Best cheap electric cars: 2023's most affordable EVs (2023)

Electric vehicles (EVs) are really starting to take off in Britain. Between 2021 and 2022, EV sales increase by 40.1%. Despite their popularity, though, electric cars are still more expensive to buy than their combustion engined equivalents – so we’ve pulled together a list of the best cheap electric cars on sale today to get you behind the wheel of an EV affordably.

Thankfully, EVs are getting better and prices are gradually falling which is just as well because the government’s 2030 ban on new petrol and diesel cars is looming large. Developments in battery technology have rapidly extended the distance they can travel between recharges. For many people, cheap electric cars are now becoming viable alternatives to petrol- and diesel-engined cars. They’re especially attractive when you consider the potentially lower running costs.

We’ll update this list regularly as prices change – so if the lease deal isn’t showing, that’s because it’s not yet available. Also, each car’s quoted range figure is according official WLTP combined testing. That means they’re likely to go a little less far in real-world driving conditions. You have been warned…

10. Ora Funky Cat

A well-priced alternative to established electric hatchbacks

Best cheap electric cars: 2023's most affordable EVs (1)

Plush interior

Tiny boot
Not that fun to drive

GMW Ora Funky Cat review

The Ora Funky Cat is a fun little EV. It has an unusually colourful and plush interior for a car of this size and it represents excellent value for money. Every model features a dual-screen infotainment system, electrically adjustable seats, dual-zone climate control and a 360-degree parking camera. We’d have liked a bit more space in the boot, though – 228 litres is pitiful.

Price: from £31,995
Range: Up to 193 miles

9. Peugeot e-208

Upmarket electric hatch with a punchy motor

Best cheap electric cars: 2023's most affordable EVs (2)

High-quality cabin
Plenty of torque

Firm ride
Inconsistent steering

Peugeot e-208 review

The Peugeot e-208 has been around since 2019 – and it’s starting to fall behind. Newer rivals (like the MG 4 EV) can offer more range, better comfort and a more attractive price tag. Still, the e-208 is a likable EV that boasts superb cabin that’s packed with clever tech and expensive-feeling materials. As an EV to pose around town in, there are few better.

Price: from £31,345
Range: Up to 217 miles

8. MG 5 EV

A value-focused, battery-powered load-lugger

Best cheap electric cars: 2023's most affordable EVs (3)

Lots of standard kit
Sensible real-world range

Uncomfortable seats
Slightly impractical boot

MG 5 EV review

The MG 5 EV has a simple mission statement. It’s a flexible and affordable electric estate. It isn’t perfect, mind – the boot size is average at 578 litres and there’s a big drop from the opening down to the boot floor. But, when compared to its similarly priced electric hatchback rivals, the rear looks like an aircraft hanger.

Price: from £30,995
Range: Up to 250 miles


Clever driver assistance tech and a good electric range

Best cheap electric cars: 2023's most affordable EVs (4)

Seven-year warranty
273-mile official range

Low-rent cabin
Not exciting to drive

MG ZS EV review

In what will become a running theme in this list of the best cheapest electric cars, here’s another MG. This time, it’s the Nissan Qashqai-sized ZS EV. It sacrifices interior quality, badge appeal and a dash of refinement for a long electric range, strong performance and good practicality. Is it exciting to drive? No. Will it make your neighbours jealous? Probably not. But who cares at this price?

Price: from £30,495
Range: Up to 250 miles

6. Renault Zoe

A good electric car tainted by a zero-star safety score

Best cheap electric cars: 2023's most affordable EVs (5)

Long driving range
Quiet around town

Oddly high seating position
Zero-star Euro NCAP score

Renault Zoe review

It’s a shame about the Zoe. When Euro NCAP retested it back in 2021, it’s lack of active driver aids dragged its score down from five to zero stars. However, it’s still a very affordable EV with an impressive electric range and decent practicality.

Price: from £29,995
Range: Up to 239 miles

5. MINI Electric

Stylish looks and a sharp driving experience

Best cheap electric cars: 2023's most affordable EVs (6)

Sporty handling
Quick acceleration

Three-door only
145-mile range is lacklustre

MINI Electric review

The MINI Electric’s tiny 32.6kWh battery means you won’t want to stray too far from home in it –and the rear seats are only really big enough to store coats and handbags. It makes up for these foibles with sharp handling, punchy performance and a surprisingly low price-tag.

Price: from £29,000
Range: Up to 239 miles

4. Nissan Leaf

EV hatch pioneer is falling off the pace – but at least it’s cheap!

Best cheap electric cars: 2023's most affordable EVs (7)

Easy to drive
Clever one-pedal driving mode

Outdated infotainment
Lots of rivals with greater ranges

Nissan Leaf review

What’s left to be said about the Nissan Leaf? It’s been around since 2011 and more than 500,000 have now been built. It even has a good electric range of more than 200 miles. But now it’s starting to feel a little long in the tooth. The cabin looks dated while newer, cheaper rivals offer longer ranges. Nissan has pulled the price down to reflect that, though, which we respect.

Price: from £28,995
Range: Up to 239 miles

3. Fiat 500 Electric

Cheeky looks and a long range for such a small car

Best cheap electric cars: 2023's most affordable EVs (8)

Wonderfully stylish
Quick and fun to drive

Not that practical
Expensive equipment

Fiat 500 Electric review

The Fiat 500 Electric offers both style and substance. It has a maximum official range of more than 200 miles and a design fit for a Milanese postcard. It’s also great fun to drive and surprisingly powerful thanks to a 118hp electric motor. We struggled to fault it when we tested it.

Price: from £28,195
Range: Up to 205 miles

2. MG 4 EV

A great electric car that undercuts key rivals on price

Best cheap electric cars: 2023's most affordable EVs (9)

Better than more expensive rivals
Good ride/handling balance

Some cheap plastics inside
Touchscreen-led cabin can be fiddly

MG 4 EV review

MG has really come of age. The 4 EV represents a huge leap forward for the brand because it combines its famed affordability with a genuinely engaging driving experience. It doesn’t even feel that cheap. Sure there are some cheaper plastics, but everything you interact with regularly feels solid.

Price: from £26,995
Range: Up to 281 miles

1. Smart EQ ForTwo

Best cheap electric cars: 2023's most affordable EVs (10)

Great in cities
Quick off the blocks

Limited range
Tiny boot

Smart EQ ForTwo review

The cheapest small electric car in the UK is the Smart EQ ForTwo. It’s packed with up-to-the-minute safety equipment and driver tech, represents a lot of fun for the money and is a great introduction to electric motoring. But a maximum range of 70 miles and that tiny, two-seater cabin means it’s best reserved for urban duties.

Price: from £22,225
Range: Up to 82 miles


This concludes our guide to the most affordable electric cars on sale in the UK. Prices are steadily falling and we reckon there’s likely to be a car in here that will suit your needs. Just remember that EVs won’t suit everyone – they’re great for people doing shorter journeys with an urban focus, and for those who can easily charge up at home. If you do longer journeys, erratic distances and don’t have off-street charging, you may be better off sticking with a petrol, diesel or hybrid car for a while longer.

Read on for popular questions about affordable electric cars.

FAQ: cheapest electric car UK popular questions

How long ’til EVs come as cheap as conventional cars?
Most observers reckon it’ll happen before the middle of the decade – so stay tuned as we update this guide in the coming months. The direction of travel is clear to see: prices of batteries are falling, production is rising and demand is soaring… EVs are inexorably getting cheaper!

How can I check electric car prices in the UK?
The Parkers specs pages list the recommended retail prices for every make and model of car sold today – and it’s updated automatically, so you can browse different EVs and see how much they cost.

Will EVs hold on to their value?
All the signs are that you shouldn’t worry too much about the residual value (RV) of electric cars. We’ve driven 100,000-mile-old Teslas and they still work just fine – in fact the batteries are likely to outlast the cars themselves. Even the cheapest EVs typically have an eight-year warranty on the battery packs, so we recommend you can buy in confidence.

Which cheap electric cars should I avoid?
We’d steer clear of electricquadricycles like theRenault Twizy, which is really a glorified e-bike.It’s fine if you want an urban runaround but is pretty impractical and a little bit daunting on the open road…

Where can I read more about the cheapest electric car choices?
Check out the guide by our sister website for further advice.

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