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Electric cars and SUVs continue to rise in popularity, inevitably meaning more and more carmakers are combining the two and launching electric SUVs. This makes a lot of practical sense as well as commercial sense, since the increased height and other expanded dimensions of 4×4 and crossover vehicles makes it easier to accommodate batteries. But with so much choice, which are the best electric SUVs?

CAR is here to help. We’ve reviewed every electric SUV on the market, and come up with this list of 10 of the best. There are electric SUVs of every type here – from surprisingly capable budget examples right through to high-performance and luxury models. There’s also more info about why electric SUVs are so popular below, while among our other expert electric car pages include info about the cost of charging, what electric cars are really like to live with, and simple which electric cars are the cheapest.

Top 10 best electric SUVs UK 2022

In no particular order – because not everyone’s needs are the same – here’s our list of the 10 best electric SUVs available to buy new in the UK right now.

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1. Tesla Model Y

Best electric SUVs 2022 (1)
  • From £51,990

Let’s kick this off with the newest SUV model from the electric car brand that changed the game for everyone. While the Tesla Model Y isn’t as revolutionary or attention-grabbing as some of the firm’s other vehicles – essentially being a raised-up version of the Model 3 – but if you want to clearly signal your EV-loving status to the world in a compact SUV package there is no clearer way to do it. Like all Tesla’s the Model Y is fast, manages its range (up to 331 miles) exceptionally well, and comes with a smart, futuristic interior that’s now only slightly marred by unpredictable build quality.

2. Jaguar i-Pace

Best electric SUVs 2022 (2)
  • From £66,350

The Jaguar i-Pace is a tremendously slick affair. The British brand’s first electric car of any stripe steers, stops and goes like a Jaguar should – and there’s space aplenty, too, thanks to efficient packaging and a flat floor. Twin motors serve up a mighty 395bhp and 513lb ft, as well as all-wheel drive, and the electric Jaguar SUV is capable of 0-62mph in just 4.8sec. Refrain from deploying that punch, though, and you could eke 298 miles out of the battery, according to Jaguar. In our experience you’ll struggle to get much more than 200 out of a single charge, but that’s sufficient for many drivers’ daily needs.

Jaguar i-Pace review

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3. Kia EV6

Best electric SUVs 2022 (3)
  • From £44,195

The Kia EV6 is one of the very best electric cars on sale today of any type: think of it as a budget alternative to the Jag i-Pace –the two share a similar monospace silhouette, roomy cabins and sharp drive. But where Hyundai-Kia are really monstering the opposition is in energy management and battery range. The EV6 is one of the most capable electric vehicles of all in terms of delivering the real-world driving it says it will. Mix that efficiency with that space, the impressive quality and great driving experience, and Kia’s built itself a real winner. Highly recommended.

Kia EV6 review

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4. Genesis GV60

Best electric SUVs 2022 (4)
  • From £47,005

Genesis is the luxury arm of Hyundai, and has launched itself into Europe with a suite of interesting automobiles. The Genesis GV60 is its first dedicated electric car, and it makes an excellent first impression. The exterior styling is well resolved but distinctive, while the interior is fabulous to look at, well thought out and high quality throughout. The driving experience offers a decent blend of performance (up to 429bhp – with 483bhp boost mode) and involvement, while charging tech is faster than rivals can manage. Max WLTP range is 321 miles (from the single motor 226bhp variant); the top spec dual-motor rocket claims 290 miles. A neat way to be different.

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Genesis GV60 review

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5. Mercedes-Benz EQB

Best electric SUVs 2022 (5)
  • From £55,310

There are sexier-looking Mercedes electric SUVs – and much more expensive ones. But the Mercedes-Benz EQB does a niche job with superb aplomb. Despite its relatively compact dimensions, it manages to find room inside for seven people. The exterior isn’t too outlandish, offering just a few visual clues that this isn’t your regular GLB, and the interior is the usual exquisitely Benz-blend of flashy modern looks and good functionality. Both 4×4 dual-motor variants have a 253-mile WLTP range, while power output is 225bhp or 288bhp. It’s a smooth and effortless thing to drive as well.

Mercedes-Benz EQB review

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Best electric SUVs 2022 (6)
  • From £29,495

If the high cost of the posher electric SUVs listed on this page above puts you off, don’t worry – there are still some high quality budget alternatives. Take the MG ZS EV. Yes, MG leaves a little to be desired in terms of interior fit and finish, but the electric tech offered by the now Chinese-owned brand is very capable. This is no sluggish, short-range affair with limited practicality: the ZS EV can accelerate from 0-62mph in 8.2sec, cover a claimed 273 miles on a single charge (seemingly matching this in real life) and accommodate the needs of most families thanks to its vast boot and large cabin. As such, the pricing is a genuine bargain.

MG ZS review


7. Skoda Enyaq

Best electric SUVs 2022 (7)
  • From £38,480

The Skoda Enyaq is a comfortable, well-sorted, spacious electric SUV that’s capable of travelling long distances between charges – our experiences repeatedly proving that the anticipated range display is accurate, which is good news for those with range anxiety. It also looks smart on the road, is well-finished with tight panels gaps and offers plenty of presence. It’s friendlier and more luxurious than the rival Kia Niro EV and looks better inside and out than the Volkswagen ID.4 based on the same MEB technology. Voted the 2022 Parkers Car of the Year, it’s an outstanding EV all-rounder.

Skoda Enyaq review

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8. BMW iX3

Best electric SUVs 2022 (8)
  • From £62,865

Though certainly the least flashy of firm’s range of electric vehicles, the BMW iX3 is a highly competent machine that does all the basics very well. While the relatively modest 285bhp means it’s not super fast, it handles nicely, there’s plenty of room inside, and it’s efficient enough to claim a 285-mile driving range, helped by some excellent one-pedal regen technology. Tempted buyers could also consider the Audi e-Tron and Volvo XC40 Recharge, although the closest alternatives are probably the i-Pace and EV6 listed here.

BMW iX3 review

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9. Tesla Model X

Best electric SUVs 2022 (9)
  • From £90,980

Need space for seven? A swanky Tesla badge? And all the modernity and clever-clogs tech the brand has become famous for? Step this way: the Tesla Model X is half crossover, half MPV, but all hype-leading electric car. Famous for its cleverly hinged gullwing rear doors that open even in the tightest of car park spaces, the interior is roomy for five in the first two rows while the rearmost third-row pair of seats are fine for kids on short journeys. It is pricey though, costing from £91k in the UK for a Model X Dual Motor (the faster Plaid model retails at a head-spinning £110,980).

Tesla Model X review

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10. BMW iX

Best electric SUVs 2022 (10)
  • From £77,305

The BMW iX may be the only bespoke electric car left in the company’s line-up but it is quite the statement maker. From the controversial exterior looks to the carbonfibre construction and wildly eccentric crystal-accented interior, the iX has been designed as a showcase pinnacle for BMW’s latest electric vehicle technology. It is extraordinarily excellent to drive, with amazing control from the air suspension, huge performance – the M60 variant has 611bhp – and limo-grade refinement and comfort. A true standard-setter for the electric SUV age.

Why are there so many electric SUVs?

It’s the sweet spot where practicality, packaging and pricing meet, spawning the likes of theAudi e-Tron,Kia EV6andBMW iX.Take a look at some of the best EVs you can buy right now, and you’ll find that a good percentage of them are SUVs or crossovers.

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Their taller bodystyles allow easier packaging of batteries, higher pricing makes it easier to swallow the cost of the EV hardware and, well, who doesn’t like a more practical, family-oriented flavour of car? Sales data proves these models are selling like hot cakes, hence the increasing choice of electric SUVs in showrooms.

Best electric SUVs 2022 (11)

Most bespoke electric cars use a ‘skateboard’ construction. Essentially a board of batteries with wheels at either end, they’re all about packing in as much battery capacity as possible – and as low as possible to improve space for passengers above and handling below. SUVs, with their high floors and long wheelbases, provide the most room for battery cells – and therefore offer the highest capacity for the longest range.

The figures tell the story: something like the small, city-focusedHonda Ecan squeeze a claimed 137 miles out of its tiny 35.5kWh battery, whereas the latestBMW iXcan get a massive 380 of its larger 105kWh battery. Bigger cars = bigger batteries.

Best electric SUVs 2022 (12)

Don’t forget that EVs tend to have larger interiors than their petrol and diesel counterparts. Heating and ventilation systems can be pushed into the void where an engine would sit and there’s no need for a physical propshaft bisecting the cabin, making them roomier inside. As a rule, EVs tend to offer the interior space from the class above – so electric SUVs can be super-spacious.

As such, an SUV or crossover is a great choice for families needing space to carry kids’ clobber and the detritus of family life. They’re higher off the ground, too, for a raised seating position and a great view out. Downsides? They’re not cheap. And while detractors will claim an SUV of any kind is inherently less-efficient than other automotive form factors, all of the examples listed above promise impressive efficiency and remarkably nimble handling.

Future electric SUVs coming soon

There will be are more and more electric SUVs coming to showrooms near you as we march closer to the coming ICE ban. Most manufacturers are developing e-SUVs, so look out for these models arriving soon – from mainstream and premium brands alike.

Examples include:

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  • Porsche Macan The next model will be EV only
  • Rivian R1S A new name for a new type of tough, rough electric outdoors vehicles
  • Volvo XC90 The next big SUV from Sweden will have an all-electric option


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