DID Electrical Blanchardstown, Coolmine, Dublin, Phone +353 1 640 5002 (2023)


04 June 2022 16:38

Service in store is good. But giving only a 1 star because of the trouble I had to go through to get old appliances collected back. Whatever excuses the delivery guys give, do not agree if they say they will come back and collect it later. That doesn't happen

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20 May 2022 15:31

Ordered a Samsung TV online, and based on what I was told, it was shipped from DID Blanchardstown to the warehouse, before getting shipped out to me.
It was an ex-display model, but when the installer opened the box, there was no cable, and there was no remote! The 2 essential things for any TV to work!

Called customer service, was on hold for about 20 min. Finally got through to a lady who said she'd get back to me by close of business.

Edit 1: The nightmare continues. The website mentioned a 5 year Samsung warranty (website screenshot attached). Its an ex display model, no way I would've purchased this without extended warranty. However, when I try registering, turns out this model isn't covered under the 5 year warranty. So, essentially, DID have sold the TV to me under false pretences.

Edit 2: Updated the 1* review to 4*, purely because of the 2 customer service ladies - Aoife and Sara! They ensured that the warranty cover was extended to me, between Samsung and DID themselves! In addition, Sara dropped off the remote and power cable herself to my home, to save time off the shipping! Professional, understanding and absolutely lovely to work with!

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02 May 2022 15:34

They have a good sales team, but post purchase customer care is terrible.
I got 6 appliances during kitchen renovation and the delivery guys wouldnt take the old appliances away.
Since then I am calling DID almost every other day, They keep saying the scarp collection is scheduled, but nobody turns up. Twice they came and shouted at me saying they cant take away the items as apartment doesnt have lift, which was mentioned during the purchase. One month later, I am still trying to get someone to collect my old appliances. Never doing a purchase again from DID

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16 April 2022 3:45

Great customer service at DID Blanchardstown. Particular thank you to Andre who really went the extra mile and helped us get sorted when our fridge broke and installation was booked up. Such a contrast to the customer service in other electrical stores I tried.

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10 April 2022 2:40

New employee Adam helped me buy an iPad today, he was very polite, professional and helpful

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07 April 2022 1:03

Really great experience with one of the workers Adam. Adam was knowledgeable and very willing to help - offering advice and going above and beyond.

I didn’t end-up buying the TV for other reasons but this is a good start for going to DID as this was my first time there.

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04 April 2022 10:32

I received a delivery today from Finbar Norton at my new flat of various white goods items including a new cooker and hob, washer/dryer and microwave. Finbar was extremely helpful and friendly, and installed/tested all the new items, whilst also removing the old items that were inherited from the prior owners. I would like to thank and commend Finbar for all his assistance and delivery of service today.

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01 April 2022 1:13

Staff very helpful with a return item and very understanding towards my helper that was with me on the day.

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28 March 2022 8:10

Bought a dryer here mid December stopped working by Christmas, an engineer arrived aweek later and fixed the issue, in mid January the dryer stopped working again another engineer arrived the next week found a seperate issue an fixed it, it has now broke for a third time waiting on an engineer, this is manufacturer fault I know but the staff do not care or are one bit helpful (apart from aidan)

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29 January 2022 4:24

I think Did has better deals than harvey sometimes. But is great overall. The customer sevice is brilliant. But thats where harvery norman wins.

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19 January 2022 22:07

Appalling service especially delivery, changed dates without intimation. Whenrang the store, reply is that we have no control on delivery (thought charges and installation fee was taken in store (

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16 December 2021 10:52

Staff are very helpful. Lovely girl assisted me in buying 2 tablets. Will definitely be shopping here again

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22 November 2021 2:40

Fair price. Absolutely excellent customer service. Anna in the Blanchardstown shop attended to me and she's a very lovely person. Patient, pleasant and customer friendly. I got my iPhone and laptop from there and I'm loving them.
I'll definitely visit the store again!

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17 November 2021 11:33

Unfortunately the people that are working in there have no clue of what they are doing. The products might be good but the customer service and the staff have bo respect for the customers or products.

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22 October 2021 10:06

I bought a Toshiba TV a month ago and everything was fine until some blue and red dots appeared on the screen. Called the shop and told them my problem, the person answering the phone said, no problem, bring it in, it's under warranty, we will replace it". I thought, great, nice and honest store".
Next day I arrive at the store all the way from Kilcock just to find out I came all the way for nothing, the people in the store telling me that I have to contact Toshiba directly and to handle everything myself.
Totally and completely unhelpful and unprofessional behavior, waste of time and money, very frustratingexperience!
Shame on you!

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19 October 2021 1:01

@DIDElectrical Never felt so let down by customer service ever in my life as I did today in Blanchardstown DID. 3months or maybe 4. We bought new television staff could not do enough when we were paying. It’s now not working we bought the extended warranty but that’s of no use as.it may take up too two weeks to get a service call. But at time they were taking my money at the counter was all the chat of how great the extended warranty was the thing to have. Furious to say the least no replacement television.

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04 October 2021 17:07

Excellent customer service from Alan (young man). He helped me figure out how to charge my JBL boombox. Will definitely be back if I have any other problems, he made it a funny experience.

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30 August 2021 14:34

Ordered item online. In stock it said. Went to collect. Oh no it's not processed yet. 3 to 5 days be ready. But it said in stock. Sorry. Its the way the system is. Not good enough. Twice this has happened. Won't be buying online again. Very bad system.

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20 August 2021 22:20

Great selection of electrical products & staff who are helpful & know their products

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10 August 2021 7:25

Good stock in coffee machines & sales guy Aidan good fun and informed. Prices competitive and 'find it lower in another store refunded twice the diff' promise worth having.

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