Black And Decker String Trimmer Problems & Causes With Solutions! (2023)

What is the most common problem with Black and Decker String Trimmers? The most common problem with this trimmer is a dirty spool. There are other issues, including a jammed line, broken spring, and more.

To ensure that you are free from these issues, we have come here with their reasons. Along with that, we will also suggest a short solution to help you fix it as soon as possible. So, let’s dive into the main discussion of Black and Decker String Trimmer problems.

1 Black And Decker String Trimmer Problems with Probable Reasons

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3 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

3.1 Why does my string trimmer line keep getting stuck?

3.3 How do I fix my Black and Decker trimmer auto-feed?

4 Conclusion

Black And Decker String Trimmer Problems with Probable Reasons

Even though there’s no reason to suspect that it’s an excellent trimmer, however, it’s often possible that you will encounter complications that are not entirely unforeseen. Your Black & Decker string trimmer may be malfunctioning for a wide variety of reasons. In order to get a sense of something, you can face, check out the table following!

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Probable ProblemsPossible Reasons
Dirty spoolCovered with mud, dirt, or debris
A Jammed lineIncorrect diameter of the line
Broken springExcessive use
Brittle lineOld lines
Broken spoolExcessive use
The feeding line is not workingIncorrect way of using the trimmer

When using a black and decker cordless string trimmer, complications are perfectly acceptable. In this segment, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the symptoms and causes of each problem. You’ll also know what you can do to resolve the issue.

Dirty Spool

Sometimes, the spool of the trimmer can become covered with any foreign object, mud, dirt, or debris. As a result, there will be an obstruction inside the spool, and the line will stick to the spool.

At that time, if you bump the head of the trimmer, still the automatic feed system won’t work, and nothing will come out from the trimmer. In that case, you have to clean the spool with a dish detergent that you usually use and rinse it with hot water to solve the black and decker trimmer spool problems.

A Jammed Line

One of the most common black and decker cordless string trimmer problems is a jammed line. The line gets jammed within the spool, which causes the auto-feed to stop functioning. It can happen if the line is not the correct diameter or when the lines overlap each other. If you want to prevent it, you must concentrate on the line coming out smoothly and tightly winding.

Also, evade the overlapping of the lines as it could cause the lines to aggregate and block the spool as well. The extra line from Black and Decker has a particular diameter. As a result, it can cause the line to get jammed if the size doesn’t fit the spool. You should buy the suggested line from your user’s guide and use it to substitute the previous line on the spool.

Broken Spring

There is a spring situated beneath the spool. It can get bent or lose its spring ability to stop your Black and Decker string trimmer from working. If this spring is broken, then the spool can only stay on the head. Another thing is that the spring might not be linked to the spool correctly. As a result, it can’t perform the work it needs to do.

As a result, you will face the black, and decker trimmer feeds too much line issue. You need to try pushing the spool against the spring now and then to check its function. If there is not enough resistance in the spring for the spool to work, you might need to replace the spring with a new one.

Oh, if you need to know, you can check why the Black and Decker blower switch stuck and how to fix it.

Broken Spool

It has an automatic feed spool that feeds out line when it needs to be trimmed. If you observe that your spool is damaged while cleaning it, you probably find a big problem. It is another black and decker cordless trimmer problem.

For the spool to spin correctly in the head, it cannot be broken, cracked, or bent in any way. If it is, the line won’t disappear after you tap the head. If you find out that you have a broken spool, you will have to replace it.

Brittle Line

The issue in brittle lines results from the lines being too brittle, which causes them to snap and break. Sometimes, a brittle or old line is more vulnerable to kinking. It will stop your black and decker string trimmer from working. In this case, replace your current line with a new line to solve the issue.

The Feeding Line Is Not Working

In a few cases, the feeding line of your black and decker string trimmer will not work. This issue happens due to the way you are using the trimmer.

(Video) Black and Decker Trimmer Repair

If you are using it in edging-type work, it may cause the trimmer feed line to kink, and not feed properly. Here we suggest replacing the spool or trying to make the feedline back work.

Then you can open up the spool and pull out around 2 inches of line. Finally, you can replace the spool. Using the black and decker string trimmer as an edger can allow more room between the ground and the trimmer. It stops the line from getting very short and kinking.

This Video Will Help You Too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does my string trimmer line keep getting stuck?

A common cause of a trimmer line getting stuck is due to a small spool or an overfilled spool. It is most likely that the spool is either too small or filled with string. If the string trimmer line is not being fed properly, it will keep getting stuck. If you are using a bump feed, then the line will be provided when you bump the head of the string trimmer against a hard surface. If your string trimmer has a spool feed, you need to ensure that the spool is filled with enough lines. You may also want to try changing out the blade in your string trimmer as well.

Why did my Black and Decker hedge trimmer stop working?

One of the most common reasons for a Black and Decker hedge trimmer stops working. The engine doesn’t have enough oil to lubricate all the moving parts, and it just stops running.

How do I fix my Black and Decker trimmer auto-feed?

Sometimes the auto-feed may not work for various reasons. You can fix your Black and Decker trimmer’s auto-feed by first checking the line spool to see if it’s empty or broken. If so, you’ll need to replace it with a new one, which can be found at most hardware stores. Then, make sure that the line spool is seated correctly on the hub inside the trimmer head. Also, check that there is enough tension on the spring inside the trimmer head. If not, adjust accordingly by turning the nut on top of the spring until you find a good balance between too tight and too loose. If none of these steps work, try to remove the spool’s cover and clean it with a damp cloth.


The Black and Decker String Trimmer is a piece of potent equipment with a dagger for cutting grass and weeds. It has a huge following among those who utilize it. Therefore, if you are a consumer of it, you will also adore them. But because it is electric, it has some problems that people have to deal with. You may be wondering why your trimmer is experiencing these problems or has already confronted them.

(Video) Black and Decker String Trimmer Line Not Advancing

It doesn’t matter what the explanation is. It’s essential to figure out what’s wrong with this trimmer. You should also be aware of the causes and remedies to these problems. We hope this post about black and decker string trimmer problems will provide you with sufficient information to resolve the issues.

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Why has my electric trimmer stopped working? ›

The most common problem with a string trimmer is that the unit runs out of string. The string may also be twisted or loose on the spool. The cutting head may be dirty or the head outlet guide may be bent. An electric trimmer's power cord, switch, or motor may fail.

What is the cause of trimmer head not spinning? ›

Top Reasons String Trimmer Head Not Spinning - YouTube

Why does the string trimmer keep breaking? ›

The most common reasons that a trimmer line keeps breaking include poor quality trimmer line, incorrect thickness of line, not being careful around hard surfaces and old line being used.

How do I fix my Black and Decker grass trimmer? ›

Black and Decker Trimmer Repair - How to Replace the Spool - YouTube

Why did my Black and Decker hedge trimmer stopped working? ›

Lack of maintenance, proper lubrication with oil, and overuse are all problems that might cause overheating inside your hedge trimmer's motor. The build-up of intense friction inside the motor can cause minor problems or even result in your hedge trimmer not starting altogether.

How do you fix a trimmer that won't start? ›

Top Reasons String Trimmer Not Starting - YouTube

How do I fix the head on my trimmer? ›

How to Replace a String Trimmer Head - YouTube

What is the gearbox connected to on a trimmer? ›

The gearbox assembly attaches to the end of the trimmer shaft and the trimmer head attaches to it. Inside, it has a couple of gears that alter the shaft angle and set the trimmer head speed. Over time, the gears can wear and fail, and the bearings can fail and seize.

How does a strimmer clutch work? ›

The clutch mechanism consists of a housing and a pair of spring-loaded boots. Springs keep the boots together when the engine is idling, but when you engage the throttle and the engine speeds up, centrifugal force separates the boots, and they contact the housing, causing it to spin.

Why does my strimmer line keep jamming? ›

The trimmer line is too short to bump: If you let your string shorten while trimming until it recedes into the spool housing, it'll get stuck, and then you'll have to stop all of your trimming activities to open the housing and try to fix it.

Why does my trimmer line melt together? ›

Trimmer line can melt together because of several reasons, here are a few. Heat created by continually trimming around fences, and or bricks. Take breaks and feed line often. Heat created by continually trimming around concrete and or asphalt.

Should you soak trimmer line in water? ›

Trimmer line does tend to dry out over time and becomes more brittle. Storing it or soaking it in water will help reduce line breakage and make the line more flexible. Be sure to deplete your supply of last year's line before you purchase new line and begin using it.

Why is my Black and Decker trimmer using too much line? ›

If this cap is broken or worn out over time, it can malfunction, causing too much line to feed out when you bump it. Depending on its damage, it could be getting hung up as it tries to return, allowing the line to continuously advance. To replace it, simply remove and replace the bump cap with a new one.

How does the auto feed work on a string trimmer? ›

The Automatic Feed Spool (AFS) is the technologically advanced line feed system found on Black & Decker string trimmer products. Using centrifugal force, the system monitors the amount of line being used and feeds more line automatically as the cutting line shortens.

How do you replace the spool lever on a Black and Decker trimmer? ›

String Trimmer Repair - Replacing the Lever (Black & Decker ... - YouTube

What should I do if my Philips trimmer is not working? ›

The battery of your groomer has run out

It is possible that the battery of your Philips Groomer has run out. We advise you to fully charge your groomer and then try turning it on again. Note: Charging and running time can vary based on the model of your groomer.

Why is my nose trimmer not working? ›

Your nose trimmer may not seem to work if you do not use the device properly. Other reasons that the product is not working might be that the battery is empty, or a cutting element is blocked.


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