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Inhibitors in Dying Light 2 are special items that help upgrade your character’s stamina and health and they are located all over the game’s map. There are 126 inhibitors in Dying Light 2: Stay Human, but there often several are found at the same location. You need three inhibitors to upgrade either your stamina or your health by one level. This adds 20 points to the stat you chose. Unlocking higher levels also gives access to more and better skills. Also, once you get high enough stamina levels you’ll then be able to unlock higher level windmills and radio towers. That is why this is one of the most important items in the game. To help you find them all bellow you’ll find a map of all inhibitor locations in Dying Light 2 Stay Human.

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Important thing to note is that, beside the open world, inhibitors in Dying Light 2 can be found in special places as well. You will find several inside GRE anomalies and GRE quarantine buildings. These are best visited at night and reward you with multiple inhibitors. There is always one inhibitor inside every metro station, but only after you’ve unlocked that metro station. Some are hidden inside Military Airdrop POIs. Others can be found underwater. Some show up depending on the choices you made in the story.

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Dying Light 2 Inhibitor Location Trinity – Old Villedor

The first third of Dying Light: Stay Human takes place in Old Villedor. It consists of four zones and each of them has several inhibitors for you to pick up. Bellow you will find maps with clearly marked inhibitor locations for each zone. We’ll provide explanation for some of these. Some of them can be found as you do the main story and side quests. If you are impatient just use the maps bellow to pickup your upgrade items.

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  • 1. This inhibitor is inside the small building on the roof. You will visit here with Alberto during the main story mission Revolution, but only if you fully side with the survivors. Otherwise it may not even be there and you’ll get an inhibitor somewhere your choices took you.
  • 4. Found inside a Dark Hollow. These are special little points of interest holding valuables. This one hodls an inhibitor container as well..
  • 5. This is inside a military metal container in GRE Anomaly C-A-05. You can get inside this one only at night and only after you’ve defeated the special mini-boss infected. You’ll get two inhibitors inside.

Horseshoe Inhibitors Map – Dying Light 2: Stay Human

Horseshoe is the zone just east of Trinity and is a low level zone as well. You have 4 locations to look through for inhibitors here. The most interesting thing here is the THV Genomics Center. It is a GRE quarantine building you should visit at night. There are several building like this in the game. They all follow the same pattern. Follow the yellow powerline through the building. On each floor there is a locked room with Dying Light 2 inhibitor container inside. One door to this room is always lockpick-able. They always contain four inhibitors. THV Genomics Center is marked with number 3 on the map bellow.

All Inhibitor Locations in Houndfield Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Houndfield is a level 2-4 area and you might want to hunt for inhibitors here once you’ve leveled up a bit. There are 7 locations to explore here and some of them will require you to have high stamina or to fight a lot of infected.

  • 1. This is located inside the Military Airdrop THB-04B. It is located on top of the roof of Saint Joseph Hospital you visited at the beginning of the game. You will need 300 stamina minimum to reach it. There is only one inhibitor inside, beside some loot and Military Tech.
  • 4. I think this one is inside the Metro: Hayward Square station, once you unlock it.
  • 5. Inside Center for Stage IV THV Study. This is a GRE Quarantine Building you need to visit at night and contains 4 Dying Light 2 inhibitors.
  • 6. Defeat the special infected in GRE Anomaly C-A-22 at night to get to this one.
  • 7. Look for the inhibitor container underwater

Quarry End inhibitor Map for Dying Light 2: Stay Human

There are only two locations here and one of them is GRE Anomaly C-A-01. Visit it at night and then defeat the zombie mini-boss to access the military trailer with the inhibitor.

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Downtown, The Warf, New Dawn Park inhibitor locations – Dying Light 2 Central Loop

Once you reach the Central Loop section of Dying Light 2 you will be exposed to a large number of new zones to explore. As you can imagine, they contain a large number of inhibitors. They are all in the usual places. Metro stations, once unlocked, GRE anomalies and quarantine building and military airdrops all drop some Dying Light 2 inhibitors. What differentiates the Central Loop from Old Villedor is the presence of high-rise buildings and higher level enemies. You need to carefully look at the maps bellow and discern whether the inhibitor is on ground level or high above the ground.

Dying Light 2 Garrison Inhibitor Locations

Garrison is packed with inhibitors and a lot of them are high up on rooftops. Some of them are best picked up during the main story mission Broadcast and the Shoe afterwards. It is a very fun journey collecting them all. I’ve included the two inhibitor locations in the wastelands west of the Garrison map as well.

  • 1. Found on the rooftop inside Military Airdrop THB-NW4.
  • 4. It is on the very top of the VNC building in a hidden room bellow the Nightrunner’s hideout. You can reach this after the Broadcast main mission as well.
  • 5. Inside the Metro: VNC Tower station, but only after you liberate it.
  • 6. On top of a very tall building. Best reached by paragliding from the top of the VNC tower.
  • 7. Inside the Garrison Electrical Station you’ll have to unlock during the main story quest Broadcast.
  • 8. GRE Anomaly C-A-55 can be unlocked only during night after you kill the monster.
  • 9. Easily obtained during the Broadcast main mission.

Muddy Grounds, Saint Paul Island & Lower Dam Ayre All Inhibitor Locations

These are all renegade controlled zones and together they contain a lot of inhibitors. BE careful when venturing here because these are character level 5-6 zones, except for Muddy Grounds, and enemies can be tough. We recommend collecting these towards the end of the game.


  • Numbers 1, 7 and 11 are all inside metro stations you need to unlock first to gain access to inhibitors.
  • 2. Underwater next to the bridge connecting Muddy Grounds and Saint Paul Island.
  • Four, six and fourteen are inside GRE anomalies and containment zones which can also be unlocked only during the night.
  • 10. Inside the bandit camp. You can probably sneak around and find it, but best clear it first.
  • 15. Inside the Military Airdrop found on top of the church there.

Newfound Lost Lands Inhibitors

How to get all inhibitors in Dying Light 2 and reveal their locations?

Half way through Dying Light 2’s main story you will unlock a special gadget called the GRE detector. It helps you detect all the inhibitor containers in each of the zones and shows its location through walls once you get close enough. However, it will not show the location of inhibitors on the mini map until you unlock a radio tower for that zone. Radio towers are special climbable structures and each of them shows inhibitor locations for several zones in its vicinity. You have to unlock every radio tower in the game to see locations of every inhibitor in the game. Some towers require up to 500 stamina to climb them, although I managed to climb all with as low as 360 stamina. Inhibitors are visible only when you zoom the map all the way in. On middle and the furthest zoom level they are not visible.

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