taking me without a fight, you pillaging poachers." Scrooge threatens, swinging his cane from side to side.

"We's were hoping you'd say that." Bigtime narrows his eyes. The smallest Beagle points at Scrooge and shouts, "Get him!"

Scrooge defends himself admirably against these three thugs. Again, using his cane like a sword, Scrooge easily blocks each of their punches.

"Give it up, McDuck, you've lost. We not only own your town, we secured your fortune." Bigtime chuckles.

"I refuse to give up." Scrooge voices with confidence. "I shall regain everything you nasty treacherous thieving brutes stole from me."

When it would seem Scrooge is getting the upper hand, Burger is the one that sneaks behind him and swings a small empty wooden crate down on him.

Scrooge is dazed as he hits the ground with a thud. He looks up at the Beagles. They surround him with a victory cackle. Bouncer is preparing to pick him up when someone hollers from behind them.

"Get away from my dad!" A young woman's voice shouts.

Chapter 5: A Family Reunion

Chapter Text

“Get away from my dad!”

Those words are music to his ears. Scrooge turns his head just as his daughter, now in her mid-twenties, leaps past him and kicks Bouncer, the largest of the Beagle Boy trio, onto his back. She then proceeds to punch and kick him to stay down.

“Webby,” He acknowledges the skilled fighter.

“Hi, Uncle Scrooge,” Another voice calls out from behind.

Scrooge turns and sees two adult ducks, also in their mid-twenties. It takes a moment, but he soon recognizes them.

“Huey? Louie?” He addresses them.

Like Gyro, the two brothers’ clothes are tattered and dirty, but they still dawn their favourite colours, faded some but still prominent. Each of the boys is holding a weapon. Louie’s choice of weapon is a baseball bat; he lazily rests his arms up over the bat, across his shoulders. Huey sports a handmade bow with arrows in a side pouch.

“It’s about time you showed up,” Louie grumbled.

“Louie, don’t,” Huey warns his younger brother.

The red-clad duck lifts his bow and takes an arrow with his other hand. Huey positions the pointed stick and draws the string back. The second he releases, the arrow flies and impales itself in Burger’s left shoe.

While the thin Beagle is hopping around in agony, Huey quickly grabs another arrow and aims it at Bigtime, the smallest of the three.

“You guys seem to forget that this is our turf, so leave while you still can.” He says in a threatening tone.

Bigtime quickly glances over to his brothers. Burger stops hopping around to bend over. He plucks the arrow out from his boot; however, the skinny Beagle rubs his sore foot. Bigtime’s other brother, Bouncer, is flipped over Webby’s shoulder and lands hard on his front side. Webby then rotates his arm back in a twisted, painful position.

Realizing there is no alternative, Bigtime agrees with Huey’s threat.

“Fine, but this isn’t over Duck.” The littlest Beagle retaliates.

Webby releases Bouncer from her grip. The big guy quickly jumps to his feet, grabs his wounded brother, and follows his little brother down the street.

The second the Beagles disappear around the bend, Huey lowers his bow and slides the arrow back into his handmade quiver bag. Huey then turns to his elder with a look of concern.

“Are you all right, Uncle Scrooge?” He asks.

“Bless me, bagpipes, aren’t you all a sight for sore eyes,” Scrooge responds, teared up with gratefulness. “Look how big you are now.”

“Awe, dad.” Webby emotionally leans forward to hug her biological parent. “We missed you so much.”

“Hey, as much as this family reunion is great and all, we better get back to the lair. Magica’s Shadow Demons will be stalking the streets soon.” Louie points out.

“Louie’s right,” Huey agrees. He jerks his thumb towards the street behind him and says, “Come on this way.”


After a few minutes of walking through the main streets, the three young ducks guide Scrooge into a quiet neighbourhood. They reached a tiny home surrounded by trees and boarded-up windows. The place appears abandoned and a tad rundown. The ducks sneak around the corner of the yard and come across a secret cellar door behind a few bushes.

Louie pulls out a key from his pocket to open the lock. Huey and Webby then both lift the heavy doors open. The inside looks so dark, like looking into a black void. Louie takes Scrooge’s arm and leads him down the stairs.

As Louie reaches the bottom step of the dark basement, the sound of a weapon clicks.

“Halt, who goes there?” A voice growls.

“Mom, it’s us,” Louie assures her in a panic.


Della reaches over to flip the light switch, and to her relief, she sees her two sons, cousin Webby and, to her delight, Uncle Scrooge. She lowers and locks the crossbow in her hand before placing it on the table beside her.

“Oh, thank goodness you found him.” The enthusiastic mother rushes up to give her uncle a big hug. “Uncle Scrooge, we were so worried that we would never see you again. I’m so glad my boys and Webby found you in time.”

“How did you know I would be in the neighbourhood?” Scrooge asks.

“B.O.Y.D.,” Huey explains. “He sent us an encrypted message that you came back and were on your way here.”

“Knowing that the Beagles and Magica are also waiting for your return, we made it our priority to find you first,” Louie adds.

“We were almost too late, though. Good thing it was only three of the Beagles Boys there. It would have been tougher if we had to face Magica’s Shadow Demons too.” Webby admits, crossing her arms in discontent.

“Believe me; your timing cudna be more perfect,” Scrooge admits.

“Come on; the others will want to see you.” Della steps up to grab hold of Scrooge’s arm. Then, she gently tugs at him to follow her.

Scrooge allows himself to be led toward the next room. He stops mid-step when a shimmering object pinned by the door frame grabs his attention. Della herself stops to wait for her uncle inside.

The old duck leans in for a closer look. To his surprise, it is a druidic rune stone, similar to the ones he purchased for Castle McDuck. However, this rune stone is a more turquoise-green than an aquatic blue colour; therefore, it must be a different type of magic, Scrooge assumes. While focusing on the rock, Huey leans in over his shoulder.

“That rune stone is shielding us from Magica’s power,” Huey explains. “Basically, we are completely invisible to all magic by staying near it. So we can relax a little, eat, and get a good night’s sleep, at least.”

“Where did you get it?” Scrooge asks, not looking away from the stone.

“Some of Huey’s Podcast fans sent it to us,” Louie says dispassionately. He walks past them and right into the next room.

“Podcast?” Scrooge questions, turning his head to face Huey.

Before Huey can explain, Webby jumps in front of him.

“Oh, it’s great; Huey thought of a way to send messages outside Duckburg through an old radio transmitter we found. When we first started this, we were hiding closer to the Harbour docks. That is where we found all sorts of other communication equipment, including a Morse code machine. Together with all of our found tech, we made the show entertaining, but at the same time, we can send out secret messages in hopes our listeners would understand the hidden meanings.” Webby says with passion.

“What sort of secret messages are you sending?” The elder wonders.

“I got the idea from the Jr. Woodchuck guidebook,” Huey explains. “By blending my storytelling with different sounds in the background, which, of course, masked a hidden message in Morse code. When we first started this, I had no idea if there would be anyone out there able to listen and respond to our messages.”

“You can totally imagine our excitement that at least one person had figured it out.” Webby jumps back in enthusiastically. “Whoever they were, that person arranged a package to be sent to us. One day we got a message through Morse code to go to the docks. A crate was sitting there filled with food, supplies, and that rune-stone, instructions on how to use the stone, plus a letter that read: ‘We are listening.’”

“Any idea on who these ‘fans’ are?” Scrooge asks.

“No clue,” Webby shrugs. “But we hope to meet them soon. I, for one, would like to give them a big hug for their support.”

With that, the young adults lead Scrooge into the other room.

Scrooge is looking forward to seeing the rest of his family. He wonders how everyone is grown, regardless of the situation. However, his smile faded when the next room sat a smaller group than he was expecting.

From left to right, Scrooge recognizes his other nephew, Gladstone Gander, former housekeeper, Mrs. Beakley, one of Webby’s closest friends, Violet, and Fenton’s mother, Maria.

The old duck shakes his head, assuming the rest of the crew is out getting supplies. They should be back here soon. Everyone is so focused on their tasks that they don’t notice Scrooge entering the room.

Gladstone is helping Mrs. Beakley cook some canned beans in a beat-up pot over a single hot plate. Violet is mending another homemade bow while Maria is making some more arrows.

“Hey guys, look who’s here!” Della announces.

Everyone looks up and smiles at the sight of Scrooge McDuck.

“Uncle Scrooge, so glad you are here.” Gladstone gleefully jumps up to rush over and hug his elder.

“Ah, Lad, I’m glad to see you too,” Scrooge says, returning the hug.

Bentina Beakley uses her left hand to turn down the temperature of the hot plate. She then gets up to greet her former employee.

“Mr. McDuck,” The large woman addresses in a monotone.

“Mrs. Beakley,” Scrooge responds before gasping when he notices a change in her.

Bentina’s right arm is completely gone. Scrooge can only imagine how she may have lost it. Finally, his former housekeeper realizes his attention to her missing limb and gives him a reassuring smile.

“Believe me; you should have seen the other guy.” She says in a dry, joking tone.

Scrooge gives a sad smile. It is impressive how well she seems to be holding up. The rich old duck isn’t sure if he would have her strength in this situation.

Movement distracts Scrooge over to a young woman walking up to them. At first, he almost doesn’t recognize the purple hummingbird, but Scrooge realizes who she is. Violet is no longer a kid but a young woman in her mid-twenties. She clears her throat before speaking.

“If my calculations are correct, I am going to assume you came back on the very spot where you disappeared? I’m presuming it was the Money Bin?” Violet deduced.

“Aye, that is right, Lass.” Scrooge nods, affirming the truth.

“I knew it,” Violet snaps her fingers in a small victory.

Again, Scrooge looks around at the small group of his family. Then, with a hopeful smile, he turns to Della and the kids – now young adults.

“So, where is everyone else?” He asks innocently enough.

However, the reaction he receives is alarming—each of his nephews, niece, and daughter frown mournfully as they turn their heads in regret.

“We’re it.” Louie finally shrugs without even looking up.

Scrooge can’t believe this. He takes a step towards Della and Webby.

“Donald, Lena, Launchpad…?” Scrooge scans around the room again. His heart sinks deeper, seeing his nephews Huey and Louie, but no third one.


After unbearable silence, Maria finally says, “…Gone.”

Scrooge turns his head to see the former officer put down her last arrow and stands up. Maria takes a few steps toward the older duck. A vast scar scrapes across her face, her eyes filled with anger and grief.

“Along with my bambino, Fenton and his girlfriend, Gandra.” Mrs. Cabrera turns away, raises her fist in anger, and mutters something in Spanish. Si alguna vez pongo mis manos sobre esa bruja, le romperé el cuello.”

“Come on, Maria,” Gladstone puts his hands down on her shoulders. He attempts to calm her before she ends up getting more upset. “Why don’t we go sit down, okay?”

Scrooge suddenly feels weak in his knees. He sees an old chair beside him just in time as his tail gravitates toward it. The elder stares at nothing, too shocked to move. Then, after blinking back to the present, Scrooge returns his gaze to his kin.

“What happened?” He finally asks.

“After you disappeared, we gathered together in an attempt to take down Magica.” Webby starts. “We waited a few days to plan our attack perfectly. By then, Magica was already making herself at home in the mansion.”

“Donald,” Della paused for a moment. Just saying his name broke her heart. She takes in a deep breath and continues. “He was upset and wanted revenge. He felt he was losing everything. You, and the destruction of his boat, too – thanks to the Beagles attacking us at the docks.”

“We were precise in getting in and standing up to the evil sorceress,” Huey steps in. “It wasn’t easy, but we did manage to get your dime back from her, at least.”

“You did,” Scrooge is delighted to hear that. Finally, some bit of good news.

“You would have been proud of us, dad. We fought well, except,” Webby trailed off for a moment. “The Beagle Boys showed up. On top of that, Magica cast a spell that unleashed Shadow Demons on us. We became overwhelmed, so we regrouped and made our escape.” The young fighter again paused, biting her lower beak. She eventually continues. “Lena, she sacrificed herself so we could escape the mansion.”

Scrooge finds this flashback unbearable. However, he feels that there is more tragedy to tell.

“I’m so sorry,” he says, heartfelt.

Webby nods her head, acknowledging her father’s condolence. However, she is still upset about losing one of her best friends.

“That was only the beginning,” Della continues. “We realized after that the Beagles were working for Magica, and their rule was quickly overrunning the city. They also had Glomgold with them, but they only used him as a pawn. We saw Magica use a new spell on him. She called it the Medusa’s Curse, turning him into permanent stone. It made it clear that we had to leave Duckburg to find more fighters in this war. The only problem was that the Beagles and Shadow Demons were everywhere, making it hard to leave. I, along with Donald, Mrs. Beakley, and Launchpad, distracted them while the kids made their way to the plane.”

“The plan was for us to take the Sunchaser, get help, and keep the dime away from Magica,” Huey adds.

“We didn’t realize that some of the Beagles had already beaten us there. Since Dewey held the dime and was the only other pilot, we told him he had to be the one to make it to the plane.” Webby concludes.

“Each of us, including Dewey, fought our way through. However, we were outnumbered; more and more Beagles and Shadow Demons kept coming.” Huey says in despair.

The three young adults suddenly frown mournfully as they all hate what happened afterward. Just by seeing their expressions, Scrooge senses something awful occurred.

“Dewey didn’t make it to the plane?” Scrooge questions. He worries the answer will be yes.

“Oh, he did make it to the plane,” Louie clarifies, but his tone turns dire. “However, as he was flying off, one of the Beagles launched a tracking missile and, um,” He pauses, unable to finish.

“No,” Scrooge feels sick and shakes his head in disbelief.

“Regardless of his attempts to outmaneuver the missile,” Webby chokes with tears in her eyes. “Eventually, the plane was hit as he was heading over the ocean. There was no way he could’ve survived.”

The memories of that tragic day have Della in tears. Nightmares plague her dreams of the horrifying image of the plane exploding above the water—one of her beloved sons, gone forever.

Louie, being closest, puts his arm across Della’s shoulders for emotional support.

Scrooge is without words. He wishes he could return and save his family from all this. The old duck catches a glimpse of the same black bracelet Gyro, and B.O.Y.D. wears on everyone in the room. It’s true; his family is trapped here in Duckburg.

The old duck reaches up to take his daughter’s hand in his. But instead, he gently tugs her wrist closer and glares at the cursed object. How dare that witch do this to his daughter?

Webby frowns; she lays her other hand on her father’s and waits for him to look up at her.

“Magica put these on us after that day we tried to escape. She wanted to make sure we never leave town.” Webby explains.

“I swear on my ancestral home that I will fix this,” Scrooge promises.

Webby smiles, “I know you will.” She says encouragingly.

There is a moment of silence before a static noise starts up from the radio on the table. All eyes turn to the electronic device. Soon a voice comes on.

“Attention, loyal subjects of Duckburg.” A male voice chimes. “Broadcast Beagle here with another update.”

Everyone except Scrooge recognizes the voice, and they each begin to snarl. Scrooge can tell by the expressions on his family’s faces that they are not happy hearing this person.

“You’re beloved Goddess, Magica De Spell, would like to send a message to someone special. So listen up, and be glad you all have been shown mercy today.”

“What does that witch want this time?” Della grumbles.

“I have an idea,” Scrooge ponders.

“Hello, Scroogie,” the evil sorceress purrs. “I know you are here; three of my Beagles patrolling the streets saw you just this morning. By now, I’m assuming you are with your family? Or at least, what’s left of them.”

Magica lets out a dark chuckle. Scrooge and his family glare at the radio, wondering what the Queen of the Shadows has planned.

“I was generous enough to let some of your fam survive this long, but now that you’re back, I have one simple request. Show yourself, and come to me up in my Temple. You know where it is. It used to be your home, after all…Oh, and do come alone. Unless you want anyone else you care about permanently frozen in stone. You have one hour, Scroogie, and I promise no more harm will come to your loved ones.”

That said, the radio signal turns off.

“That is a lie,” Maria growls. “You cannot trust her.”

“I’m with Mrs. Cabrera on this one.” Mrs. Beakley nods in agreement. “At least let one of us go with you, just to be safe.”

Everyone else starts to voice their concerns, but Scrooge raises his hand to silence them.

“No, I cannae let any more of you get hurt.” He says honestly. “I’ll do as she wants and see Magica. Hopefully, I can find something we can use against her. No matter what, stay here until I return.”

“And how will we know you will return?” The former cop asks, crossing her arms in frustration. “What if she plans on using the Medusa’s Curse on you as she has done with everyone else?”

“I dinna think that is her plan,” Scrooge answers, even though he’s not entirely sure. “Her grudge against me is deep. Therefore, she would probably want to prolong this nightmare.”

“Dad, are you sure? I really don’t want to lose you again.” Webby pleads.

“I promise, Webbigail.” Scrooge puts a hand on her cheek and tries to assure her with a smile.

Webby tries to smile back but is too worried about the possible outcomes.

“All right, let’s get this over with,” Scrooge announces. He heads to the exit, and everyone follows.

“Uncle Scrooge, wait,” Della calls out.

“Lass, for the last time, none of ya are coming,” Scrooge says sternly.

“I know,” the stubborn mother frowns. She secretly wishes that Scrooge would change his mind, though.

“Just let us guide you safely to the main road, at least.” Della insists.

Scrooge agrees and waits for them to get their gear. Soon enough, they start leading him outside.

A few minutes later, Huey, Louie, Webby, and Della walk with Scrooge onto the main street heading out of Hookbill Harbour. It isn’t long till two Shadow Demons start floating down from the sky. Della and the others instinctively get into fighting positions with their weapons ready.

“Wait,” Scrooge holds up his hand, instructing them to stand down.

The floating apparitions stop in front of the ducks, waiting.

“I suppose you are here to take me to Magica?” Scrooge assumes.

The dark red-eyed demons both nod their heads yes. Then, as the two-spirit shadows reach out to grab the old duck, Scrooge looks back to his family.

“Stay safe. I’ll be back,” the aged duck says before being lifted off the ground.

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Chapter 6: The Garden of Statues

Chapter Text

Scrooge is being flown over to an unrecognizable place, formally his mansion. The shape and colour are so dark and dripping with gloom. A face carved on the front entrance is a reminiscing of another temple Magica once lived in with her twin brother, Poe.

Scrooge knows he needs to take down this evil Sorceress somehow once and for all. Sure, in hindsight, Scrooge should have grabbed her brother before flying out the window, even though it was not his fault that Magica had turned him into a raven. However, he was a different person back then too. If he had to do it all again, Scrooge could have handled the situation better.

The two shadow demons take him down at the front entrance, where Magica De Spell and Ma Beagle await. Scrooge is dreading what they have planned. However, instead of putting him down gently, the shadows just let him drop five feet off the ground. The sudden plunge does not give Scrooge time to react; therefore, he lands poorly on his belly.

Scrooge opens his eyes and sees both Magica and Ma Beagle’s feet. He gradually glances upwards until he sees their smiling faces, amused with Scrooge’s situation.

“So nice of you to finally grovel at our feet, Scroogie.” Magica purrs.

“I have waited a long time for this moment.” Ma Beagle chuckles.

“Aye, I suppose you have,” Scrooge grumbles.

As Scrooge attempts to push himself up, Ma knocks him back down with her foot. The force Scrooge is so rough that he lets out a painful grunt.

“Wait, I want to savour this for another minute.” The Beagle Elder grins with delight. Then, she digs her heel deep into Scrooge's shoulder blade, causing him to let out a yelp in agony.

Magica enjoys this moment; seeing the Beagle mother bringing physical pain to her enemy is like a symphony to her eyes and ears. However, this is but only the beginning of Scrooge’s torture. She lifts her hand in front of Ma Beagle, indicating for her to stop.

“We can kick Scrooge down again later.” The wicked Sorceress smirks. “I want to give him a tour of our lovely home first.”

“Of course,” though disappointed, Ma Beagle knows Magica is right. Reluctantly, she lifts her foot off Scrooge and allows him to get up.

Scrooge uses his cane as an aid to stand. He stretches his back, letting the joints release the tension by cracking. The old duck then dusts himself off and adjusts his top hat before facing the two women.

“All right, let’s have at it.” The old billionaire deadpans.

“What do you mean?” Magica raises her brow in suspicion.

“You know, your gloating. Telling me how you’ve won – yadda, yadda, yadda….” Scrooge mocks, circling his wrist in the air for emphasis.

Magica’s stunned expression shifts into a dark grin.

“Why just tell you when I can show you.” The dark Sorceress facetiously chimes.

The two Shadow Demons float back down to Scrooge’s side. Each demon lies a hand down on his shoulders and leads him inside.

Scrooge stops, and his lower beak drops. In the lobby stands a statue of Flintheart Glomgold. The one thing Scrooge notices is how in pain Flintheart looks in his frozen state. He suffered during the transformation caused by Medusa’s Curse just by his expression. Scrooge, for the first time, feels terrible for Glomgold’s fate. No matter how much he tried to ruin him with sharks, the wide stubby duck didn’t deserve this.

Magica smiles, noticing Scrooge captivated by her work.

“Oh, do you like it?” Magica says proudly. “I call it, ‘Good Riddance to an Annoying Alliance.’ He was my first piece, by the way.”

Ma Beagle snickers amusingly.

“You are truly sick,” Scrooge growls.

“Wait till you see my other works of art.” Magica chuckles. “I’m sure you will be very impressed.”

Scrooge suddenly is very worried. What is he going to expect seeing Magica’s ‘art’? He doesn’t have to wait long, though; the two women open the sliding door to the backyard.

No longer is his garden of lushes trees, green grass, and a sparkling pool. Instead, Scrooge sees dark thorny vines, cracked cement walkways, and statues – several statues of what was once living people.

When his surviving family mentioned Medusa’s Curse, he had no idea how horrible it was until now.

“Isn’t it glorious, Scroogie?” Magica exaggerates with pride. “I’m quite proud of my work here.”

Scrooge is speechless. No words could describe the agony on each face on the stone carvings. He forgot how cruel Magica De Spell is, and this ‘garden’ is proof of that.

The old duck stops when he spots one of the moon landers his niece, Della, befriended. Penumbra has her spear positioned to toss. Unfortunately, it looks like she was stricken with the curse and now appears in distress at the same time determined.

“Yes, well, what can, I say about this one.” Magica shrugs, seemingly not as pleased with this statue. “‘The Moon Warrior,’ as I call her. She did put up a good fight, but in the end, she let out a great scream.”

Moving forward, Magica addressed the next group of statues.

“Now this piece is called, ‘Love Gone Forever.’”

Scrooge feels like he could cry at the sight of Gizmoduck holding a dying Gandra Dee.

“This one is one of my personal favourites, ‘The Traitorous Child.’” The witch leans up with her arm over the statue of Lena.

“I personally like this one,” Ma Beagle points at a gargoyle shape statue.

With bat-like wings spread out, Manny, the Headless Man Horse of the Apocalypse, is frozen in what appears to be mid-roar. Beside Manny is cousin Fethry. The loony duck is crouching in agony, but simultaneously, he reaches out as if to plea for help.

“Oh, this is a good one.” Magica points at another pair of statues, Darkwing trying desperately to protect his adopted daughter, Gosalyn. Sadly, to no avail, both are forever encased in stone. “If you ask me, this is just an example of heroic nonsense.”

The more Scrooge sees these statues, the more he realizes the sacrifice they made trying to defeat his enemies. Suddenly, the former billionaire regrets coming here to see this torment. Perhaps Magica and Ma Beagle won, after all.

“Finally, this is my greatest masterpiece, ‘Death to Scrooge’s Family.’” The Dark Sorceress sings with greedy delight.

The impact of seeing his nephew Donald collapse at the sight of Daisy cuddling the clone twins, May and June, is the last breaking point. Just by viewing this, it would appear Daisy and the twins were hit with Medusa’s Curse first. Most likely, they were trapped and had no choice but to hold each other until the end. Donald looked devastated and didn’t even put up a fight when the curse struck him. The agony on his face shows both loss and actual physical pain.

Scrooge suddenly has no strength to stand. He falls hard onto his knees as he lets out a gasp and sob. Again, even though he was told by his niece and nephews of this curse, seeing it in person is more than he can bear.

“Eventually, I do plan on making more,” Magica promises.

Both women snicker at Scrooge’s suffering. Then, knowing now is a perfect time for the final phase of their revenge, Magica wriggles her hand in the air to instruct one of the Shadow Demons to lift Scrooge’s hand.

Scrooge doesn’t even put up a fight. He is wholly drained emotionally at the moment.

“I’ve waited fifteen years for this moment,” Magica’s perusing yellow eyes twinkle in anticipation.

She raises her black staff and points the purple stone at Scrooge’s hand. The stone glows, and an outline of a bracelet is about to form around his wrist. However, the spell is quickly interrupted when a plane sores over their heads.

“What in tarnation?” Ma Beagle hollers over the engine noise.

Even Scrooge looks over with the ladies as the plane lands on the backyard runway. Then, lo and behold, Don Karnage hops out of the plane. His once suave look has scars across his face and a patch covering one eye.

“Oh, it’s just him.” Magica groans.

“What do you want?” Ma Beagle says in a salty tone.

“It is I, Don Karnage, here to greet my favourite villains in their victory.” The wolf pirate walks up to them with charisma.

“Thank you, but we don’t need any praise from the likes of you.” Magica temporarily lowers her staff and waves the pirate off. “Now, if you don’t mind, I am in the middle of something….”

“Ah yes, I can see that.” The pirate captain nods his head.

Before Magica could return to casting her spell, Karnage turned the two ladies around and started leading them toward his plane with both arms around their shoulders.

“However, I must interject your time for one quick moment.” The wolf insists. “You see, we pirates rule the skies out there in the real world. Even though we made a truce, when it comes to Duckburg, I still must insist on following a certain request from a particular client of mine.”

As Karnage gives his longwinded excuse, behind the trio, a raid of three other pirates emerges from the bush. They rush up to Scrooge and the two Shadow Demons. Two pirates swing swords at the dark aberrations, and the spirits disappear in a poof. The third pirate shoots a sleeping dart at Scrooge, knocking the old duck out cold. The third pirate picks up Scrooge and carries him off, with the other two crewmates following behind.

“What are you talking about?” Ma Beagle grumbles.

Karnage briefly turns his head and smiles.

“I am talking about completing my job to receive a big payoff. A fellow notorious pirate by the name of Duke L’Orange wants to see Scrooge McDuck.”

“Who?” The two ladies say concurrently.

“Duke L’Orange,” Karnage repeats. “He reminds me of a younger me, only he is less of a performer than I ever was. I do admit, though, he is a snazzy dresser.” He adds, hopping into his plane and starting up his engine.

“Well, that’s too bad because we ha –” Magica stops when she realizes someone is missing. “Where is Scrooge?” She shouts.

“Sorry, I can’t hear you.” Karnage pretends the engine of his plane is too loud. “I am off!”

The pirate leans the steering forward, and the plane lifts off the ground.

Both Magica and Ma Beagle are beside themselves with anger. Finally, they were so close to achieving their final phase of victory, and now they were watching a pesky pirate fly off with their prize.

“If I ever find out who this ‘Duke L’Orange’ is, I’ll feed him to the sharks before turning him into stone!” The evil Sorceress seethes.

Chapter 7: Meet the Duke

Chapter Text

“Bless me, bagpipes,” Scrooge groans. “What hit me?”

He rubs his throbbing head as he attempts to sit up.

“Awe, look,” A female’s voice chimes.

Scrooge looks over to see two dog pirates watching him from the other side of a bare wall.

“The old man is awake.” The female chuckles.

“What do you pilfering poachers want with me?” Scrooge growls, rotating himself into a sitting position on the bench.

“Are you trying to threaten us, old man?” The male pirate chuckles.

“Open this cage, and I’ll show you threatening,” Scrooge promises, glaring hard up at them.

“Not a chance.” The female pirate chants. “We were hired by the deadliest treasure-slash-bounty hunter, Duke L’Orange, to get you.”

Scrooge lifts a brow. “Who?”

The door to the outer hall opens, and Don Karnage enters with a smug smile on his face.

“Ah, if it isn’t the captivating Scrooge McDuck to grace us with his presence.” The captain chimes.

“Did I have a choice?” Scrooge grumbles.

“Well, no, but would you have rather be another pet of Duckburg?” Karnage shrugs.

Scrooge doesn’t answer, even though the pirate has a point. His only regret is that his surviving family is still in that town, with no escape. He worries that they may end up apart from Magica’s statue garden. Yet, somehow, Scrooge has to go back there and save them.

Another pirate enters the room and swiftly walks up to Don Karnage.

“Captain,” the young girl-dog whispers. “The Duke is here.”

“Already?” There’s an almost fearful expression on the wolf’s face. “Is he still at the loading dock?”

“Well, no, sir. He’s right here.” The teenager shrinks as she points at the door.

The second everyone turns to the entrance, a duck wearing a purple jacket and hat walks in.

The most striking feature is the golden mask that looks similar to a duck’s hockey mask but with red eyes. The masked duck walks up to the cell with a grey tough of hair poking out from his hat and a golden-coloured sword at his hip. Once he stops, the three pirates start grovelling at his presence.

Future Fear - TheSorceressRaven - DuckTales (Cartoon 2017) [Archive of Our Own] (1)

“Duke L’Orange,” Karnage bows. “We have the bounty you requested.”

Scrooge instantly glares at the purple-clad duck.

“Oi!” Scrooge points aggressively. “What do ya plan on doing now that you have me captive? Ransom me off to the highest bidder, no doubt!”

“Disrespectful!” The female pirate snaps.

“You will speak when spoken to, old man.” The male pirate barks at Scrooge.

Duke L’Orange calmly looks over at Scrooge before turning at the pirates.

“You three, leave.” L’Orange demands in a low gravelly voice.

“But,” Karnage questions.

“I said leave,” the masked pirate growls forcefully. He quickly draws his golden sword and points it at Karnage’s neck. The red eyes give an eerie glow as he speaks. “I want to interrogate him to ensure he’s the real deal. Is there a problem with that?”

The captain struggles to swallow a lump in his throat before responding. He knows firsthand how well Duke’s sword can cut through anything like butter, which means anything, including thick metal.

“No problem. Take your time.” With that, Karnage and his crew rush out of the room.

Not wishing to be interrupted, Duke returns the sword to its sheath before walking up to the door to lock it.

“So, what do you plan on doing with me?” Scrooge is rephrasing his question. “Just to let you know, my fortune currently has been pillaged, so you’re out of luck there.” He jokes with a chuckle.

Duke L’Orange doesn’t respond; he stands in front of the bars in silence. It is like he’s studying the old duck’s actions and words.

“Who are you?” The Duke finally demands.

“What do you mean? I’m Scrooge McDuck.” The elder barks in response. “You should know I’m the bounty you are collecting. So my question is, who’s out to get me this time? Rockerduck? Mark Beaks? Or could it be…I don’t know….”

He pauses for a moment to think of any other names. Then, out of frustration Scrooge blurts out, “Goldie? No, wait, that doesn’t make sense. Kidnapping me isn’t her style.”

Again, the masked pirate quietly watches him. Finally, he crosses his arms and shifts his weight to one leg.

Scrooge relives the events he’s experienced throughout the day. His eyelids blink heavily, feeling both physically and emotionally draining.

“You know, I don’t have the strength to fight you right now.” The old duck admits. “If you only knew the loss I’ve gone through today.”

Duke tilts his head, showing a sign of sympathy.

“My family, a few lost their lives, some are still prisoners of Duckburg. It pains me that they are suffering through this, and I cannae do a thing to help them.” Scrooge says with a grievance.

There’s a moment of silence before the masked duck finally says something.

“Ducks, don’t back down,” Duke murmurs as if he is reliving a memory.

Scrooge barely heard Duke speak and was wondering if he heard correctly. The quote is vaguely familiar. Something his nephew Donald may have said once or twice. He blinks a few times before looking up with a raised brow.

“Wait, what did you say?” The elder duck asks.

Duke remains silent for the second time. He, instead, tilts his head to see what Scrooge might say next.

Scrooge stands up from the bench and walks up to the bars. He starts to observe the masked duck.

“Who are you, really?”

The masked duck ignores the question and turns his head to one side to let out a small sigh. Scrooge studies his features, especially the shape of his beak. The billionaire's eyes widen. He wonders if he could be right about the identity of this mysterious duck. The rich duck realizes there’s only one way to find out.

“Dewey…?” Scrooge asks carefully.

Duke turns his head slightly towards Scrooge once more. Then, with another deep breath, he uncrosses his arms to lift off his hat and removes his mask.

Scrooge is speechless. Before him is an adult version of his lost nephew.

Once filled with life and excitement, his eyes are now drained with sadness and regret. The young adult tries to push a slight smile upon his beak as he starts to speak.

“Hi, Uncle Scrooge,” Dewey finally responds with a softer, more familiar voice.

“You’re alive? How? I was told your plane exploded over the sea.” Scrooge choked on his words a bit.

“It’s true, I should have died in the crash, but I didn’t.” Dewey shrugs.

“Lad, tell me, how did you survive then?” Scrooge asks, dripping with disbelief.

Dewey places the mask and hat on a nearby chair before glancing back at the door. Then, after he is sure no one can hear or see them, he reaches under his dark navy sweater and pulls out a shiny object dangling from a thin black string.

The round silver treasure reflects in Scrooge’s eyes. He smiles at the sight of his beloved #No. 1 Dime.

“I guess you could say I got lucky,” Dewey explains with a faint smile.

Future Fear - TheSorceressRaven - DuckTales (Cartoon 2017) [Archive of Our Own] (2)

Chapter 8: Survival

Chapter Text

"Lad," Scrooge exclaims in high volume. He is so excited not only to see his nephew alive but his #No. 1 Dime. "I cannae believe it! You and ma Dime are safe!"

Dewey instantly brings his index finger to his beak to shush his uncle. He quickly looks over his shoulder before briskly walking up to the bars.

"Come on, let's get you outta here." The young adult whispers.

"You have to tell me exactly how you survived." Scrooge insists.

"I promise I will explain as soon as we get off the Iron Vulture. This isn't exactly a good place for a reunion, you know." Dewey explains as he unlocks the bar door.

The second the lock turns open, Dewey walks in. Scrooge holds out his arms, ready to hug his lost nephew, but instead, Dewey pulls out a pair of handcuffs.

"I'm sorry, I'm going to have to put these on you," Dewey says apologetically.

Scrooge slumps his shoulders forward in disappointment. He's not a fan of this idea of putting on handcuffs.

"What," he growls.

Dewey lets out an exasperated sigh.

"Look, I'm doing this to protect you, I swear. These pirates believe I hired them to grab you so I can collect a bounty. It's part of the plan so that I could get you out of Duckburg."

Something clicks, and suddenly Scrooge has another series of questions.

"Hold on. How did you even know I was back in Duckburg?" He asks suspiciously. "Also, what is this whole thing about you being a bounty hunter?"

Dewey slaps his palm on his forehead and drags it down his face. He tugs at his beak before allowing his hand to drop to his side.

"Uncle Scrooge, I told you I'll explain later; in fact, I'll be happy to answer all your questions later. So, would you just trust me already?" He whispers in a frustrated tone.

Scrooge looks Dewey in the eyes. He reads for any sign of treachery but finds none. With a deep breath, Scrooge slowly holds up his hands, feeling he should at least give Dewey the benefit of the doubt.

"Fine…" he grumbles.

The elder duck can tell his nephew is not pleased with cuffing him. Scrooge winced when Dewey accidentally squeezed the cuffs too tight.

"Sorry," Dewey cringed at his error. "I'll loosen them up a bit."

After he adjusts the cuffs, Dewey puts the key in his pocket. Without even looking up, he guides Scrooge out of the cell and towards the chair where he left his mask and hat. After putting on the rest of his costume, the two ducks proceed to the exit. He stops for a moment to turn to his uncle.

"All right, ready?" He asks him.

Scrooge nods, allowing his safety to be in the hands of his nephew.

Dewey taps the side of his mask. It makes a noise, like a computer program following a command. Again, he pauses to say something.

"I'm sorry, I'm going to have to be a little rough with you." He again apologizes, but this time in a deeper gravelly voice.

Scrooge doesn't need to be a tech wiz to figure out that the mask somehow alters his speech. The more he looks at that thing, the more he wonders how his nephew even got it. Before Scrooge can say something, Dewey swiftly unlocks the door and opens it.

Scrooge lets out a yelp as Dewey harshly tugs his arm as if trying to rip it out of its socket. Considering that this is an act, Scrooge decides to play along as if his life is in peril. Instincts kick in, and so he starts to struggle against Dewey's grip.

"Unhand me, you scoundrel!" He screams, slightly hamming it up.

With an unexpected reaction, Dewey (aka Duke L'Orange) elicits a barking response.

"Quiet!" He says this with such force, baring his teeth and all.

The redness of the mask's eyes shimmers with an eerie glow. Dewey's voice sounded so commanding that it caused shivers to roll down Scrooge's whole body. That reaction defiantly was not expected, leaving the old duck shocked.

"Do you need any help with that bounty, L'Orange?" One of the pirates asks in an almost joking manner.

"Mind your own business!" Dewey responds with an irritated growl.

The two ducks make it up to a plane. It is painted black with shades of purple and blue flames. The shape of the aircraft is similar to the Sunchaser crossed with the Hire for Higher's Sea Duck.

(Video) Famous Graves of Disney Legends

"Is everything in order, Mr. L'Orange?" Don Karnage asks politely.

"Yes, you've done well." The Duke replies.

Dewey walks up to the back cargo door and leans towards a computer panel. Both the screen and the mask's eyes seem to communicate with each other, and the door opens. The masked pirate then drags Scrooge inside and forces him down on a bench.

After giving Scrooge a warning look, Dewey continues towards a safe attached to the plane's wall. Again, he leans forward, the mask communicates with the lock, and the safe opens. Dewey pulls out a package wrapped up in grey paper and string. He then tosses it over to Don Karnage.

The older pirate proceeds to open it to count the cash inside.

"It's all there," Dewey informs him. He reaches the control panel and presses the button that closes the cargo door. "Thanks for your services," Dewey adds before disappearing from view behind the closing door.

"No, thank you, Mr. L'Orange." Karnage bows respectfully.

Now that they are out of sight of the pirates, Dewey gently helps Scrooge and guides him to the cockpit. After sitting his uncle down co-pilot's chair, the young masked duck sits beside him. Dewey flips a few switches on the dash, which starts the engine roaring.

Still tied in handcuffs, Scrooge decides to stay quiet as Dewey moves the control wheel forward, causing the plane to move towards the open hanger door.

The plane rolls off the deck and glides through the air. After a few minutes, the Iron Vulture disappears behind some cliffs. Dewey takes this opportunity to remove his hat and mask and put the plane on the auto-pilot; he turns his seat to face Scrooge to remove the handcuffs off his uncle.

"I'm so sorry," Dewey apologizes for the fourth time. "I know I was a little rough on you back there. Those pirates only show respect to those that act tougher than they are." He explains.

"It's all right, Lad, I understand," Scrooge reassures him.

Dewey leans back and turns off the auto-pilot before resuming control of the steering wheel.

The elder rubs his tender wrists; now, they are free from the tight braces. He has so many questions that he doesn't know where to begin. However, Scrooge figures he can start with the most important ones.

"Now that we are off the ship, you don't suppose you could start explaining a few things?" The billionaire asks gingerly.

Dewey looks Scrooge right in the eyes before nodding in agreement, knowing at least one of the questions he would like answered. He leans back into his chair and sits in silence for a moment before taking a deep breath to begin.

"You would like to know how I survived the plane crash." The nephew assumes.

"Yes," Scrooge nods.

There's a long pause before Dewey finally speaks again.

"I'm sure my brothers and Webby told you what they saw."

"Aye, they saw the plane explode, and you most likely didn't survive."

Dewey nods, assuming the family would be correct in thinking that.

"I saw the missile coming at me," he says, diving right into the truth. "I dodged it a few times but couldn't shake it."

Scrooge shifts his seat into a more comfortable position. His whole attention is on his nephew.

"At that point, I started to panic," Dewey continues. "I looked around the cockpit to see if there was anything I could do to get out of that situation. Over by the benches, I spotted a lifejacket and some rope.

"I quickly threw on the auto-pilot and ran over to grab the jacket and rope. I took the plane down just a bit closer to the water. Then, taking the rope, I tied it around the steering before climbing out the window. I put on the lifejacket just before I yanked on the rope, causing the plane to veer to the right. It gave me at least a single second to jump. The plane exploded, and the shockwave caused me to crash hard on the water."

"Wow," is all Scrooge could say. "That there was quick thinking, Lad."

"I guess; however, it knocked me out cold. Who knows how long I was floating around on the ocean?" Dewey admits. "Could have been hours or even days, but eventually, I was fished out by Peg Leg Meg and her rogue crew."

"Peg Leg Meg? Wasn't she with Don Karnage?" Scrooge asks.

"Yeah, well, Meg felt betrayed by Karnage since he cared more about working for F.O.W.L than the safety of his crew. They all suffered because of his lack of caring, and because of it, a few of them got hurt." The young adult explains.

"So, does that mean they are on the side of good now?" The older duck guesses.

"Well, at the time, they were unsure of their destiny. However, I wasn't really on their list of making friends, either. They weren't sure what to do with me the moment I came too." Dewey chuckled a little.

With a shrug, he adds, "At one point, they did offer me to join them, in any case. However, I wasn't comfortable becoming a pirate and stealing from innocent people, so, to my surprise, they gave me a beat-up old plane and sent me on my way."

"Well, at least they gave you that option," Scrooge admitted.

"Sure, sending a kid off into the real world with no money, no food, and no home." Dewey scoffs. There is a bitter tone in his words. "However, you're right; I was given a plane. A plane that barely got me from point A to point B, but, hey, at least it was something."

At this moment, Scrooge realizes that Dewey had nothing, not even his family, upon leaving Duckburg. The only thing his nephew probably had, besides the clothes on his back, was the #No. 1 Dime. It must have been so scary – all alone in the world at such a young age, but somehow, Dewey survived.

"Awe, Lad, I'm so sorry." Scrooge gives a heartfelt apology. Then, he starts to curse himself for being defeated by Magica and Glomgold.

Dewey only responds with a half-smile before reaching over the dashboard and flipping over a few switches.

Scrooge scans the plane interior before spotting something embedded in the front dash. Leaning forward, he notices the same rune stone he saw at his family’s lair in Duckburg. Scrooge looks at his nephew with a puzzled expression.

"Where did you get that stone?"

Dewey glances at the stone before looking over at his uncle.

"Oh, um, one night, I camped out in the woods, and a wandering monk walked up to me asking if he could sit by the fire with me. He didn't look dangerous or anything, so I said, 'Okay.' I offered him some of my food, and in return for my kindness, he gave me a bag of these rune stones. He said I looked like I needed them and even told me how they worked. Since I wanted to ensure I stayed out of Magica's radar, I accepted his gift."

Scrooge raises his brow in wonder.

"You wouldn't be a dedicated listener to Huey's podcast, would you?"

Dewey smiles a little more. "Yeah, I am. Hearing their voices is comforting and helped me through some very dark times, you know."

"Aye, I do." Scrooge agrees. "I saw one of those stones in the home they are hiding in."

"Good," Dewey nods, satisfied that his family is using the stone. "That's a relief to hear."

"You're also sending them food and supplies?" Scrooge asks.

"Yup," Dewey nods. "I was able to collect from donators and, hiring Meg and her crew, ship them to Duckburg. Oh, by the way, I had one of my guys' send a Morse code message to them before meeting you on the Iron Vulture. I wanted to let them know you are safely out of Duckburg."

"Wow, I'm impressed." Scrooge beams.

The older duck quickly frowns, though, thinking about his lost fortune.

"It's too bad about ma money. I was told that not only the Beagles got their hands on my fortune, but pirates too."

"Actually," Dewey says with a slight blush. "I'm the 'pirate' that took what was left of your money."

"You wha –" Scrooge isn't sure he heard correctly.

"Don't worry, I raised some money doing honest work, and with that, I, again, hired Meg's crew to 'steal' the leftover money from your bin. I have it buried just east of here, protected by several traps and a lock that the only key, being my sword, can open it." The young pilot says.

Scrooge is beside himself with joy over this news. Dewey is undoubtedly becoming a very proactive adult as he learns about his survival.

"I-I dinnae know what to say…."

"It's only about a third of your money, however. I wish I could have gotten more out, but I'm hoping it will be enough to rebuild McDuck Enterprises. Once we beat Magica and the Beagles, of course." Dewey admits with a shrug.

It doesn't matter how much of his fortune is left; Scrooge is so proud of Dewey. But of course, there is still so much more he wants to ask, but at least one is plaguing his mind now.

"So, how did you figure out I was back in Duckburg?"

"Ah, after we removed the money, I had the crew put a surveillance device and cameras inside your bin. A silent alarm goes off if anyone enters or leaves the bin, and only I receive the signal. When it went off this morning, the cameras showed that it was you leaving. That is when I quickly called and hired Karnage to get you." Dewey explains with a wink.

"Well, I must say, that is pretty clever," Scrooge admits.

There is another pause as Dewey grabs the mask with one hand, and with the other, he touches an empty spot on the dash. Then, surprisingly, a secret compartment lifts. The eyes of the mask start glowing red once Dewey connects it to a computer box. Scrooge once again marvels over this exciting artifact.

"How did you manage to get a mask like that?" He asks, pointing at the strange duck-billed goalie-like mask.

"It's a funny story, but I'll have to tell you later. Right now, I need to change the plane's appearance." Dewey responds as he flips more switches.

"You have to what now?" Scrooge gives his nephew a baffled look which earns him a cheeky smirk from the younger duck.

"Just look out there on the wing, and I'll show you," Dewey tells him, pointing out the window.

Once Scrooge pays attention to the wing, Dewey punches a code in the compartment that houses the mask and pushes a button. Slowly the chamber lowers and disappears, with the mask, inside the dash.

Scrooge's lower beak drops when the plane's colour changes from blue, purple, and black to shiny silver. Next, parts of the plane begin to transform their shape. Finally, Scrooge turns to see the plane's walls move.

In mid-transformation, something becomes stuck. It makes a loud grinding noise which causes both ducks to spin in the direction of the sound. A panel keeps jerking back and forth in one corner of the plane.

"Ah, phooey," Dewey grumbles.

He stands up and starts to toggle a switch on the overhead dash. By doing this a few times, a few gears make another grinding noise before the panel completes its morphing.

Dewey nods with approval as the plane concludes its change. The result is that an aircraft looks like a normal cargo plane, not a flashy pirate one.

"Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle," Scrooge mutters in disbelief.

"Can't enter Cape Suzette in a pirate plane, now can we?" Dewey chuckles proudly.

"Huh," the elder duck turns to his nephew in puzzlement.

Dewey doesn't look back at him since he has drawn his attention down to his jacket with the realization. "Ooh, which reminds me."

Flipping the autopilot again, Dewey gets up and touches a secret panel on the wall. A door that hasn’t been there before opens.

"You see, since Magica, and the Beagles took over Duckburg, many more pirates have ruled the skies. It’s gotten so bad that even armies can do nothing about it. You know, because Magica’s powers prevent them from succeeding.” The younger duck explains. “Of course, Cape Suzette has always had a strict policy against pirates, to begin with; starting fifteen years ago, it just escalated. It is now at the point that there has to be a security protocol for any pilots or ships entering their borders. In fact, it’s one of the only safest cities around." He says as he removes the purple jacket off his back.

"This is where I leave the persona, Duke L'Orange, the Bounty and Treasure Hunter." So the young duck explains when he hangs up the pirate jacket and the hat and sword on an empty hook.

Besides, the purple jacket is a dark grey bomber jacket with a furry collar. Dewey grabs it and puts it on over his dark navy sweater.

"…And become Dewey Duck, a simple cargo pilot." He concludes, closing the secret door, and zipping up the jacket before returning to his seat. Dewey flashes a toothy grin before sitting back in the pilot's chair. He turns off the autopilot and grabs a headset.

"So, ah…" Scrooge starts with another question but is interrupted.

"Hold that thought, Uncle Scrooge. I need to focus." Dewey interrupts by holding up an index figure at his elder.

He flips a switch on the dash that reads ‘communication’ and starts speaking into his headset.

"Border Tower, this is StarDuck Eighty-Seven; how do you read?" Dewey begins speaking in a calm neutral voice.

"Loud and clear, StarDuck, we require your position and passcode. Confirm?" A voice over the headset replies.

"Wilco, I'm heading in due South-West. Code: one five two, zero one dash one-two. I say again, one five two, zero one dash one-two."

"That is affirmative. Your clearance is approved; welcome home, StarDuck. Maintain a low speed as you pass through the cliffs and enter the harbour."

"Roger. Much obliged, Border Tower."

Dewey turns off the communication switch and removes the headset, only to notice Scrooge looking at him with an amused smirk on his face.

"What," he shrugs with a confused chuckle.

"StarDuck?" Scrooge teased.

Dewey is unable to prevent his cheeks from blushing more. Finally, with a slight smile, he shrugs.

"Hey, I wasn't the one that named her," Dewey says in defence, at the same time patting on the steering wheel. He then frowns, lost in memory, as he goes quiet for a brief moment before adding, "Izzy did."

"Who's Izzy?" Scrooge curiously asks.

Dewey doesn't respond immediately, but the elder duck notices a sad frown on his young face.

"Someone I cared about." The pilot finally responds in a low, monotone voice. He leans the steering wheel forward – bringing the plane down towards the water.

Scrooge says nothing. He can tell that Dewey is hurting. Somehow this Izzy person was essential to him. He could get his nephew to talk about her later.

"Okay, Uncle Scrooge, here we are. Welcome to Cape Suzette." He says, trying to sound a bit more enthusiastic.

"I've been here before, Lad." Scrooge reminds him.

"Yeah, well, that was over fifteen years ago. I'm sure there have been some changes since then." Dewey reminds him.

The young pilot brings the plane to the water and glides toward the shoreline.

"We will be safer here. Then, after you get some rest, we will develop a plan to defeat Magica once and for all." Dewey tells Scrooge with confidence.

Chapter 9: The Drive Home

Chapter Text

The silver plane skids gracefully along the water and slows down as it heads towards a business along the waterfront. At the end of the dock stands a banner with the words: StarDuck's Air Delivery. Scrooge spots the sign and realizes that this is an actual company. He turns to his nephew with a surprised expression.

Dewey notices how his uncle looks at him, and with a shy smile, he says, "Yup, this is my simple little delivery company. It helps pay the bills, the crew, and gas for the plane, not to mention other living expenses." He adds with a chuckle.

Dewey guides the aircraft to a housing section of the building. It is big enough for his plane, and the large door is wide enough to let the wings fit through.

Loud music echoes from each corner of the room. On either side of the hanger, upon the walkway balcony, former pirates One-Eyed Linda and Two-Toed Jack are dancing to the music with brooms and mops in their hands.

Another former member of the air pirates, Stinky Boots, uses hand gestures to indicate room to keep the plane moving forward on the lower deck. When Stinky Boots holds his hands in the 'stop' signal, Dewey takes it as a sign to turn off the engines.

The younger duck stands up and stretches out his arms, letting out a big yawn. He leans over to his left and opens a cupboard door pulling out a duffle bag.

"Well, I suppose I should introduce you to the crew," Dewey says as he lifts the duffle bag handle over his shoulder.

Some of Scrooge felt uneasy that Dewey is still associating himself with the Air Pirates. However, it does make sense that they've worked together in the past, according to his nephew's story. So he takes a moment to reflect on another fact: Dewey has a company.

Scrooge finally stands up to see Dewey opening the backplane ramp. Then, gradually, he begins to walk down to the deck.

"Were you successful? Did you get him?" An eyepatch-wearing dog asks.

Dewey jerks his thumb behind him with a proud smile on his face.

"Yurp," he chimes a sound that sounds like a combination of a 'yep' and a 'burp.'

The former pirate turns to the elder duck and bows his head to him.

"Mr. McDuck, welcome." He says politely.

"Uncle Scrooge, you remember Jitterbug, formally known as Ugly Mug?" Dewey asks. He turns to see another member coming around the corner. Then, gesturing his hand out in his direction, Dewey adds, "and this is Stinky Boot. Both he and Jitterbug help maintain the plane."

With a snap of his figures, Dewey spins on his heels. He faces the anthropomorphic dogs.

"Speaking of which," the young duck concludes. "Can you guys check out the back left panel? It is getting stuck in mid-transformation again."

"Will do, boss." Jitterbug cheerfully replies, saluting one hand over his eyepatch.

"Oh hey, one more thing." Dewey realizes as he reaches into his duffle bag. "It's payday," he says, tossing each of the older pirates a wrapped package.

Scrooge recognizes the wrapping as the one Dewey paid Don Karnage with, only in smaller packaging.

"Jee, thanks." Stinky Boot grins.

"Sweet, I'm going to get a new pair of boots with this," Jitterbug adds.

The two men happily shove their payments into their pockets and get to work.

Dewey carries on with Scrooge close behind.

Scrooge, making mental notes on how Dewey's running things in his little business. So far, he's still determining how much he's paying these pirates or if it is safe to trust them. However, he stops when Dewey suddenly halts in his tracks as something catches his attention from the corner of his eye.

Dewey turns his head over to his right. Up against the wall, a long table still has many fast-food burger wrappings and Chinese food with mostly eaten portions left in to-go boxes. A few flies float around the area, indicating they've been sitting there for at least a few days.

The young adult scrunches up his beak with a grossed-out look.

"Hey, guys!" Dewey shouts, pointing at the pile of leftovers. "That's disgusting; clean it up! This is supposed to be a professional business, not a pigsty."

"Sorry," one of the crew members calls back from up on the walkway balcony.

"And try to remember we have garbage bins in the back. I don't want to catch you trying to throw it away in the harbour again! The city was not too happy about that." The young duck warns them.

While Dewey enters the office, Scrooge pauses for a moment.

The elder duck spots how quickly the twins start moving. They almost instantly climb down from the balcony and head to the table with black garbage bags in their hands. Scrooge watches as they scramble to clean up the mess. Once the garbage is in the bags, the twins give the table a good wipe with a damp cloth. They both nod, satisfied with the excellent job cleaning. Finally, the two walk the bags towards the back door and disappear outside.

Since that entertainment ended, Scrooge walks into the office. Inside he sees Dewey talking with another blonde canine at the desk.

"Hey Joe, any messages?" Dewey asks.

"Yes, sir, a few rights here." Joe cheers, holding out a few notes in his hand.

Snagging a piece of red licorice sitting on the desk, Dewey leans against the furniture after taking the notes from Joe. He reads each message while gnawing on the fruity treat.

"Hm," he frowns at one of the notes. Then, shaking his head, Dewey hands one of the papers back to Joe.

"You're going to have to call Shere Khan back." He states. "I don't do weekends."

"But Mr. Khan says he'll pay double for this route," Joe argues.

"I don't care," Dewey crosses his arms, indicating he's putting his foot down on this subject. "I have other priorities that take precedence. You know that."

Scrooge, overhearing the conversation, frowns with a raised eyebrow. Isn’t this supposed to be a business, he thought to himself. Weekend or not, Dewey shouldn't brush off clients that say they will pay more.

"Oh yeah, sorry. Guess I forgot." Joe admits.

"Try not to forget, ok. It's important." Dewey says in an almost pleading tone.

"Ok, I will," Joe promises. He pauses, looking down at the note in his hand. "So, ah, should I call him back now?" The soft-spoken pirate asks.

Dewey can't help to smile at that comment. After a moment of thought, he says, "Wait five minutes after I leave, then call him with a sincere apology. Tell him the plane needs to have some maintenance work done, which isn't a lie, and it won't be ready until Monday. Offer him a five percent discount, and we can ensure he will be the first package we deliver then."

"Yes, sir," Joe nods in acknowledgment of his instructions.

"Good," Dewey reaches into the duffle bag and pulls out yet another wrapped package. "…And this is for you. Try not to spend it all so quickly. Please, learn to save your money, all right? You've been cut from payday loans. See the serious face," he warns him by pointing at his head. "It's not happening anymore."

"Thank you," the blonde nods before accepting the package. Joe brings his hand up over his brow, giving Dewey a salute. "I will try, sir," He adds.

Turning, Dewey realizes his uncle is standing by the door. Wanting to make him feel more a part of the conversation, Dewey gestures his hand to the elder duck.

"Oh, by the way, Joe, this is my Uncle Scrooge. Uncle Scrooge, this is Joe. He used to intern for Don Karnage for a summer, and now he's my secretary." Dewey introduces.

"Yes, I can see that." The elder mutters, not even trying to hide his judgemental glances.

Scrooge believes that Dewey is too nice to these pirates. Why would he even allow them to work for him? It is possible; they are taking advantage of his kindness by getting paid loans. From his perspective, Dewey still has a lot to learn about running a business.

Dewey notices his uncle's expression and frowns at him. However, he does choose not to say anything at this time. He figures his uncle might disapprove of how he's doing things. Dewey then notices the twins as they return from their garbage run.

"Hey guys, get in here for a bit." Dewey hollers out to the pair.

"We are so sorry about the table; we meant to clean it before you got back." The girl sheepishly tells him.

"I'm sure you did." Dewey sarcastically responds. Gesturing behind them, he adds, "Guys, this is my Uncle Scrooge. Uncle Scrooge One-Eyed Linda and Two-Toed Jack."

"Let me guess; they are the janitors?" Scrooge assumed, with a subtle sarcastic tone.

"Yes, we are," the twins sing in unison. They sound proud to be working as the cleanup crew.

Scrooge lifts his beak in a snobbish way to them.

Dewey shakes his head, getting frustrated with his uncle's behaviour. It's something he cannot deal with at this moment. So instead, he reaches into his duffle bag, pulls out two more packages, and hands them off to the pirate twins.

"These are for you," Dewey says, handing each of them a package. "I just finished telling Joe that you guys need to start saving your money. No more pay loans, got it?"

"Yes, sir," the two pirates respond while accepting the packages.

"Ok, now that you've all been paid. I'm outta here." Dewey says as he walks out. "In fact, I'll just take the rest of the week off. So, bye guys; I’ll be home if you need me. Please don't need me." He finishes waving his hand back to his crew as he walks out the door.

Scrooge is curious if this is the same nephew he once knew. Dewey sounds more like his brother Louie at this point.

The young duck looks over his shoulder to see his uncle, still somewhat disapproving of what he's witnessing.

"This way, Uncle Scrooge." He gestures to the elder towards the exit.

Shaking his head in disgust, Scrooge follows his nephew outside. What's next, he wonders.

Outside, he sees Dewey walking up to a black SUV. With a light touch of the handle, the vehicle makes a beeping noise before Dewey opens the passenger side door. Then, making a chauffeur gesture, the adult invites his uncle to step in.

"Where did you get this jalopy?" Scrooge rudely comments. He, however, continues to step into the front passenger seat.

"You mean my SUV?" Dewey raises his eyebrow at him before slamming the door.

Scrooge doesn't expect the door to shut so suddenly and lets out a loud yelp.

The younger duck walks around the other side of the vehicle; he opens the backseat door, throws in his duffle bag, and hops into the driver's side. He catches his uncle raising his index finger, a sign that he's about to lecture him – probably about the fancy SUV he owns.

"…And before you go on me owning a vehicle like this, let me first say I got this used, and it was on sale, so I paid for it on a cheap deal." Dewey lists, using his digits to emphasize his reasons.

Scrooge pauses, a little dumbfounded since his nephew beat him in what he was going to say.

"Not to mention, it has heated seats," Dewey adds, pressing a button beside Scrooge.

"Heated seats?" Scrooge begins. "What good are those when all you need is a simple car that gets you where you need to be?"

Dewey appears not to pay attention while he turns on the ignition by leaning his foot on the brake and pressing a button on the dash. Finally, he puts the car in reverse and pulls out of the parking spot.

Scrooge is distracted when a screen on a dash changes to a video image of what is behind them. Dewey seems to be primarily using the video instead of the rear-view mirror.

"Well, with technology like this, there's almost no point in driving yourself," Scrooge comments with a groan. He suddenly pauses with the warm sensation under his toosh. "Oh, well, that does feel nice." He mutters, wiggling his hips a bit.

Dewey chuckles while shifting the gear to 'Drive.' He does feel like he just had a small victory.

A swaying object dangling from the rear-view mirror shimmers and attracts Scrooge's attention. Again, it is another rune stone. How many of these stones Dewey got from that monk, he wonders.

After a moment to calm down, Scrooge decides to break the silence between him and his nephew.

"So," he begins, "Where are we headed?"

"I told you somewhere safe," Dewey answers bluntly.

Again, there is a moment of silence. Scrooge absently stares out the window of the passenger side. He takes notice of some new buildings that weren't there fifteen years ago. Dewey was right; things have changed some in this city.

A lot has happened; Scrooge has recapped the day so far. From saying farewell to his nephew Donald before he goes on his adventures on the sea to fighting with Magica De Spell, and ending up in the future, fifteen years later.

Dewey stops at a red light. He takes this opportunity to check on his uncle.

"Everything all right, Uncle Scrooge?"

"Aye, just tired is all," Scrooge admits.

"Don't worry," Dewey says calmly. "You will be able to get some rest soon."

Scrooge nods his head slowly, agreeing with that idea. The light turns green, and Dewey continues driving forward. Scrooge notices a window display of a costume shop. In the window display is a manikin wearing a mask. It reminds him of the golden hockey mask Dewey wears as 'Duke L'Orange.'

"By the way, where did you say you got that mask of yours?" The old duck gingerly asks.

"Oh yeah, the mask. Funny story," Dewey snorts.

"Do tell," Scrooge taps the rim of his top hat, lifting it off his forehead to see more clearly.

"Ok, so I was camping near the Brazilian mountains. I had just purchased a new plane since the beat-up one basically died on me." Dewey begins, happy he no longer deals with the junk on wings.

"The StarDuck?" Scrooge asks, assuming it is the aircraft he has now.

"No, StarDuck came later. It was another older model, but it handled better than the other one did. I was able to use it for transport jobs." The younger duck explains.

"I see," is all Scrooge has to say.

"Anyway," Dewey continues, bringing attention back to his story. "One night, I spotted a meteor falling near my camp. I was lucky; it crashed about half a mile away. Of course, being me, I was curious enough to investigate. Once I got there, I saw the craziest thing. The meteor was in the shape of a giant hockey puck." He exaggerates his own words to emphasize how crazy that moment was.

"You're kidding?" Scrooge asks, wondering if this is true or not.

"Nope, I'm not kidding," the younger duck confirms. "Anyway, that isn't the weirdest thing. I'm betting that parts of the meteor broke in the middle because of the crash. Inside it was a capsule. I got close enough when it cooled down, and after I opened the capsule, I saw the mask. I picked it up to look at it closely, and in this next part, you’ll laugh."

"Gee, let me guess…." Scrooge frowns, realizing there could only be one thing his nephew could have done. "You put it on?"

"Yup, I put it on." Then, shaking his head in disbelief at his youthful actions. "But hey, that was just typical of me back then."

Scrooge is rolling his eyes.

"Well, again, I got lucky." Dewey continues. "At first, the mask freaked me out, but I quickly realized it was trying to communicate with me. Not in actual words, mind you. It felt more like it was trying to understand me and giving me a chance to understand it."

"Fascinating," Scrooge says with intrigue.

"The more I got used to the mask, the more information I got from it. One thing it was able to tell me is that the meteor was a different kind of metal. Though it looked similar to gold, it wasn't. According to the mask, it was solid. It inspired me to make a sword with it, the very sword you saw me use earlier."

"You forged that sword out of the meteor?" Scrooge asks curiously. "When did you learn that skill?"

Dewey can't help but smile as he tells his uncle, "I hired a guy to teach me."

Scrooge gives a slight nod.

"So, what did you do with the rest of the meteor?" Scrooge asks.

With a proud look, Dewey answers. "I sold small fragments to museums and collectors. Other pieces I sold to large companies. So many people paid big bucks for just an ounce of that space rock. Needless to say, I made a small fortune out of it."

"Impressive," Scrooge nods approvingly.

It sounds like something he would have done if he had come across a meteor. But instead, the billionaire wonders if wearing the Dime helped with his nephew's success.

"By the way, we're here," Dewey announces as he parks the vehicle.

Scrooge looks out the window to see a fancy apartment in front of them. The building seems to merge with part of a hillside—a waterfall cascades along one side, and a lush garden walkway in front of the main entrance. Scrooge figures it must be expensive to live there just by looking at the place.

"And, wh-where is here, exactly?"

"Home," Dewey says while opening the door to step out.

Chapter 10: Wait, What

Chapter Text

The two ducks hop out of the SUV; Dewey reaches into the back seat to grab his duffle bag and leads Scrooge through the garden walkway.

Scrooge initially imagined Dewey leading him into a cave or even a motel, not a luxurious place. When they reach the door, Dewey uses a fob to unlock it and holds it open for his elder uncle.

"Thank you, Lad." Scrooge nods with gratitude.

"No prob." Dewey smiles back.

The two of them cut across the lobby. Dewey and Scrooge are about to reach the elevator when the concierge stands up at the front desk and waves his hand up.

"Mr. Duck," the anthropomorphic crane calls out.

"Yes," Dewey responds, facing the uniformed bird.

"You're back now?" The man asks.

"Yeah, my uncle is here. He'll be staying with me." The young duck explains.

"Excellent, sir." The canine nodded his head in respect. "Before you leave, I have a note for you." He adds, holding up a piece of paper.

Dewey accepts the paper and smiles at the man before drawing his attention to the note. His smile fades as he reads the words but then nods as if he agrees with what it says.

"Did she say when they will be back?" He asks the crane.

"She said they should be back in about ten to fifteen minutes, I'm assuming."

"Okay, thank you, Frank." The young duck hands the note back to the crane before leading Scrooge to the elevator.

"What was that all about?" Scrooge wonders.

"I'll explain later, I promise," Dewey smirks while pushing the button to summon the elevator.

Moments later, the door slides open, and the two walk inside.

A minute later, the elevator opens on the seventh floor. Dewey exits first and guides his uncle down the corridor. At this point, Scrooge has no idea what to expect. He does remember that Dewey told him he gained a small fortune selling parts of the meteor, but that still won't predict the kind of place his nephew calls home. So far, the outside and lobby of this apartment are impressive.

Dewey pulls out a set of keys and starts to unlock a door at the end of the hall. He glances over his shoulder at Scrooge and flashes a small, shy smile before opening the door.

"Well, here it is, my home." He says.

As they enter, Scrooge surveys the room. Large windows overlooking the mountains along one section of the far wall give a bright and welcoming feeling. Over to the right, a comfy couch, armchair, and a coffee table facing a flat-screen fifty-inch TV mounted on the wall.

To the left are a kitchen and dining area. Across from that is a small room, a den. Just past that is a short hallway towards the bedrooms and bathroom.

"Um, it's not the mansion, but it's cozy. Dewey says with a sheepish grin.

The younger duck puts his jacket and duffle bag inside the small closet by the entryway before escorting his uncle toward the living room. Scrooge does notice that Dewey seems extra nervous about something. You'd think he'd be proud of living in such a lovely home.

"Ah, Uncle Scrooge, if you don't mind, make yourself comfortable," Dewey suggests, addressing the armchair. He starts to scratch the back of his head nervously before adding, "I need to have a quick shower. I won't be five minutes, and then I'll give you a real tour of the place."

Before Scrooge could say anything, Dewey had already headed down the hall. He reluctantly sat down in the chair for a minute as he looked around the room again. From down the aisle, Scrooge hears water running to indicate his nephew has already started his shower.

This place is undoubtedly cleaner than what he was expecting. Scrooge imagined it would have pizza boxes piled to the ceiling, among other junk laid out on the floor. But, again, he is impressed by how Dewey handles himself independently.

As he looks around the living area, Scrooge marvels at how comfortable the furniture is. He studies the fireplace over on the sidewall. On its mantel sits yet another rune stone, which does not come as a surprise. On the floor beside the fireplace is a box filled with small toys. Wait, toys?

This shouldn’t surprise Scrooge since his nephew's maturity level when he was a pre-teen was younger than his brothers. However, the toys seem a little too childish from the angel he sat.

Scrooge gets up to look at the bundle of plastic trucks and plush animals, but the entryway door opens before he gets close enough. He turns to see two ducklings and a canine female with a peg leg walk in. The children are around the age of four. Scrooge recognizes Meg as one of the former pirates. She and the kids glance up at him with startled looks.

"Who's this guy?" The little boy asks.

Meg isn't sure of what to say but instantly reacts with a grin. Her ears perk up when she hears a noise of a faucet shutting off from the bathroom.

"I think the answer is down the hall; why don't you two investigate." She tells the children.

The kids turn to each other with exciting grins before running down the hall. Once the kids disappear around the corner, Peg Leg Meg rushes up to Scrooge.

"You're him, aren't you?" She asks, hopefully. "You're Scrooge McDuck?"

"I am," Scrooge replies cautiously. He opens his beak to say something when a bunch of screaming down the hall distracts him.

Dewey leaps out of the bathroom, dressed in a clean blue sweater. He lets out a loud growl, which startles the ducklings. Dewey reaches forward to pull the two kids in for a hug, and the little ones start to squeal with delight.

"Yeah, daddy's home!" The little girl cries out.

Wait, what? Scrooge is instantly stunned.

"Oh, I missed you guys so much," Dewey says as he tightens his hug around his kids.

At first, the little boy is happy to see his dad but then starts to push himself out of the hug. He glares up at his father and crosses his tiny arms over his chest.

"You are late. We missed the Ice Ca'pades. You promised you would be home for Darkwing on Ice." The boy pouted.

Dewey shows instant regret and lowers himself to his son's level.

"I know. I. Am. So. Sorry." The young dad sincerely apologizes. "Somethings came up, and it took me longer to get home to you. I promise to try to make it up and do something even more exciting, okay?" He adds with a hopeful tone.

Dewey looks at both of his children's frowning faces. The young adult knows his kids are finding his promises untrustworthy these days. However, he honestly does not blame them for feeling this way. It’s not that he means to break his promises, but between his job/business, moonlighting as Duke L’Orange, and keeping surveillance on Duckburg, commitments and alternate lifestyles are stressful to maintain at times.

How he hates keeping secrets from his kids. He knows it hurts them since he experienced it from both Uncle Scrooge and Uncle Donald.

Dewey reaches up and starts stroking their tiny cheeks.

"Can you guys forgive me?" He asks with a sheepish grin.

Slowly the twins nod, agreeing to their dad's request—the little girl is the only one smiling up at him.

Dewey pulls them in for one last hug before standing up.

"Come on; I want to introduce you to someone." He tells them.

They make their way down the hall and into the living area.

"Kids, this is your great, great Uncle Scrooge," Dewey announces. Then, with each hand on the shoulders of his children, he blushes at the older duck. "Uncle Scrooge, these are my kids, Turbo and Tessa."

Scrooge stands with his mouth hanging open in shock. He looks at the kids, then pans up to Dewey.

"You're a – a dad?" The elder says, finally finding his voice.

"I am," Dewey confirms.

Scrooge's eyes widen slightly as something that Dewey mentioned earlier finally occurs to him.

"When you said you had other priorities, you meant these little ones."

"Uh-huh," the younger duck nods affirming the knowledge is a fact.

He can tell by the shy look on his nephew's face that there's another story behind this too. "Lemme guess – long story, you'll tell me later, I suppose."

"Ah, yeah." Dewey again nods in reassurance. He glances at Peg Leg Meg to see her grinning from ear to ear.

"Daddy, he talks funny," Turbo whispers to his father.

"Shush, don't be rude." Dewey hushes the boy. "Why don't you guys take your Uncle Scrooge and show him your room? I need to talk to your Aunty Meg." He adds.

"Okay," the twins respond in stereo. Then, they run up to Scrooge, take each of his hands into theirs, and guide the elder down the hall.

Scrooge looks up at Dewey as he is being led away. The young father gives another shy grin back at him. Once the kids and Scrooge are down the hall, Dewey walks toward the former pirate.

"Again, I can't thank you enough for looking after them." He tells her.

"As usual, it was my pleasure." She swoons. "Your kids are such sweet little angels."

"Awe, thanks," Dewey can't help to agree. “I think I’ve been lucky with them.”

"Plus, it is always great to have steady pay." Meg smiles and makes a subtle gesture of her hand to let him know she's expecting something to be handed to her.

Taking the hint, Dewey chuckles and walks over to the closet. He reaches into his duffle bag to pull out the last parcel, then hands it off to her.

"Here you go. It’s all well-earned." Dewey gladly tells her.

"Anytime, Dewey, anytime." Meg happily replies as she leaves.

Once the door closes, Dewey moves his way down the hall. He stops to lean against the frame of the bedroom door. His kids are proudly showing off their favourite toys to the first extended family member they've met.

He frowns as he watches his uncle being bombarded with information from the twins. The young father can't decide if he's uncomfortable, overwhelmed, or perhaps both with this situation. It is even possible that finding out about Turbo and Tessa could have put the cherry on top of the crazy cake of this whole day.

Scrooge happens to look over at the night table and spots a picture. A female duck with blonde hair and a bright smile is looking back at him. The old billionaire points with his cane at the framed image.

"Who's that?" He asks.

The kid's smiles on their tiny beaks suddenly frown.

"That's our mommy," Tessa says in a barely audible voice.

Scrooge realizes by looking at their reaction that their mother is not here. As he is about to ask more about her, Scrooge hears Dewey walking into the room behind him.

"Hey, kids," Dewey calls out with an idea in mind. "Why don't you help me set up my room so Uncle Scrooge can have a bed to rest in, okay?"

"Okay," the twins sing in unison.

They each put down their toys, and Tessa quickly takes Scrooge's hand while Turbo takes his father's.

Walking down the short hall, Dewey points to an open door across the kid's room.

"This here is the bathroom; beside it is the laundry closet. Trust me, with two kids, it’s a real lifesaver." He adds. Dewey lets go of Turbo's hand to open the sliding door and reaches up to one of the cupboards above the washer. "We also keep our clean towels and sheets in here too."

After pulling out a fresh towel and bedsheets, Dewey is about to continue to the room at the end of the hall. He stops when his son hops up and down to get his attention.

"I'll carry them! Please, dad, I want to carry them!" The boy cries out in persistence.

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Dewey looks at Turbo, then at the bundle in his arm before back at his son.

"I don't know, buddy, there's a lot here. You think you can handle it?" He asks the young lad with a raised brow.

"Yeah," Turbo assures him.

"Okay, but don't hesitate to ask for assistance if you need it." Dewey arranged the bundle so his four-year-old son could hold them with his tiny arms.

The little boy reached his arms around the towel and sheets before making his way down the hall.

Scrooge wonders if letting a small child carry so much stuff is all right, yet the boy seems to keep up well enough. Tessa tugs lightly on Scrooge's hand to let him know they continue to walk. The elder looks down at the little girl, and her bright smile reminded him of Della when he met her and Donald for the first time. He forces a smile back to Tessa and follows her guidance.

Dewey quickly steps around the door frame to flip the light switch. The room illuminates, and everyone enters. Dewey moves towards another door that leads to another bathroom and turns on that light.

"…And this is the master bedroom, and over here is the master bathroom." The young adult addresses the area. "I figure it would be best to set you up here."

Scrooge frowns; considering there is limited space for sleeping arrangements, he feels that someone is left out.

"So, uh, where are you going to sleep?" He asks Dewey.

"Oh, I'll be fine, Uncle," Dewey replies. He reaches into his closet to find a decent housecoat and pyjamas that he could lend. "I'll just crash on the couch. Trust me, it is very comfortable. There have been many times I ended up falling asleep on that thing because I was too tired to walk to my bed." He adds with a chuckle.

"Daddy, where should I put these?" Turbo calls out. He starts to struggle to keep the sheets and towel in his arms.

Dewey looks over and realizes he's about to lose his grip on the bundle.

"Hang on, bud, I'm coming." He says just as he grabs the last item from the closet.

Throwing the housecoat and pyjamas on the bed, Dewey walks over to his son and gently takes the bundle out of his tiny arms.

"It's okay; I got them. You've been a huge help. Thank you." He praises the boy.

"I am strong," Turbo demonstrates by flexing his tiny biceps.

Dewey puts the sheets on the corner of the bed. Then, removing the towel from the bundle and grabbing the rest of the clothes, he turns to his son again.

"Yes, that you are." Dewey acknowledges while patting his son on the head.

Continuing back towards the bathroom, Dewey hints for Scrooge to follow him.

"You might want to relax a bit and have a bath while I change the sheets on the bed," Dewey suggests.

"It's a ga-cuzzi," Tessa struggles to say the word as she runs in.

"It's a what now?" Scrooge asks.

"She means a Jacuzzi." Dewey corrects the mispronounced word. He leans over to the tub and points at a nob.

"Just turn this dial, and it will shoot jet streams through these holes. It will then create relaxing bubbles while you bathe. The kids love it, and I admit, I, too, enjoy it after a long, stressful day." Dewey explains with a bashful grin.

"It's all very fancy." Scrooge raises a brow at the high-tech tub.

"Well, it did come with the place." Dewey shrugs. "Anyway, there's everything that you could need right here, soap, shampoo, bath bomb if you want as well." He adds, addressing the items on the tub frame against the back corner wall.

The twins start to reach for the bath bombs and bubble soaps as if they were about to have a bath.

"Guys, stop that," Dewey growls as he grabs the items from their grip and places them back in their original spot. "Come on, let's give our uncle some privacy." He concludes, ushering the kids out to the other room.

Dewey grabs the handle of the door and turns to face Scrooge.

"Just holler if you need anything." He says before gently closing the door.

Scrooge's small smile fades as the door finally closes shut. Exhaustion sinks in once more. So much has happened in one day. In the other room, he can hear Dewey talking to his kids as they are helping him change the bedsheets.

The old duck worries if the rest of the family in Duckburg is doing all right. According to Dewey, they should know by now that he is safe.

Thinking now about how he lost his fortune and town, Scrooge stresses about what to do next. How will he successfully defeat Magica to free what is left of his family? There has to be a way. So many questions are swimming in his mind, and only more questions keep coming up with no answer.

Scrooge then remembers that Dewey wants to plan something later, but being Scrooge McDuck, he doesn’t have the patients for later. So, he stares down at the tube. After a few moments, Scrooge lets out a deep breath. He admits it does look inviting.

A bath does sound nice.

Chapter 11: Dewey’s Parenting

Chapter Text

Scrooge sat in the tub of warm water. The temperature is excellent, but because of the situation, Scrooge still feels out of sorts. In the other room, he can hear Dewey’s frustration. The kids won't stop jumping on the bed while he's trying to put on the fresh sheets.

"Turbo, I said get down!"

"Oh, come on, Tessa, not you too!"

"Guys, stop that! Let me finish putting on the sheets!"

The billionaire can't help but chuckle. The shoe is on the other webbed foot for his nephew. The irony of Dewey being the 'Uncle Donald' and raising his own kids is that it's too perfect.

"That does it! You guys are in trouble now!"

Scrooge can only imagine the comical scene because it sounds like Dewey is trying to catch the twins.

"Ah-ha! Gotcha ya!" Dewey cries out in victory. He successfully ties the twins up in the old sheets before he gets up to brush his hands together.

"Arg, let us out, dad!" Turbo whines in a cranky tone.

"Yeah, please, daddy!" Tessa adds with a sad pout.

"No, not until I finish making the bed." Their father replies. He does as promised and works on tucking the sheets around the mattress corners.

Turbo lets out a frustrated growl, which catches Dewey's attention.

"That's enough!" Dewey warns.

Again, the duckling growls like he's being tormented.

"I said enough, Turbo." The young dad growls back. "Look, I'm done, okay? Are you happy now?"

"No," the little boy cries.

"Seriously, I can't do this with you right now. Come one, let's go."

Eventually, the scene calmed down some. Dewey has escorted his kids out of the room and down the hall.

Scrooge once again is stuck in his thoughts. He brings his arm up to lean against the frame of the tub. At that moment, the elder duck realizes his hand is brushing against the nob to control the jet streams. Curiosity gets the better of him, and so he turns the dial.

The sensation of bubbles blowing up against his back starts out feeling odd but soon turns relaxing as Scrooge lets out a sigh of contentment. Dewey's right; this is an excellent way to release stress. He starts to lean back and closes his eyes to fully immerse himself at the moment.

However, the moment didn't last long. A light tap on the door brought Scrooge back to reality.

"Uncle Scrooge," Dewey speaks softly from the other side of the closed barrier. "How are you doing in there?"

"Fine, fine," Scrooge replies, desperately trying to get back into the moment.

"Okay, I'm going to start making dinner now," Dewey explains. "When you are ready, feel free to wear the clean clothes I laid out for you. Also, if you want, you can put your jacket on top of the washer, and I'll get that clean for you later."

"Sounds good," Scrooge nods approvingly but reminds himself he's not in the mansion and adds, "Thanks, Dewey."

There is no response, but Scrooge thinks he heard a muffled version of 'you're welcome.'

Fifteen minutes later, Scrooge feels he has spent enough time in the tub. Apart from that, he wanted to stay longer but was also starting to feel hungry. The thought of something to eat brings him out of the tub dressed in borrowed clothes.

The pyjama button top is a comfortable plaid with red, green, and yellow. The housecoat fits similarly to his red and gold one back home, but it's a blue and pale yellow instead. Looking down at his red and black jacket, Scrooge realizes it is a bit dirty.

Following Dewey's advice, the elder takes his jacket as he walks out of the master bathroom. He reaches the hidden laundry closet down the hall and sees the sliding door is already open, along with the old sheets and a few kids' clothes piled on top of the machines. Scrooge tosses his jacket on top of the pile before making his way to the end of the hall.

In the living area, the twins watch a cartoon while Dewey is in the kitchen. He's boiling some soup while preparing some grilled cheese sandwiches.

"So, you cook too, huh?" Scrooge smirks.

Dewey turns his head in surprise but relaxes when it's only his uncle.

"I'm no chief, Uncle. We're only soup and sandwiches. Hope that is okay?" He asks, feeling somewhat insecure about what his elder might think of his lack of skills in the kitchen.

Scrooge smiles; he's so hungry right now that anything sounds like a perfect meal. In fact, soup and sandwiches are what he would enjoy at any given time.

"That sounds lovely, Lad." He says, taking in a deep breath to smell the food. "So, huh, when is it ready?" He asks.

"About five minutes," Dewey answers, focusing more on stirring the soup.

"Very good," Scrooge nodded and looked forward to the meal. He walks to the dining area and finds a seat at the table.


During dinner, Scrooge watches Dewey focusing more on his kids rather than eating himself. He ensures each child has enough crackers in their soup and cuts their sandwiches to their liking.

It is defiantly a different side to Dewey Scrooge never expected.

Turbo reaches for his glass of milk, but it ends up tipping and spilling over half the table. This surprises Scrooge to witness Dewey prepared for this. The young father picks up a cloth he had sat beside him and quickly dabs the white liquid.

"It's okay, buddy. I got this." He assures his son.

"I want more." Turbo pouts.

"I'll get you more, Mr. Cranky Pants. Just let me clean this up first." Dewey grumbles.

Scrooge takes another bite of his grilled cheese sandwich before scooping another spoonful of his soup.

"Everything all right, Uncle Scrooge?" Dewey asks.

The elder looks up to see a worried expression on Dewey's face. The young duck is out of his seat to get his son a fresh glass of milk. Scrooge realizes he has been reticent since he started eating.

"Everything is fine, Laddie." He says before picking up the other half of his sandwich and taking a bit out of it.

The twins start giggling and chanting the word 'Laddie.' Obviously, they believe it to be the funniest thing they've heard now. The twins are so cute that Dewey and Scrooge join in the joke.

"Yeah, that is a funny word, isn't kids?" Dewey chuckles as he hands his son more milk.

The rest of the dinner is eaten in silence for the next ten minutes. Once the twins finished their meal, they looked at their dad.

"Are you guys done?" He asks before taking a bit of his cold sandwich.

"Uh-huh," the two sing in unison.

"All right, you can watch one more cartoon while your uncle and I finish our dinner," Dewey suggests.

"Okay," the twins chirp before being excused from the table.


Thirty minutes later, the kids are in their room playing. Meanwhile, Dewey cleans up the dishes and puts them in the dishwasher. Scrooge still is sitting at the table in thought. He is still in awe of what has happened and the changes his family has gone through.

The most important thing on his mind is how he will beat Magica and get his fortune restored. Sure, Dewey mentioned he saved at least a third of it, but will it be enough to rebuild Duckburg and his company?

It is at that very moment that Scrooge wonders about Dewey's business. In his experience, how his company is being run won't earn enough in the long run. But perhaps his nephew wouldn't mind his help? Scrooge looks up at the younger duck as he rinses off another plate.

"You know, Dewey, I was just thinking." The elder starts to speak.

"Hm," the younger duck hummed, acknowledging his uncle's voice.

"Perhaps I could help you out in your business – start making more of a profit. Now, I have a few ideas." Scrooge suggests.

Dewey's eyes widen before he slams the dishwasher door. He turns to face his uncle.

"No," he says firmly. "Just no!"

"I dinnae understand," Scrooge responds in an irritated tone. "You got this company, not to mention a family to support." He adds, addressing the kids in the next room. "Don't ya want to invest in their future?"

"Uncle Scrooge, you don't get it." Dewey shakes his head. "I'm trying to keep a low profile and survive at the same time. That's all I have been doing for the last fifteen years, is surviving!”

The young adult briefly glances down the hall to see if his kids can hear their discussion. Dewey then leans closer to Scrooge so only he can listen to what he has to say next. “Besides, treasure hunting as 'Duke L'Orange' earns a big enough profit to live and support the company." He says in a low tone.

In the other room, the kids playing starts turning aggressive. Dewey quickly glances in the direction of their bickering before returning this his heated debate with Uncle Scrooge.

"Survive? What does your persona have to do with your future? You expect me to believe you want to pursue that for the rest of your life?" Scrooge cries out in shock.

The elder stands up to be at Dewey's eye level. "You cannae begin to tell me that you don't want your company to grow and make more money. It does have the potential to become something more than it is now. Trust me; I have experience in this sort of thing."

"I don't want it to become more than it is. It wasn't even my idea to start a business in the first place." Dewey briefly froze upon saying that.

Again, Dewey frowns. Just admitting the company wasn't his idea makes him remember the one person that did. He instantly shakes himself back and adds, "I honestly don't expect you to understand."

"But why?" Scrooge is frustrated with all of this.

The kids in the other room start getting louder as their aggressive playing turns into a full-on fight.

"Because Magica is probably still searching for the Dime. If I start attracting attention as Dewey Duck, the word might go all the way back to Duckburg. I don't want to take that chance. What if Magica figures out I'm still alive? She will then conclude that I still have the Dime. Not only will she come after me, but she might go after my kids too." Dewey again quickly glances down the hall. His kids are now screaming at each other, and the sound of objects, probably their toys, is being thrown.

"Speaking of my kids, I really need to take care of that right now!" He shouts before storming towards the room.

Scrooge is in brief shock. He can tell by the tone of Dewey's voice and his words that he's terrified. He reminds himself that Dewey had to live out in the real world all on his own. However, that shouldn't deter him from building a more secure future for his family.

Curiosity leads him to sneak over and eavesdrop on Dewey’s conversation with his kids.

"Guys, guys, stop this fighting right now!" Dewey demands.

"Turbo started it!" Tessa insisted with tears running down her cheeks.

"Did not you stupid," Turbo spewed back.

"Don't call your sister stupid," Dewey defended his daughter. "That's not cool. You've been in a mood all night. What is going on with you?"

Turbo angrily picks up one of his toys and throws it across the room, nearly hitting Dewey.

Dewey is near the boiling point of his patience, so the young father places his fists on his hips and glares down at his son.

"Turbo, you do not throw things when you are angry. Use your words!" He insists on the hot-tempered child. "Now, tell me what's wrong!"

The boy is so furious that he is on the brink of tears. He starts pointing to the toy he threw before speaking.

"Gizmoduck promised to fight the bad guy, but he didn’t. He lied and broke his promise! And Tessa is dumb because she rather plays with her Prancing Ponies!" Turbo accuses.

"I am not dumb; you're dumb!" Tessa cries.

Dewey analyses what his son said; he scrunches his eyebrows and comes to a disturbing conclusion. He lowers himself to his knees with a heavy sigh, bringing him to the boy's level. Dewey reaches his hand out to Turbo's shoulder. Turbo refuses to look up, so he glares down at the floor.

"It's not Gizmoduck or your sister you are mad at, is it?" He says softly. "It's really me you're mad at."

Turbo eventually shifts his gaze up to his father. His eyes shimmer with guilty emotion.

"I said I would be back yesterday, and I wasn't. I promised we would go to the Ice Capades, but we missed it because of my work. I'm so sorry; I didn't mean to break my promise." Dewey explains.

The young boy turns his whole body towards his dad, showing Dewey he has his full attention. Tessa moves closer to her father as well.

"Sometimes work gets in the way of what's more important, and what's important to me are you guys." He says, gliding his hands down either side of his son's head, much like his mother used to do to him and his brothers.

"You guys are the greatest treasures of my life. Don't you ever forget that," Dewey says truthfully. Then, he pulls both of his children in for a genuine hug.

"Daddy, I'm sorry." Turbo sobs.

"I know you are, buddy," Dewey says soothingly. "Sometimes life isn't fair, is it?"

"Uh-huh," the little boy agrees.

Hearing how Dewey talks to his kids makes Scrooge realize more now than ever that all he's doing is protecting his family. The alter ego he portrays as the pirate Duke L'Orange could be a method to protect his identity as well.

"Come on; it's time to get ready for bed." Dewey finally announces.

"Are you going to read the next chapter of 'Adventures of Duckaberry Finn'?" Tessa asks with hopeful glee.

"Of course, we just have to know if Duckaberry will successfully rescue his friend or not," Dewey answers.

Scrooge doesn't want to get caught eavesdropping, so he quickly sneaks into the living area and sits in the armchair. The Scottish billionaire stays there until Dewey finishes putting his kids to bed.

Scrooge defiantly feels he should apologize.

Chapter 12: Izzy

Chapter Text

When Dewey returns, he spots Uncle Scrooge sitting in the armchair. The elder duck is leaning his elbows on the armrests while his hands are clasped together on his cane handle. He is resting his beak over his hands. The young adult thought that Scrooge looked deep in thought, probably thinking of other things he would like to nitpick on.

He tugs at his sleeves, a subconscious attempt to hide his lack of confidence. Dewey frowns. He decides to face the music and hear what his uncle ‘know-it-all’ has to say.

“I will not pretend you didn’t hear what was said in the other room.” Dewey finally says.

Scrooge doesn’t move, so Dewey continues. “You already believe I’ve been making bad choices, and I admit I’ve made lots of mistakes being on my own. Regardless, I am trying, especially with my kids and the StarDuck company. It’s true; I’m good at running the company; I was always meant to be just the pilot. I tend to leave the business end to Meg and the others. Other than that, I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m just – I’m just winging it. Heck, based on what you’ve seen so far, I’m not surprised you think I’m a terrible father too, and you’re probably right.”

Hearing that makes Scrooge flinch.

“That’s not what I’m thinking,” The elder finally says.

Scrooge opens his eyes and stands up to face his nephew. Dewey looks surprised but doesn’t say anything.

“I was wrong to judge you and try to meddle in your business.” The elder admits. “I should have realized that everything you do is to protect the Dime and your kids.”

With a deep breath, Scrooge continues. “Ever since you escaped Magica and left Duckburg, you started with nothing and worked your way up to…” he pauses to address the room with a gesture. “…This. A real home that you own. Paid for with honest work. Not many people can accomplish a challenge like that, but you did. I couldn’t be more proud of you, Dewey.”

Dewey’s lower beak begins to quiver as he briefly turns his head to one side. When he glances back at his Uncle, he cannot stop the tears from escaping his eyes.

“You have no idea how much it means to hear you say that,” Dewey says with a small sob.

Scrooge steps up to his nephew and wraps his arms around him. “I know, I know.” He says as his tears threaten to escape.

Gradually, Dewey moves his arms around his Uncle to return the hug with quiet sobs. Dewey quickly realizes that this is the first time he has held anyone other than Izzy and his kids in over fifteen years.

After about a minute, the young adult pulls himself together, bringing his sleeved arm up to his face to wipe away his tears. Then, looking back at his Uncle, he smiles.

“Oh, hey, I just realized something….” Dewey says with a sniffle.

“What is it?” Scrooge wonders.

Dewey reaches up and behind his neck to untie the necklace. He then raises the No. #1 Dime up to his Uncle.

“I was only holding it until I could return it to its rightful owner, after all,” Dewey admits.

Scrooge gently takes the coin into his hand. It feels like it has been over a decade since he held it, even though it has been a whole day for him. Scrooge is both relieved and excited to have his precious No. #1 Dime back. After putting the necklace on, he looks up with a grateful smile.

“Thank you,” Scrooge says.

Dewey smiles and nods before suggesting, “Would you like some tea?”

“I would love some.”

Dewey walks to the kitchen, pours water into his electric kettle, and plugs it in. While waiting for it to boil, Dewey reaches up in his cupboard to pull out a few boxes of different teas he has.

“Um, which tea do you like? Earl Grey, Mint, Nutmeg…?” He lists off each box.

“I’ve always fancied Nutmeg,” Scrooge perks up. He is surprised that Dewey would have his favourite tea on hand.

“Okay, Nutmeg it is.” Dewey agrees.

He grabs two mugs from the next cupboard. Dewey then pulls two bags out of the box and places them into each cup.

Scrooge sits back in the same seat he sat down at during dinner as he watches his nephew; the old duck wonders if Dewey reuses his teabags or tosses them after each cup. Scrooge is about to say something but bites his tongue before tempting himself to ask. So instead, he will ask a different question.

“So, when did you start drinking tea?” He asks.

Dewey shrugs nonchalantly.

“I don’t know; I hated drinking tea when I was a kid.” He starts telling his story. “However, after I met Izzy and moved here, she and I would drink all sorts of teas from the waterfront quay. I just ended up liking Nutmeg the best, not even realizing, at the time, it was your favourite too.”

The younger duck places a bowl of sugar, two teaspoons, a milk carton, a small plate, and a package of butter cookies on the table as he explains his new choice of beverage.

“I see,” Scrooge hums.

The elder glances around the room again and spots another framed picture pinned on the wall. It is of the same blonde duck he saw in the kids’ room. Scrooge remembers one of the twins explaining that she was their mom. He also remembers Dewey mentioning a name that he cared about.

Not wanting to jump to conclusions, Scrooge points to the image and asks, ‘who’s that, my boy?”

Dewey turns attentively at first, but the young duck appears grief-stricken when he sees the framed portrait.

“That’s Izzy,” he says, completely heartbroken.

“If you don’t mind me asking, who is Izzy?” Scrooge ponders. The mystery of who this duck is overwhelms him.

Dewey is quiet for a moment. Then, he opens his beak to start; before he can begin his tale, the kettle whistle, he unplugs the kettle and pours the steaming water into the mugs.

“Dewey?” Scrooge pokes his beak forward to see if his nephew is okay.

Dewey can’t help but smile as he hands off one of the mugs to Scrooge and sits down with the other.

“Well…?” Scrooge insists, feeling a little impatient.

With a deep breath, Dewey finally gathers enough courage to speak.

“I met Izzy about six years ago. I was gathering more donations to send into Duckburg.” The young adult finally starts.

“But before I met her, I was a bit of a loner. I had to be. You know, I couldn’t trust anyone. They might have been spies for Magica or the Beagles. Everywhere I went, I would go by a different alias. Most of the time, I just went as Duke L’Orange.

Dewey snickered at his persona of choice.

“To be honest, back then, I had given up hope of ever being able to reunite with my family. The only thing I had was listening to Huey’s podcasts. It took some time before I realized the strange noise in the background was a secret message in Morse code. Finally, I got my hands on a Woodchuck Guide Book to help decode the messages. That’s when I discovered that every hero and brave citizen never returned from attacking Magica.

The young adult takes a moment to collect his thoughts before continuing.

“I had to do something, so I started raising donations. I collected food, blankets, and clothes from generous people. It would be, at least, something to keep everyone in Duckburg going for a while. Izzy was one of the volunteers that wanted to help. I met her during one of my pickups, and for some reason, she didn’t trust me, so she appointed herself as the co-pilot of the delivery.” Dewey chuckles.

Scrooge and Dewey proceed with their tea prep rituals during the story's telling. Both ducks dab their teabags in and out of their mugs before setting them on the plate. Dewey proceeds to scoop six full teaspoons of sugar into his mug, while Scrooge only adds one milk drop. However, Scrooge starts getting distracted from Dewey’s story by simply watching how much sugar he’s putting into his tea.

“Boy, did she annoy me throughout that trip… What?” He asks, making a baffled expression.

“You like a little tea with your sugar, I see.” Scrooge comments. In his opinion, the tea is too spoiled to drink now.

Dewey looks down at his tea before glancing up at Scrooge, then back down at his tea. He snorts as he realizes there is a chance he puts in a lot of sugar in his hot beverages.

“Yeah, I guess.” Dewey chuckles, not even trying to defend himself. Instead, he starts to stir his sugar tea, still amused by Scrooge’s reaction.

“Anyway, continue,” Scrooge says, bringing the focus back to the story.

“Once we made the delivery, we stuck around – out of sight – and watched as my brothers and Webby collected the boxes.” The middle triplet says. He then sighs. “Izzy, I guess, noticed my expression when I spied on my family through binoculars. She looked at my family, then at me and realized I was related to them.”

“Sounds like she’s a smart Lass.” Scrooge smiles.

Dewey responds with a sad smile. “She was,” he adds softly. “After that, I ended up telling her everything. For the first time, I felt I could trust someone.”

Scrooge notices the grieving tone in his nephew’s voice and starts sympathizing with the boy’s story.

“She had a determined spirit,” Dewey continues. “That journey to the borders of Duckburg was only the beginning. Izzy soon joined me on treasure hunts and paid delivery runs. Her business sense led to more clients who paid extremely well to transport their goods across the dangerous skies. We not only became good friends but excellent business partners.”

Dewey smiles at the old memories between him and Izzy. His mind drifts as he remembers the turning point of their relationship. One late afternoon they went to a rocky mountain. What started as taking a wrong turn ended up with them witnessing the most breathtaking sunset. It was so captivating that they began to hold hands. Then, realizing their figures were locked together, the two looked into each other’s eyes and gradually leaned in for their first kiss.

Instead of going into all of that detail, Dewey says, “Eventually, our friendship grew into something more.”

“You two fell in love,” Scrooge smiles, coming into the fact.

Without saying a word, Dewey glances at his Uncle with a bashful smile and an affirming nod. He then reaches for the packages of butter cookies and lifts them over to Scrooge.

“Cookie?” The younger duck asks.

After a thought, Scrooge shrugs. “Why not,” he says before taking one biscuit.

Dewey grabs one of his own and chomps down on it.

“So,” Scrooge trailed off while chewing on the cookie. “What happened next?”

After swallowing his cookie, Dewey smiles.

“We decided that living in the plane wouldn’t cut it anymore. Since Cape Suzette is the safest city to live in right now, we came here. We bought this place, got StarDuck, and Izzy decided she wanted to start a business. Since I had plenty of money left, we began StarDuck’s Air Delivery.

“I ran into Meg and her crew during one of the deliveries, and they were looking for work. I felt bad for them since we did work together in the past. Like, cleaning out the remaining money from your bin, for example. So, I offered them the opportunity to work in our company – convinced them it would be honest pay for honest work. The only catch was that they would never resort to thieving. I promised them I would not rescue them if they got caught in any illegal acts. To my surprise, they were happy to let go of their old lives.”

“Ah, so that explains why the pirates are now working for you,” Scrooge says in realization. “And good for you for standing your ground.”

“Yup,” Dewey nods in agreement. “It was good timing, too, because one day after returning from a delivery, Izzy showed me the eggs. She sounded excited when she told me we were going to be parents. Needless to say, I was not expecting any of that.” He chuckled in embarrassment.

“So, the little ones were not planned, eh.” Scrooge realizes.

Dewey raises a brow at his Uncle.

“Since when do I ever plan anything, Uncle Scrooge?” He says with subtle amusement of his folly.

“Practically never,” Scrooge jokes. He reaches over to help himself to another cookie.

As Scrooge munches on the sugary treat, he notices a sorrowful expression on his nephew’s face. He figures it has something to do with what happened to his beloved.

“Dewey,” he calmly leans in. “What happened to Izzy?”

The younger duck lets out a shaky breath before continuing.

“A few weeks later, I noticed Izzy was not feeling well. She kept coughing and had trouble breathing. I kept asking if she was okay, and she told me she was fine, just a little under the weather. But deep down, I was worried and wanted her to rest.

Dewey rubs his face before continuing.

“Izzy was determined that four major clients took priority. Izzy was so happy that we got those contracts. To her, it would be the beginning of a profitable future. So I did everything I could to make her happy.”

Dewey blinked back a few tears.

“She promised she would rest as I made the deliveries. It took me three days, but when I got home, her health got worse. I didn’t waste another minute and took her to the hospital.”

The younger duck shakes her head, believing he could have done things differently.

“The doctors couldn’t save her. She –”

Dewey tries to speak, but he cannot say the words every time he opens his beak. Remembering the love of his life drifting away on that hospital bed hurts too much.

Scrooge realizes he doesn’t need to hear Izzy’s fate. Just seeing Dewey's anguish expression is enough. To show sympathy, Scrooge leans over to touch his nephew’s arm.

“I’m sorry,” is all he can say to him.

“The worst part is, Izzy never got to see the twins hatch.” Dewey finally concludes with a sniffle.

Both ducks sit silently for a moment as they sip their teas and nibble on another cookie.

A noise down the hall attracts Dewey’s attention. He leans back in his chair to focus his ears in that direction.

“Something the matter, Lad?” Scrooge asks.

Dewey holds up his finger as a sign to ask Scrooge to be quiet for a moment.

“Daddy,” a little voice is finally heard.

“There it is,” Dewey says, getting up from his seat. “I’ll be right back.”

Scrooge overhears Dewey talking to his daughter and can’t help to smile a little.

“Hey, Sweet Pea, what’s up?” The young father asks the tiny duckling.

“I’m thirsty. Can I have a gwass of water?” Tessa squeaks in a sleepy tone.

“Sure, sweetie. I’ll be right back.”

Dewey comes back and briefly smiles at Scrooge before pulling out a small pink glass from the cupboard. He leans over the sink and pours some water into the glass. Once the glass is half full, he returns to his thirsty daughter.

“Thanks, daddy,” the little girl politely says.

Scrooge sits for a few moments, waiting patiently. He can hear Dewey whispering to his child – something about ‘sleep well,’ but he is talking in such a low tone that it’s hard to understand.

A few minutes pass, and Dewey returns with the empty glass. He places it into the sink before sitting back down at the table. The younger duck lets out a big yawn before picking up his mug to finish his tea.

“You know you are a really good father to your kids.” Scrooge praises Dewey.

“Thanks,” Dewey bashfully responds. “Though the irony is not lost.”

“How so?” The elder duck asks.

“Oh, considering how crazy I used to be, always getting into trouble where ever I went.” Dewey chuckled at the child he once was.

“True. You were quite the little rapscallion, that’s for sure.” Scrooge chuckles.

“I can’t begin to count how many feathers Uncle Donald lost because of me.”

Both ducks laugh at that. Finally, Dewey stops laughing to let out a sigh. He glances off to one side with a sad look.

“He’s really gone, isn’t he?” He asks.

Scrooge remembers seeing the petrified stone expression on Donald’s face. Knowing that he will never come back from that, the elder frowns.

“Aye, he is.”

“I wonder what he would say if he saw how I’ve become?” Dewey asks out of curiosity.

It takes a moment for Scrooge to think.

“He’d be proud.” The elder duck says with a smile.

Dewey doesn’t say anything but smiles with teary eyes.

Scrooge takes one last sip of his tea before stretching and letting out a big yawn.

“You’ve had a long day, Uncle Scrooge. Perhaps you should go get some rest.” Dewey suggests as he stands up.

“What about you, Lad?” Scrooge asks, realizing Dewey is cleaning off the table.

“I still have laundry to do.” The younger duck shrugs.

“You sure you don’t need a hand?” Scrooge offers.

“I’ll be fine, go.” Dewey chuckles.

“All right then, goodnight.”


Chapter 13: Breakfast

Chapter Text

The sun’s rays reach the hills, and a new day begins. The light breaks through between the curtains, but that isn’t what wakes Scrooge up.

He mumbles in his unconscious state; what reality is this? Did the last twenty-four hours happen? Is he really in a future timeline? Maybe it was all a bad dream? Surely, his fortune is safe? And the town of Duckburg isn’t taken over by Magica and the Beagles. Right? The more conscious he becomes, the more he remembers he isn’t in his own bed.

The sound of tiny webbed feet trotting into the room starts pulling Scrooge to consciousness. The elder duck opens his eyes to see Turbo jolt with a surprised expression. Right, he is indeed in the future, everything he’s worked hard for is almost all gone, and now he’s staying with Dewey and his kids.

Seeing the child’s confused stare makes Scrooge wonder what the boy wants. That is when he clues in.

“Oh, good morning, little one,” Scrooge says with a tired yawn. Then, finally, he sits up and adds, “Looking for your dad?”

Turbo bobs his head up and down while taking a step back from the bed.

“Have you tried checking in the living room?” The elder asks.

“I told you daddy wasn’t in here,” Tessa whispers loudly to her brother.

Scrooge glances over to see Turbo’s twin sister by the bedroom door.

“Shut up, Tessa,” Turbo growled before following her down the hall.

Deciding it is a good idea to get up, Scrooge steps out of bed and stretches out the kinks in his back. He hears the kids down the hall giggling along with Dewey crying out in a yelp.

“Ow, why! Come on, you guys, get off!” The young adult growls in a cranky tone. “I said, get off!”

Scrooge can’t help but laugh at the sound of Dewey’s distress. He reaches for his borrowed housecoat and puts it on.

“Those are defiantly Dewey’s kids.” He chuckles to himself.

As he makes his way down the hall, Scrooge can hear the kids talking to their dad.

“Can we watch some cartoons?” Turbo asks.

“Yeah, can we?” Tessa pleads.

“Fine, fine. Just keep the volume down.” Dewey grumbles.

“Good morning,” Scrooge sings as he enters the living room.

Dewey is caught in the mid-yawn to respond appropriately. He gives a sloppy wave with one eye half-open while rubbing the sleep out of the other. Then, the young father reluctantly pushes himself into a sitting position and starts brushing his fingers through his hair.

“Morning,” he finally groans.

“You get enough sleep there, Lad?” Scrooge asks, a bit worried since Dewey appears still very sleepy.

With another big yawn, Dewey raises his hand and tilts it in a swaying seesaw motion. This act tells Scrooge he’s saying, ‘sort of.’

“I finished the laundry. Guess it took me longer than expected. Your jacket is on top of the dryer, by the way.” The younger duck finally explains just as he stands to stretch.

“Oh, ah, thank you.” The elder is grateful but still concerned with how Dewey seems tired.

Dewey lazily folds up his blanket and tosses it casually over the arm of the furniture. He barely steps towards the kitchen when Turbo and Tessa leap onto the couch, snatch the blanket and pillow, and proceed to make themselves comfortable.

The young dad is annoyed because it means he has to refold his blanket again later. He is about to say something to his kids but stops as they both look up with wide toothy grins. Dewey grumpily sways his hands down, deciding just to let it go. Right now, he needs caffeine more than to start a fight with his kids over a blanket.

With a tired groan, Dewey starts to walk past his Uncle as the elder starts up an idea.

“Hey, Lad,” Scrooge perks up. “Remember when we talked about your company? I was thinking –”

“Sh-Shhh,” Dewey interrupts, placing his index finger in front of his beak. “Too much thinking before coffee.” He says in a groggy tone.

“Seriously,” Scrooge snorts with a raised brow.

“Yeah,” the tired young adult nods. “You want tea or coffee?”

“Um, tea.”



Scrooge sits down at the same seat at the dining table and, once again, watches Dewey during his morning ritual.

Dewey first reaches for the kettle and fills it with water before plugging it into the socket. He then grabs a French press and scoops some coffee grounds into it. Once again, he pulls out two mugs, one of them; he places a fresh teabag inside.

He is seeing Dewey use a new teabag, which answers Scrooge’s question from last night. Dewey doesn’t save his teabags for second or third use. In other words, according to Scrooge, he wastes his money.

(Video) Voice of the Tempest | Critical Role: VOX MACHINA | Episode 90

Dewey scoops six teaspoons of sugar into the other cup and pours some milk into it before putting the container in front of Scrooge.

“Thanks, Dewey.” Scrooge nods.

“Mm,” the younger duck responds with a nod. But, unfortunately, he’s too tired to acknowledge it in actual words.

The younger duck turns, opens the fridge door, and pulls out an apple. Then, picking a knife out of the drawer before reaching for the cutting board, Dewey cuts the fruit into four pieces.

He takes one piece and tosses it in his mouth. Picking up the other three, he then hands one to Scrooge.

“Um, thanks. I suppose this is breakfast?” Scrooge asks, a little baffled by being handed a single piece of fruit.

“No, a pre-breakfast. I need to wake up first.” Dewey answers after swallowing his slice.

The young father heads to the living area and hands off the other two pieces to his kids.

“Thanks, Daddy,” the two chorus.

After, Dewey returns to the kitchen.

The kettle whistles and Dewey pours the boiled water into the tea mug and the French press. He takes the tea to his Uncle before sitting with his coffee maker and cup.

The elder immediately pours his single drop of milk and gives it a light stir before bringing the mug up to his beak. He swishes the liquid in his mouth a bit before swallowing.

Dewey starts rubbing his eyes with the palm of his hands while letting out another colossal yawn. Scrooge shakes his head with a snort at the spectacle before him.

“What,” Dewey responds in an irritated tone.

He glares up at his Uncle before slowly pushing down the French press.

“Just the sight of you, Lad.” Scrooge chuckles. “I never knew you to be this tired in the morning.”

“I guess it’s just called growing up,” Dewey responds grumpily.

Both ducks sit and enjoy their beverage in silence. In the background, they hear a cartoon playing on the television.

Eventually, Dewey puts his mug down and looks up at his Uncle.

“So, what was this thing you were thinking of?” He asks.

“Huh?” Scrooge breaks out of his thoughts to glance up at his nephew.

“You mentioned earlier that you were thinking of something; I was hardly awake to hear you out. I’m awake now, so spill.” Dewey explains.

“Oh, I was thinking; after we defeat Magica and get Duckburg back from the Beagles, as well as retrieving what’s left of my fortune you stored away, we, um, could merge your company with McDuck Enterprises. Then, after we rebuild Duckburg and our home, we can all move back into the mansion together as a family. What dae you say, hum?” The older duck asks carefully.

Dewey thinks about what he said for a moment. Then, he begins to smile the more the idea appeals to him.

“Sure,” the younger duck says. “That sounds great.”

“Daddy,” a little voice squeaks.

Both adults look over and down at Tessa.

“What, Sweetie?” Dewey asks.

“Can we have pancakes?” She asks sweetly.

“Yeah, let’s have pancakes.” Her daddy replies, patting his daughter on the head.

With that, Dewey stands up and prepares the instant pancake batter with the necessary equipment to make this breakfast feast.


After breakfast, Scrooge is waiting for everyone in the armchair. He admits it feels good to wear a clean jacket. Not to mention how much cleaner it smells. Mentally he must remind himself to ask Dewey which detergent he uses. The moment he hears the kids behind him, the elder duck reacts by standing to face them.

Dewey is herding the twins out of their room and towards the apartment entryway. The three treat it like a game as they race to the door. Dewey purposely allows his kids to win, however.

Scrooge watches with amusement. This action is more like the Dewey he remembers.

“Okay, kids, let’s get your coats on,” Dewey announces.

“So, ah, where are we going?” Scrooge asks since Dewey has been vague with his plans for the day during breakfast.

Dewey finishes putting on Tessa’s coat and puts on Turbo’s. He briefly glances up at his Uncle.

“As I said before, I thought we would go see an old friend first.” The young adult announces.

“Oh no, not him. He’s weird.” Turbo whines.

“He’s funny and weird,” Tessa adds with a snicker.

“Guys, don’t be like that. You know he can’t help it.” Dewey grumbles at his kids.

He stands and reaches over to pull his jacket off the hanger. With a quick check, he sees the rune stone still pinned to the inner layers of his coat. Dewey suddenly reacts by checking to see if the Dime is still around his neck. He briefly panics but then lets out a sigh of relief, remembering he gave the Dime back to Scrooge last night.

“Something the matter?” Scrooge asks, noticing his nephew’s minor ‘freak-out.’

At first, it would seem Dewey is ignoring his Uncle. Then, he opens the door and looks down at his kids.

“Why don’t you two go get the elevator, okay?” The father suggests.

“Okay,” the twins chimed in unison.

Dewey is about to face Scrooge when he realizes something and leans out into the corridor.

“And don’t just walk on when the door opens this time. Wait for your Uncle and me.” He hollers at the ducklings.

Dewey faces Scrooge and reaches into his jacket. He pulls out the runestone and hands it off to his Uncle.

“Since we are heading out, you should wear this.” He says. “Preferably inside your jacket. That way, it’s closer to the Dime.”

“Your runestone? I don’t think –” Scrooge attempts to argue but is interrupted.

“For the last time, Uncle Scrooge,” Dewey growls out in frustration. “Magica is probably searching for you, and perhaps the No. #1 Dime as well. Therefore, you are better off wearing the runestone than me since I’m not the one Magica is looking for – remember, I am ‘dead,’” he emphasizes with air quotes.

“Fine,” Scrooge sighs, not wanting to argue that logic.

The elder pins the stone in the inner lining of his jacket but is suddenly startled when Dewey shouts down the hall.

“Hey! Don’t you dare get on that elevator! I told you to wait for us!” The young adult yells.

Scrooge can’t help but laugh at the situation. He looks up to see an irritated glare from Dewey.

“Don’t you say one word, old man,” he groans. Dewey knows precisely why his Uncle is so amused.

“I wasn’t going to say anything,” Scrooge chuckles.

The elder starts to walk out of the suite and down the corridor towards the twins. Dewey shakes his head with a discouraging sigh as he closes the door to his suite and follows him.

Chapter 14: Not All There

Chapter Text

Dewey pulls into a parking lot and parks his vehicle in front of a building. Scrooge steps out to look up at the sign above the entrance; Cape Suzette Psychiatric Hospital.

“So, who are we seeing here?” The elder duck asks though he might have a suspicion.

Dewey glances over to his Uncle after lifting his kids out of the back seat. He realizes that Scrooge deserves to know who’s in the institution.

“Launchpad,” He says.

Dewey presses the SUV handle. The vehicle makes a beeping noise to tell it’s now locked. He grabs each of his kid’s hands and continues walking toward the building.

“Somehow, that doesn’t surprise me,” Scrooge mutters mostly to himself as he follows.

Inside, Dewey stops at the front desk to sign the visitor form for him and his family before signalling Scrooge to follow them down the corridor. Finally, they come to a door, and Dewey stops to face Scrooge once more.

“Before we go in, I should tell you,” The young adult whispers. “Launchpad is, well, worse now than he was fifteen years ago.”

“How so,” Scrooge questions.

“Um, I found him about twelve years ago. He must have escaped from Duckburg somehow.” Dewey explains. “It isn’t a big surprise that he crashed his plane, and I just happened to discover it off the south coast. However, when I went inside, I saw him still in the cockpit, badly hurt. He made no sense when he spoke, and he drifted in and out of consciousness. Needless to say, I was worried.”

Dewey took a deep breath and then continued.

“So, I took him to a hospital, and that’s when I found out he suffers from some psychosis disorder. Doctors are not sure what caused it. You’d think it would be from all the crashes he survived, but it’s not related to that. I’m betting Magica must have cursed him with a spell or something.”

“Bless ma bagpipes,” Scrooge gasps.

Dewey is about to face the door but quickly brings himself back to Scrooge once more.

“I must warn you, though, Launchpad can be calm one moment, then filled with violent anxiety the next. Also, don’t be surprised if he doesn’t recognize you at first, then acknowledges you in a conversation after. He tends to do that often.” The younger duck adds.

Dewey opens the door, and they all walk inside.

Scrooge isn’t sure what to expect. He imagines a white padded room, but instead, it is a simple living area with a bed, a table, and a chair by the windows. A flat-screen TV is mounted on the wall across from the bed, and an armchair faces the patio. In the armchair, they see Launchpad sitting. He stares vacantly out in the courtyard – watching the breeze blow gently through the trees.

“Hey, Launchpad. How are you doing today?” Dewey says gingerly. He leans over slightly to get the former pilot’s attention.

Launchpad slowly moves his gaze from the window and over to where Dewey and his kids are standing. At first, he looks confused, staring at a group of strangers. Launchpad scans at each of his visitors before stopping at Dewey. His eyes widen as if he is suddenly worried about something. It is only for a moment before he calms down. Launchpad lets out a sigh of relief and smiles up at the younger duck.

“Donald, it’s only you,” the aged McQuack says. “I thought you might have been the Mole People come to seek their revenge again.”

Dewey shrugs to his uncle, letting Scrooge know this is an example of what he spoke about earlier.

Launchpad adjusts himself in his seat to get a better view of his visitors.

“How come you don’t wear your sailor outfit anymore?” The deranged duck asks Dewey.

“Oh, um, it’s actually at the cleaners today,” Dewey responds, hoping that answer would satisfy his old friend.

Launchpad nods, accepting Dewey’s excuse.

“You’ve come at a good time. I just got back from the Underwater Kingdom. My old flame, Queen Diane, needed help with terrorist squid people from Mars.” Launchpad says, changing to a new conversation.

Both Turbo and Tessa snicker at the incoherent rambling of the former pilot. Dewey gently nudges his kids, and they take the hint and stifle their giggles.

“That’s, uh, great Launchpad. I see the new meds seem to be working, sort of. That’s good.” Dewey forces a crooked smile. He glances over his shoulder briefly before adding, “I brought someone special here to see you today.”

The young adult moves aside to show Scrooge standing behind him. Seeing Scrooge for the first time in over a decade causes some panic for McQuack.

“Oh no, Mr. McDee.” Launchpad leans forward with an anxious expression. “I’m not late for work again, am I?”

“Ah, no,” Scrooge glances to Dewey for advice, and the younger duck jerks his head over to ‘play along.’

“I mean, i-it is your day off. We, ah, we’re hoping we could sit down and talk for a bit.” The Scottish elder adds with an insecure chuckle.

Launchpad sucks in a gasp as another horrible thought comes in.

“I’m being fired, aren’t I?” He asks in a fearful voice.

“No, no one will ever replace you,” Scrooge says. He is trying to hide the fact that he’s a little uneasy about this situation.

Launchpad doesn’t reply but now takes notice of the twins and smiles.

“Dewey, Webby, you are looking well. Should I put on a Darkwing Duck video?” He leans in to ask them.

Daaad, he’s doing it again.” Tessa whines.

“My name is Turbo.” The young boy growls through gritted teeth.

“Guys, I know this is difficult, but try to play along, all right,” Dewey whispers to them.

“He thinks your kids are you and Webby?” Scrooge asks.

“Yeah, told you he’s not all there.” Dewey shrugs. “If you noticed earlier, he referred to me as Uncle Donald.”

“Aye, I did,” Scrooge nods in acknowledgment.

“Oh boy, the faeries are back.” Launchpad cheers. “They are about to entertain us with a dance.”

“Faeries?” Scrooge questions again, looking back at Dewey.

Dewey sits down on the bed with his kids sitting on his lap. He glances up to see Scrooge’s confused expression.

“He’s talking about the hummingbirds outside,” Dewey explains, pointing at the window.

“He tells a funny story with them.” Tessa giggled.

It takes much will for Scrooge not to break out in laughter. Something about confusing hummingbirds as faeries seem too perfect. Scrooge’s beak curls up into a smirk as he sits in the other chair.

Following Launchpad’s gaze, the Scottish elder sees a hummingbird feeder hanging from the patio awning. A hummingbird or two will speed up to the feeder every few minutes, sample the nectar, and then fly off. Scrooge can see how this could be hours of entertainment for someone like Launchpad, with or without a psychosis disorder.

“Oh, look, there’s Prince Fancy McFargins.” Launchpad points at one of the brightly coloured birds. “He thinks he’s so tough – always keeping the faery treasure all to himself.”

Scrooge assumes the ‘treasure’ is the hummingbird feeder. He turns over to catch Dewey trying to keep his snickering under control while his kid stifles their giggles.

“What else can you tell us about these, erm, faeries?” The elder asks, returning to Launchpad.

“That’s Colonel Flutterington, he does his best to stand up to the Prince, but he isn’t strong enough. Also, there seems to be a love triangle between them and one Lady Sparktini of Daisypond.”

“You don’t say,” Scrooge lets a subtle chuckle out.

The Scottish elder can also hear the twins giggling and Dewey trying hard to quell them while not breaking out with laughter himself. Scrooge knew Launchpad to have strange ramblings, but this was further out there than usual.

Launchpad goes quiet for a moment. The tall duck stares out the window, looking at nothing in particular. Not even the hummingbirds are attracting his attention anymore.

“Launchpad?” Scrooge leans forward.

The former pilot seems to ignore Scrooge and turns to face Dewey and the twins. He leans towards Turbo with excitement in his eyes.

“Hey, Dewey,” the damaged duck whispers to the four-year-old.

Turbo gives Launchpad a suspicious look. The little boy looks up at his dad, hoping to get support. Dewey nods, indicating that he’s got his son’s back.

“What?” Turbo snaps.

“Did you know that Drake Mallard is really Darkwing Duck?” Launchpad says. He speaks as if he and the boy are the only ones in the room.

Turbo let out a frustrating sigh before glancing up at his dad again. Dewey smiles at him before leaning forward. He whispers something into his ear. Turbo opens his beak to repeat what his dad has told him.

“Yes; he’s on a trip with Gosalyn, remember?” The small boy groans.

The dotty man-child looks disappointed for a moment.

“Oh yeah, I guess I forgot about that.” He pouts.

Scrooge notices Launchpad going quiet again. It is like a light switch turning off as he slowly turns to face the window again.

A few moments pass and everyone is as quiet as Launchpad. Then, finally, Turbo lets out a big yawn, and Tessa leans against her father’s chest.

“Daddy, I’m hungry.” Tessa eventually whines.

“We’ll go soon; just give us five more minutes, okay,” Dewey whispers to her.

Scrooge overhears the conversation between Dewey and his daughter and decides to let Launchpad know they are leaving soon.

“Well, Launchpad, it looks like we are getting ready to go now.”

Gradually, Launchpad turns to Scrooge. He blinks a few times before lifting his hand and gesturing to Scrooge that he wants him to come closer.

“Mr. McDee, I need to ask you something,” Launchpad whispers loudly.

“Sure,” Scrooge assures him.

The dubious duck points to Turbo before asking, “Did Dewey shrink? I could’ve sworn he was a bit taller.”

The twins instantly react to this. Tessa bellows into a fit of giggles, and Turbo snarls in rage.

Turbo is about to leap off his father’s lap to hit Launchpad; however, Dewey’s fast reflex prevents an outburst. Instead, the young father wraps one of his arms around him. Tessa slides off her father’s lap, allowing Dewey to use his other hand to pat Turbo on the head gently. The action does calm the hot-tempered duckling slightly, but he’s still irritated.

“Can we go now,” he growls up at his father.

To Turbo’s relief, Dewey replies, “Yeah.”

While Dewey organizes his kids, Scrooge notices a disappointing look on Launchpad. It’s like the ill duck knows everyone is leaving him.

“It was great seeing you again, Lad,” Scrooge says calmly.

Launchpad turns his attention to the Scottish elder and suddenly reaches up to grab the elder’s wrist.

“You don’t belong here!” He snaps.

“I beg your pardon,” Scrooge is shocked by this abrupt change.

Dewey quickly shoots his gaze in the direction of Launchpad and Scrooge. He has never seen Launchpad this aggressive before.

“The timeline is all messed up. Everything is wavy. Dogs and cats are falling from the sky. Something needs to be done to balance this.” The former pilot says with an enigma tone.

“I dinnae understand,” Scrooge responds in a bit of a shock. He jerks his arm out of Launchpad’s grip and backs away.

In a sudden twist, Launchpad stands up and flares his arms around.

“Ah, it’s the Mole People! They’ve returned! Everyone run and hide!”

Dewey grabs Scrooge and pulls him away from Launchpad.

“Uncle Scrooge, can you take the twins out of the room for me, please,” Dewey asks.

Scrooge does as told. He glances over his shoulder to see Dewey attempting to calm the crazed Launchpad down. The young adult reaches over to the wall and presses a button which almost instantly gets the attention of the nursing staff. Scrooge holds the twins back as two female and one male nurse rushes into the room and closes the door behind them.


After lunch, Dewey and the kids take Scrooge to a coffee shop. Considering his current financial situation, Scrooge is grateful that Dewey paid for the meal without a second thought, and now he is ordering drinks for everyone.

“Next, please.” The anthropomorphic teen bear calls out from behind the cash register.

“Yes,” Dewey responds. “I would like to have two kids’ hot chocolate, an Earl Gray, and a caramel macchiato with extra caramel on top, please.”

“Can I get your name, sir?” The young bear teen asks.

“Sure, it’s Dewey.” The young adult replies.

Dewey looks down and catches his kids picking up a package of cookies, but before they ask for some, he stops them.

“Put those back.” He demands.

“But daddy,” Tessa whines.

“Can we please have some,” Turbo adds with an equally whiny tone.

“No, you just ate lunch, and now you’re getting hot cocoa, so do as you’re told.”

Dewey watches his kids reluctantly put the cookies back on the shelf. Then, he hands the barista some money. When she gives him change for his twenty, he puts a couple of dollars in the tip jar before walking with his family to the end of the counter to wait for their drinks.

From the corner of Dewey’s eye, he notices Scrooge smiling.

“What,” he snorted.

“Just you, being a dad. I still can’t get over it.” Scrooge chuckles.

“Seriously, is this going to be a new thing between us?” Dewey asks in amusement.

“What are you talking about?” The elder raises his brow in question.

“You know, the thing that we would say to each other back when I was a kid – Like when you would refer to me as the ‘third one?’” The younger duck vaguely explains.

“I must stress, there was never a thing.” Scrooge insists.

“Sure there wasn’t,” Dewey chuckles.

Scrooge shakes his head in annoyance.

“Dewey,” the barista behind the bar calls out.

Dewey steps up to collect the drinks for his family. Afterward, they leave the store and head for the park across the street.

The two adults find a nice park bench to sit on. Once again, things are quiet between Scrooge and Dewey. Other than a small conversation during lunch, the two have been this way since the visit with Launchpad. They are content to watch the twins play in the jungle gym while sipping their beverage.

“Uncle Scrooge, I’m sorry for what happened at the hospital. I really thought Launchpad was getting better.” Dewey breaks the silence with an apology.

“No need for that, Lad. I’m glad you brought me to him.” Scrooge assures his nephew.

Dewey turns his head to look at his Uncle.

“You are,” he questions.

“Aye, it has put some perspective on my situation. As well as getting me thinking.”

“It has?” Dewey asks, wondering where this is heading.

“The Scythe, my boy, if it brought me here in this timeline, there’s a good chance it could get me back. So we need to find a way to get that Scythe, and we should do that sooner rather than later.” Scrooge explains.

“Oh,” Dewey responds after another moment of silence.

Scrooge glances over to see a worried expression on his nephew’s face. His eyes are locked on his children as they stop playing briefly to take a sip of their hot cocoa. Dewey takes a sip of his macchiato while deep in thought.

The elder feels he knows what is on his nephew’s mind. Looking forward, Scrooge watches the twins as they put down their cups and resume playing in the jungle gym. Then, he turns back to Dewey with sympathy.

“I know you want to protect your kids, Dewey, but our family is equally important. We need to save them and free Duckburg. What say you?” The Scottish billionaire asks.

Dewey slowly nods his head in agreement.

“You’re right, Uncle Scrooge. I have wanted to go back for a long time, but you know, protecting the Dime – and now my kids. In fact, over the years, I collected some books and scrolls on the Scythe. You just reminded me that I need to show you them when we get back.” He tells him.

“You researched the Scythe?” Scrooge is pleasantly surprised by this news.

“I’m not as good as you, Webby, or Huey with researching stuff. Webby explained what it was when we first saw the Scythe in Magica’s hands. I just followed what she said and found anything that could help fight Magica. Perhaps you might see something I have missed, especially the books written in different languages.” Dewey explains.

“Sounds like a plan,” Scrooge nods approvingly.

“Hey, dad!” Turbo shouts from on top of the slide. “Watch me!”

“I’m watching,” Dewey assures his son.

As Turbo leaps, both adults observe the child landing on the wide metal slope and gliding down the slide on his webbed feet. When he gets to the end, he jumps off but trips on the soft woodchips as he lands.

“Not bad, buddy. You’re landing could use improvement, though. Next time, keep your knees bent, especially before you jump and when you land.” Dewey instructs the child.

“Okay,” the boy happy chirps. He runs over to climb the ladder so he can try again.

“Your kids will be fine adventurers one day.” Scrooge acknowledges. He can’t help but smile proudly at the new additions to the McDuck clan.

“Yeah,” Dewey agrees, though his tone isn’t convincing. “One day.”

Chapter 15: Researching and Lullabies

Chapter Text

When the family returned home, it was near dinner time. Dewey decided to order in Chinese, which is a nice treat. However, Scrooge is still concerned with Dewey's spending habits. He hopes to rectify it once he returns to his own time.

After dinner, Dewey entered his den and came out with a box. He claims that everything he collected on the Scythe is inside. But, of course, Scrooge never expected that all of Dewey's other personal papers would be mixed and buried inside.

Scrooge fishes inside a box, trying to find all books and scrolls on the Scythe through all the different papers. The only thing running through his mind is that Dewey has terrible organizational skills. Why has he yet to be able to separate research materials from his bills and work files?

"Curse ma kilts, what a kerfuffle mess," Scrooge mutters.

The billionaire elder is tempted to tell Dewey of his issue; however, the sound of his nephew playing with his kids has Scrooge biting his tongue.

They are playing a game with stuffed animals. It is like seeing a bit of the old Dewey as he performs with funny voices for each plush toy. The twins enjoy his entertaining performance. Scrooge even chuckles at some of the jokes his nephew tells his kids.

"It's live, on the Dewey Dew-Night show, along with his special guest stars, Turb-ular and Tessa-rific!" Dewey announces. He is holding up a sock puppet with googly eyes, a hat, and a mustache. "Also with us is Monsieur Saucy; he's so funny he'll knock your socks off."

"Dad, we don't wear socks." Turbo points out with a laugh.

"Shush, don't interrupt." Dewey gives his son a wink.

Tessa holds up a pink fluffy unicorn plush to her dad. "Daddy, do Miss Uni's voice!" She requests.

"Oh, but tonight Miss Uni is Tessa-rific, the beautiful celebrity pony that will dazzle us with her singing and dancing," Dewey explains.

Taking the plush toy from his daughter, Dewey proceeds to make it dance as he sings in a semi-female voice.

"I'm a glamicorn. Everyone admires me where ever I go. No, I don't horse around; instead, I get right to the point." Dewey finishes by poking both of his kids with the toy's horn.

Both Turbo and Tessa giggle at their dad's silly song.

Though he tries to concentrate on reading some of the scrolls, Scrooge lets out a snort.

"What about Chief Teddy, dad?" Turbo asks.

"Tonight, this isn't Chief Teddy; he's Turb-ular, the surf dude!" Dewey changes his voice to mimic a surfer accent. "Goin' to catch me some gnarly waves, then hang with my buds on the beach, bro."

Again, the kids and even Scrooge giggle at Dewey’s funny voice.

"I'm sorry, but that is all the time we have for today. My apologies to Monsieur Saucy.” Dewey says, holding up the sock puppet. He gives the puppet a surprised expression to show that the character isn't happy about being bumped.

"What?" Dewey cries out on behalf of Monsieur Saucy. "I will have my revenge," he adds, giving the character a fake French accent.

Turbo picks up his Gizmoduck action figure and holds it in front of his dad.

"Oh yeah, take that, Monsieur Saucy, bang!" The boy bellows.

Dewey suddenly drops the sock puppet and clasps his hands up to his chest.

"Argh, you got me," he exaggerates. "I'm dying." Dewey falls back and plays dead.

Scrooge chuckles at the dramatic performance. Tessa looks more worried seeing Dewey's fake death than Turbo. She drops her unicorn plush toy and leans forward to hug her dad.

"Daddy, wake up," she cries before kissing him on his cheek.

Immediately, Dewey opens one eye and smirks. Then, he sits up and pulls Tessa in for a hug.

"Awe, thanks, sweetie. You saved me," he tells her. "My little hero."

"I'm glad you are all right, dad," Turbo admits. He throws himself up against his dad.

"Thank you, buddy," Dewey chimes. He wraps his arms around Turbo so he can also join in the hug.

Dewey briefly glances up at his Uncle. Scrooge is currently reading over one of the documents to notice. Dewey leans closer to his kids and whispers something into their ears.

Scrooge is unprepared when the twins run up and jump onto his lap. They each wrap their tiny arms around their great, great Uncle and kiss him on his cheek.

"Oh my, aren't you two a bonny pair." Scrooge laughs.

The elder duck glances at Dewey and realizes he has a sad smile. Once again, Scrooge is concerned.

From the moment Scrooge had been rescued by Dewey on the Iron Vulture, the elder noticed a sadness in his nephew's eyes. He wonders if Dewey knows about the Scythe and the possible chance of returning to his timeline.

Scrooge, however, believes Dewy should be happier with the thought of a better future.

"Okay, guys, time for bed," Dewey announces. He stands and starts walking up to the armchair.

"Awe," the twins whine.

"Yeah, I know, but we still have one more chapter of Duckaberry Finn to read tonight," Dewey tells them. He takes each of his kid's hands before walking them to their room.

Finally, Scrooge now has a moment to himself. He goes back to trying to filter out the information he needs from inside the box. Each paper he pulls out Scrooge glances over each, just in case it is something he's relating to his research. One of them happens to be a bill for the Psychiatric Hospital that Launchpad is staying in.

The elder wondered how his former chauffeur and pilot could stay in a decent residential care facility. Scrooge starts feeling bad, not just for Launchpad's condition, but for his nephew, who is trying so hard to be there for his family.

He puts Dewey's papers aside and reaches back into the box. Scrooge eventually finds a few more books containing information on the Scythe, and he immediately sits back in the armchair to begin reading through them.

There are a few sections in different languages, which he can translate easily. Using a notepad Dewey gave him, Scrooge begins to jot down some of the translated information that is a spell that could send him back home. He wishes that Lena was still alive, so she could wield the Scythe while casting this spell. However, the elder wonders if Violet could help since she, too, studied magic.

He has been so focused on reading and writing that he doesn't realize how fast time has flown by. Scrooge is unexpectedly startled when he hears a voice from behind.

"Well, the kids are asleep now. So how goes the research?" Dewey asks as soon as he returns to the living area.

"Oh, it's going well," Scrooge replies. He reaches back into the box and pulls out a piece of paper. Unfortunately, what he thought was another scroll ended up being a bill instead. "I just wish you didn't mix up your papers with the research materials." Scrooge groans.

The young adult smiles sheepishly.

"I know. I haven't been able to get a handle on an organized filing system yet. It was Izzy's thing. I am just the pilot." He admits.

"Dewey, this isn't practical." Scrooge lets out an exasperated sigh. "You should really learn to file your papers more carefully. I mean, what is this?" Scrooge examines the paper closely and scrunches up his beak. "An electric bill?"

Dewey leans in, and his eyes widen.

"Oh, hey, I was looking for that." He says, quickly snatching it right out of Scrooge's hand. "I must have mixed it up with some notes and tossed it in the box without realizing."

Scrooge slaps his hand over his forehead in frustration. He thought this was the Dewey he expected, but another part felt he could do better.

"Relax," Dewey says, attempting to assure his Uncle. "I still have three weeks before this bill is due."

Before Scrooge can say another word, Dewey walks away and disappears into the den.

For the next few minutes, Scrooge focuses on another ancient book from Greece, all about Cronus and his magical Scythe.

Meanwhile, Dewey comes out of the den with a laptop. He sits on the couch, places the bill on the coffee table, and turns on the portable computer. Once the computer warms up, Dewey spins around so his feet can sit up on the cushions. Then, he leans over to grab the bill and starts typing.

Scrooge looks up from the book and notices Dewey typing on a laptop.

"What are you doing there, Lad?" He asks out of curiosity.

"Paying this bill," Dewey responds without taking his eyes off the screen.

"Would you like some help with that?" The elder leans forward.

Dewey pauses and slowly shifts his eyes over to his Uncle.

"No offence, but how?" He snaps. "Most of your fortune is gone, and the rest I have buried. Everything else is under the control of Magica and the Beagles. I mean, isn't this whole thing ongoing over these old books and scrolls a way to get you back to your time, so none of this would ever happen?"

Scrooge is stunned. He suspected Dewey knew something, but he was sure his nephew had figured this out already. Only one question is, why is he upset? However, Dewey is right. Without his fortune, he's nothing. Just a desperate old duck trying to regain what has been stolen from him.

Dewey suddenly looks guilty and lets out a small sigh.

"I'm sorry," He apologizes. "That came out wrong."

"No, lad, you're right." The elder assures him. "Figuring out a way to defeat Magica and the Beagles is very important, but at the same time, I need to remind myself you are an adult now."

"Thanks, I guess," Dewey smirks.

The younger duck returns his attention to his laptop and finishes punching in a number and clicking on the mouse pad.

"There, done," Dewey announces.

"Done?" Scrooge questions.

"Yeah, I just paid this bill. It's done." The young adult holds up the paper in a victorious wave.

"Well, that was fast." The elder says.

"Online banking is easy," Dewey says nonchalantly.

"You seem to have your bills in order, then," Scrooge admits. "What do you do for your business?"

"I just throw it all into one file and give it to the accountant to deal with." His nephew shrugs.

"I suppose it's better than nothing." The elder nods. "Considering how easily distracted you used to get, it's probably best to have an accountant deal with your business."

"Yeah, but I still get distracted way too easily at times," Dewey admits. He glances over his shoulder to spot someone in the hall.

"Hey, what are you doing up?" The young father asks the young duckling standing in the hall.

Scrooge turns his head to see Tessa rubbing her tired and teary eyes.

"I had a bad dream." She whines.

"Awe, sweetie, come here." Dewey closes his laptop and sets it on the coffee table. He stretches his arms out to his little girl, encouraging her to come to him.

Tessa moves her little legs as fast as possible and leaps up into her dad's waiting arms.

"Okay, I got you." Dewey wraps his arms around his kid as he leans back into the cushions. "What was your bad dream about, hm?" He asks in a gentle tone.

"I was lost. There wasn't anything around me, just white. I tried calling you, but you didn't answer. It was scary. I hated it because I was all alone." The tiny girl cried.

Dewey wraps his arms tighter around his daughter to calm her. "Awe, sweetie. Let me tell you something. Do you know what the best things are about bad dreams?"

"What?" Tessa sniffles, rubbing the fresh tears from her eyes.

"They're just bad dreams. As soon as when you wake up, they are gone. They are not even real. Poof." Dewey emphasizes this by using his hand to mimic an explosion on Tessa's face.

Tessa giggles a little.

Scrooge smiles; he enjoys hearing how his nephew has become a responsible and caring father. The Scottish Elder glances over to see Dewey grabbing the blanket from the arm of the couch and covering both him and his daughter as she snuggles close to his chest.

Returning to the scrolls, Scrooge freezes when the child suddenly says something that brings a chill down his spine.

"What if I'm not real, Daddy?" Tessa cries.

"What, of course, you're real," Dewey insists, whipping some tears off her tiny cheek with his thumb. "You and your brother are my kids. You will always be my kids."

Scrooge suddenly realizes that if he is successful and makes it back home, his family's destiny will be completely different. The future would be unwritten for his nieces, nephews, and daughter, Webby, not to mention everyone else in his family's circle.

Dewey's fate could go on a different route. One where he meets the love of his life and future mother to Turbo and Tessa.

Scrooge’s heart breaks, thinking there might not be a future with Dewey’s children. However, Scrooge breaks out of his thought when he hears Dewey hum a tune.

The billionaire duck glances over again to Dewey and his daughter. The young adult is gently stroking her tiny head. Tessa is so calm now that she is starting to fall asleep against her father's chest. The expression on Dewey's face is both sad and concerned.

Dewey's hum turns into lyrics as he sings a revised version of the lullaby his mom sang.

Look to the stars, my darling babies, two

Life is strange and vast

Filled with wonders of new

Face each sunrise with eyes clear and true

Unafraid of the unknown

Because I'll face it all with you

Scrooge puts the scroll down to focus on his nephew with his daughter. Dewey notices his Uncle looking at them and forces a smile.

"I'll be right back." He whispers. Dewey pushes the blanket off before standing up with his sleeping daughter in his arms.

Scrooge forces a smile in return. Once Dewey disappears into the kid's room, the elder frantically goes over all the documents in front of him. He's still determining what he is looking for, but Scrooge will know when he sees it.

McDuck pauses as soon as he pulls out the deed to StarDuck's Delivery. A brief read-through, Scrooge, spots something crucially important. He instantly reaches into his inside jacket pocket and takes out his note booklet. The elder jots down one thing before shoving the booklet back into his pocket.

(Video) These Are The Scariest Animals On The Planet (Or Are They Just Misunderstood?) | Our World

After, Scrooge carefully puts the deed back in the disorganized box before picking up a scroll he still needs to read through.

A few minutes later, Dewey returns. He doesn't say anything but heads into the kitchen and prepares some tea for himself and his Uncle.

Scrooge lets out a long breath to calm his mind and refocus on his goal.


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