Coolbox - Outwell Electric ECOcool 12v 230v Cool Boxes for Cars & Camping (2023)

Need a new coolbox or investing in your first one? Not sure whether you need a Deepcool, ECOcool, electric cool box, car cool box or picnic cool box? Or what the difference is between them all? Never fear, this handy guide will help you decide which is the best cool box for your needs.

Things to consider before you buy a cool box
Where are you going?
How long are you going away?
Are you keeping the cool box at the campsite?
Do you want a portable cool box for picnics or days out?
What size cool box do you need?
Do you want an electric coolbox you can plug in? If so, how do you want to charge it?
Are you worried about noise from your coolbox?
Do you want a freezer section in the cool box?
Do you want a heater function on the cool box so you can warm food?
Do you want an energy saving coolbox that uses less power to run?

Different types of cool box explained
Deepcool - also known as freezer cool boxes, these keep food frozen for around 4-5 days
Compressor coolboxes – a plug in cool box that offers powerful freezing and refrigeration even in very hot weather
Electric cool box – a cool box that plugs into a 12V car cigarette lighter port or 230V/240V campsite electrical hook up
Outwell ECOcool – electric cool boxes that use less energy to run than standard plug in cool boxes
Car cool box – a 12V coolbox that can be charged from the cigarette lighter port in your car
Picnic cool box – a lightweight, easy to carry cool box you can take anywhere
Cool box with heater function – a cool box that has settings to chill and warm food

How cold is the cooler?
Here’s a guide to how cold each type of cool box can get.

Deepcool - Down to -18°C
Compressor coolboxes - minus 18°C to +10°C
Electric cool box - 18-25°C below outside temperature
Outwell ECOcool - 18-25°C below outside temperature
Car cool box - 18-25°C below outside temperature
Picnic cool box - 18-25°C below outside temperature
Cool box with heater function - Chills to 18-25°C below outside temperature, warms to 50-60°C

(Video) Outwell ECOCool 12V / 230V - 35L | Innovative Family Camping

What’s the best cool box for camping?
Match your cool box to your needs
Choose which scenario best fits you requirements to find your perfect cool box.
I’m going somewhere hot
I want a cool box that will keep food chilled all holiday
I need a large cool box for the whole family
I want to prepare food at home and bring it to the campsite
I want a portable coolbox for picnics
I want cold drinks on the go
I need that a coolbox doesn’t make noise
I want an energy saving coolbox
I want to be able to warm up food
I want to go off grid
I am going motor touring

I’m going somewhere hot
You need a compressor coolbox
Compressor coolboxes can handle extreme temperatures better than any other cool box, making them ideal for sunny summer holidays in the UK and beyond. Outwell Deepcool are all compressor coolboxes, and offer a fridge and freezer in one – ideal for ice lollies round the tent! These plug in cool boxes come in a range of sizes to suit couples and families, and run off either 12v or 230v. Due to their high tech features, these coolboxes are not the lightest and are best suited to stay at the campsite throughout your holiday.
Shop Deepcool compressor coolboxes

I want a cool box that will keep food chilled all holiday
You need a 230V/240V electric coolbox
If you don’t want to add ice or freeze ice blocks, an electric coolbox is the way to go. These handy 230V/240V coolboxes can be plugged into an electrical hook up on the campsite, keeping food and drink chilled continuously. Some options also have a heater function for warming food. Most 230V/240V cool boxes can also run off a 12V car cigarette lighter port, so you can charge them while driving. Available in a range of sizes for picnics, day trips, weekend breaks and longer holidays, they are easy to clean and use. They come with long cables to ensure they reach the power points.

I need a large cool box for the whole family
You need a 35l+ camping coolbox with space for all your food and drink
The larger your coolbox, the more you can fit in! A 35l cool box gives you lots of room for milk, butter, bacon, drinks and other essentials. You can also combine one with a 30l or 60l freezer coolbox, which will keep food frozen for 4-5 days. This is not only great for ice cream and lollies, but also means you can prepare food at home and defrost it at the campsite. Which is very handy for family camping.
Shop 35l coolboxes here
Shop 60l coolboxes here

I want to prepare food at home and bring it to the campsite
You need a freezer coolbox
Outwell freezer coolboxes keep food frozen for 4-5 days. So you can bring ready-made meals to the campsite and defrost them at your leisure. With 30l or 60l capacity, there’s also room for ice cream and ice cold beers. The freezers do not require electricity, making them a great choice if you’re going off grid. All you need to do is add ice or an Outwell ice block. Because there’s no power charge, they are completely silent so won’t disturb your sleep.

(Video) Outwell ECOCool 12V / 230V - 24L | Innovative Family Camping

I want a portable coolbox for picnics
You need a 24l coolbox
Heading off to the beach or park for the day? Keep your food fresh with a small portable picnic cool box. The perfect size for feeding the whole family, there’s plenty of room for lots of picnic food and drink. Lightweight for easy carrying around, some options include a heater function for warming food. These portable coolboxes are also a handy size for couples on weekend camping trips.
Shop 24l coolboxes here

I need that a coolbox doesn’t make noise
You need a coolbox that is chilled by ice or ice packs
Light sleepers will love the silence of an ice-chilled cool box. There are no burring fans, which you get with electrical motors, and no occasional hums, which you might hear from compressor coolboxes. Having said that, these noises can be minimised depending on where you place your cool box – and some people like to fall asleep to the sound of white noise. But if you crave absolute silence, then ice-chilled is the way to go. For these coolboxes to work, you simply add ice or an Outwell ice block
Another option is to buy an electric coolbox that can run off both a power source and ice. Giving you the flexibility of plugging it in during the day and switching to silent ice-chilled at night.

I want an energy saving coolbox
You need an eco cool box
Outwell ECOcool uses the latest in energy saving technology to keep your food fresh while limiting power usage. ECOcool are an ideal cool box for cars as their efficient energy usage puts less strain on your battery. So you can plug them into your 12V cigarette lighter port while you’re driving for chilled food on the go. When you get to the campsite, switch to the 230V/240V electric plug to save your car battery. Available in a range of sizes from small to large, these electric powered coolboxes are lightweight and easy to transport. Use them on holiday, picnics or at the beach.

I want to be able to warm up food
You need a cool box with heater function
These smart coolboxes have hot and cold settings so you can keep food chilled or warm meals up. They are great for easy outdoor living at the campsite or days out. Simply remove the chilled food and flick the switch to warm up your lunch or dinner. They can’t be used to heat chilled meat, but they will keep a hot dish warm throughout the day.

I want to go off grid
You need a non-powered cool box with long lasting cooling capability
Getting off the beaten track is an adventure. If you’re heading off on foot, you’ll need a portable coolbox that doesn’t require power from either an electrical point or your car. Our freezer coolboxes are ideal as they just require ice or an Outwell ice block to work. Their thick construction keeps food frozen for 4-5 days, which is perfect for short breaks in the wilderness. They’re also lightweight and easy to carry.

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I am going motor touring
You need a 12V cool box for cars
The best cool box for campervans, motorhomes or cars is one you can charge from your vehicle as you’re driving. So when you park up the food is chilled, ready for you to eat. A 12V coolbox can be plugged into your cigarette lighter port so you can power it on the go. Outwell ECOcool are ideal as they are energy efficient and therefore cause less strain on your car battery. They also come with long cables so can easily reach from the rear of your vehicle to the cigarette lighter port. When you arrive at the campsite, it’s best to plug the ECOcool into a 230V/240V electrical point to prevent your battery depleting. Available in a range of sizes, there’s a 12V coolbox for short breaks, long holidays, families and couples.

I want cold drinks on the go
You need a drinks cool box with tap
Drinks coolboxes are brilliant for camping, festivals or any outdoor event. Simply fill them with your drink of choice and it will stay chilled for hours. A handy tap in the lid lets you pour out a drink whenever you need a top up.
Shop drinks coolboxes here

Caring for your cool box
How to keep a cool box cold

Electric cool boxes are easy – simply plug them in to the electrical hook up point at the campsite throughout your holiday and keep them in a shady spot.

Cool boxes that require ice packs need a different approach. Here’s how you can make the most of your non-electric cool box:


1.Store your cool box in a shady place
2. Choose bigger ice blocks over small cubes. Big ice blocks will take longer to melt
3. Use lots of ice packs. The more ice, the colder the cool box will be
4. Freeze or chill items before you place them in the cool box. The ice won’t need to work so hard to keep things cold so will last longer.
5. Don’t empty the melted ice. The cold water acts as an insulator and will help food stay chilled for longer.

How to clean your cool box

A clean cool box is a hygienic cool box – which is vital when you want to keep fresh food. Outwell coolboxes are designed to be easy to clean and can be quickly wiped down at the campsite. When you get home, it’s worth doing a more thorough clean to prevent mildew or mould forming. As always, prevention is better than cure because once you get mildew, it’s very hard to eliminate.

Before storing away your coolbox:

(Video) Outwell Coolbox ECOcool, 24 ltr 12V/230V

1.Wipe clean the inside, outside and handles with warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly
2. Spritz with an antibacterial or alcohol solution
3. Pat dry and leave the cool box in the sunshine with the lid off for at least 1 hour
4. If there’s still moisture in the cool box, pat dry again
5. Make sure the cool box is completely dry before storing it away

Where to buy an Outwell coolbox
View Outwell coolboxes before you buy at one of our many dealerships across the UK.

Got a question? We’re here to help
Prefer to buy your cooler online? You can contact our customer service team for support before or after your Outwell coolbox purchase.


Is an electric coolbox worth it? ›

It works fine. Perhaps not quite as chilled as the fridge in your house but definitely worth it and perfect for keeping milk, bacon etc etc.

How do you use the Outwell cool box? ›

Very simply whichever one it's in we just switch the switch to. And then we can either have it on

Is a cool box as good as a fridge? ›

Cool boxes and camping fridges work in the same way as your fridge at home, they keep food – and some drinks – fresh and cool. If you're out and about on an outdoor camping trip or picnic, they will work to keep lunches just how you like them and your drinks chilled.

Can you put ice packs in an electric cool box? ›

An electric cool box can chill under its own steam and does not need access to ice packks – however you can still use them with ice packs if required. However they often weigh more than dedicated passive cool boxes and the insulation may not be quite as good, because it doesn't need to be.


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