6 Best White PSU (Power Supply Units) in 2022 [650W – 1300W] | (2023)

6 Best White PSU (Power Supply Units) in 2022 [650W – 1300W] | (1)

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Often tucked away and somewhat forgotten, the power supply unit is not often the first thing that you think about when planning out your build.

Associated with pesky cables and a bulky look, many cases are designed to keep your PSU out of sight and out of mind. However, like a car without an engine, a PC without a PSU can’t do anything or go anywhere.

With this in mind, we have put together a list of the 6 best white PSUs in 2022. They’re sleek-looking, high-performing power supply units that you can consider for your next build.

Whether you are going for a crisp all-white rig or you want your PSU to shine as the beacon of power that it is, the units on this list provide your build with the juice you’ll need and look good while doing so.

Best White PSU in 2022 Round-Up

The table below will give you a quick lookat our selections for the 6 best white PSUs currently available on the market. To read a full review, simply click on ’review>>’ in the respective row.




1. Corsair RMX White Series RM750x
''Best white PSU overall''

6 Best White PSU (Power Supply Units) in 2022 [650W – 1300W] | (2)



2. ASUS ROG Strix 850W White Edition
''Best premium all-white PSU''

6 Best White PSU (Power Supply Units) in 2022 [650W – 1300W] | (3)



3. Super Flower Leadex Gold 1300W
''Best bang for your buck''

6 Best White PSU (Power Supply Units) in 2022 [650W – 1300W] | (4)


4. Antec Earthwatts Gold Pro Series EA750G Pro White
''Best budget white PSU''

6 Best White PSU (Power Supply Units) in 2022 [650W – 1300W] | (5)



5. Corsair CX650F RGB White
''Best white PSU with RGB lighting''

6 Best White PSU (Power Supply Units) in 2022 [650W – 1300W] | (6)


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6. Cooler Master V650 Gold V2 White Edition
''Honorable mention''

6 Best White PSU (Power Supply Units) in 2022 [650W – 1300W] | (7)


1. Corsair RMX White Series RM750x

Form Factor: ATX | Capacity: 750 Watts | Efficiency Rating: 80+ Gold | Modular: Fully | Warranty: 10 Years | Dimensions: 150mm x 86mm x 150mm

6 Best White PSU (Power Supply Units) in 2022 [650W – 1300W] | (8)REASONS TO BUY

  • Fully modular
  • Extremely efficient
  • 10-year warranty
  • Stays very quiet
  • Fairly priced
  • Stylish white design


  • Higher price

Our Rating: 9.9/10

The Corsair RMX White Series RM750x is overall the best value of any unit discussed on this list. A solid price point that fits in most budget builds, plenty of wattage, and excellent efficiency make this a great choice for any build. With a long lifespan and a ten-year warranty, your PC will be pumping out performance for years to come.

A fully modular system, the RM750x comes out of the box with enough flexible and durable cables to run all the components you might have, oh and the cables are white too to match the aesthetic. With a white casing and touches of black on the fan cover and logo, this PSU has a clean design that you will enjoy looking at.

While looks and modularity are important in a PSU, the important questions you are asking are likely “how much power does it provide” and “how efficiently does it do that”. The RMX750x provides your rig with a respectable 750 watts, which is likely more than enough to power most builds.

Coming in with an 80+ Gold certified rating means that even running overclocked you are getting better than a 90% efficiency out of this unit. With numbers like this, you will likely never have to worry about having enough juice.

In addition to efficiently providing your rig with the power you need, the RM750x does so without making more than a whisper. With the Zero RPM mode on this PSU the fan does not kick on until it needs to, and even when it does you would be hard-pressed to hear it.

High-quality capacitors and solid airflow mean that the power supply will maintain low temperatures on its own at low to medium loads, and once it starts to work hard, the silent fan kicks on to help keep things cool.

Overall, the Corsair RMX White Series RM750x is a great choice for any PC build. The fully modular system means that you only need to use what you want or need and have the flexibility to keep things tidy and looking good with the provided white power cables.

At 750 watts you are getting enough juice for almost any build and you are getting it for a fair price. With a lifespan of over 100,000 hours and a 10-year warranty, this is a choice that you can feel comfortable about for a long time. Providing high efficiency, low noise levels, and the flexibility of a fully modular system, the RM750x claims the top spot for the best white PSU in 2022.

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2. ASUS ROG Strix 850W White Edition

Form Factor: ATX | Capacity: 850 Watts | Efficiency Rating: 80+ Gold | Modular: Fully | Warranty: 10 Years | Dimensions: 160mm x 86mm x 150mm

6 Best White PSU (Power Supply Units) in 2022 [650W – 1300W] | (9)REASONS TO BUY

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  • Fully modular
  • Excellent performance
  • Beautiful aesthetics
  • All-white design including cables
  • 10-year warranty
  • Extremely quiet


  • Premium price

Our Rating: 9.8/10

The Asus ROG Strix 850W PSU White Edition is a clean and modern-looking PSU. With 850W available, you can expect to power all but the most extreme of builds. Better yet, the Strix 850W isn’t just to look at as it sports plenty of enviable features under the white exterior.

With an 80 Plus Gold efficiency rating, you can expect your power draw and heat buildup to be minimal. ASUS also makes use of their advanced ROG-inspired heat sink design to further disperse any heat that does build up.

For any heat that does occur, the specially designed axial-tech 135mm fan provides whisper-quiet cooling even under a full load. This is a similar fan design that ASUS uses for their latest graphics cards, so you can expect quality. Like most modern 80 Plus Gold PSUs, the fan won’t even kick on until it’s under a moderate to heavy load.

As with most premium power supplies, the ROG Strix 850W is also modular. The included fully modular cables will allow you to route the cables exactly how you want them to all of your components. They’re also completely white, so you can keep your desired white aesthetic throughout the entire case.

We did have some minor issues with keeping the cables exactly where we wanted them, but with the use of a couple more cable ties than we might typically use, the issue was easily resolved.

This PSU also features a 10-year warranty giving you peace of mind for years to come. The use of dual ball bearings also ensures that the fan will keep working with minimal chance of malfunctioning. On top of that, it comes with the OPP, OVP, SCP, OCP, and OTP electrical protections to keep you further protected.

If you’re asking if the White Edition is the same as the standard black Strix 850W PSU, the answer is yes. Why does it cost over $70 more? We don’t know. The only real downside to this PSU that we can point out is the odd price difference between the standard and White Edition of the Strix 850W PSU.

The price difference would probably not be worth it for most gamers, but if you’re reading this article then you are looking for a clean white aesthetic.

And price aside, we have to admit the ASUS ROG Strix 850W White Edition is really a beautiful looking, high-quality all-white PSU that performs well and stays extremely quiet at all times.

With that being said, if you have the money for it and don’t mind paying extra for aesthetics, you’ll not be disappointed in the slightest.

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3. Super Flower Leadex Gold 1300W

Form Factor: ATX | Capacity: 1300 Watts | Efficiency Rating: 80+ Gold | Modular: Fully | Warranty: 10 Years | Dimensions: 200mm x 150mm x 86mm

6 Best White PSU (Power Supply Units) in 2022 [650W – 1300W] | (10)REASONS TO BUY

  • Stable and reliable output
  • Highly efficient
  • 10-year warranty
  • Very quiet
  • Thick-braided cables
  • Incredible value for the money


  • Basic design

Our Rating: 9.7/10

The Super Flower Leadex might have a hefty price compared to the rest of the units on this list, but it also provides a hefty supply of power.

At 1300 watts, this fully modular PSU has enough energy to power even the most taxing and component heavy builds. With high efficiency, long lifespan, and extended warranty, if you are able to spend a little more for your PSU then the Super Flower Leadex is a great option.

With an 80+ Gold rating, and never dropping below 87% efficiency, you can count on the Super Flower Leadex to power your rig without any trouble. Additionally, if you have 1300 watts to play with, you can add as many top-of-the-line components and fancy RGB strips to your build as you want.

While it is the most expensive unit discussed today, it does have a very respectable price compared to many other higher wattage PSUs and with the full modularity and high efficiency, the Leadex is definitely a great choice for your build.

Slightly bigger than other PSUs, this can be expected due to the larger wattage provided. While the efficiency and available power are great, the Super Flower Leadex really shines in its thermal control system.

With the choice of either automatic or eco, the Leadex has an intelligent cooling system that keeps the fan off at low temperatures and modulates the RPM depending on how warm things start to get.

With all of that power, you may think that this unit would run hot, but Super Flowers excellently designed thermal system helps you and your rig keep your cool. The all-white case and intricate design of the cooling slits make this an attractive PSU to have in your case.

While the cables provided are black, there are more than enough to ensure you are properly connected to all of your components, and the fully modular design means that you only need to use what you want. With a dedicated on/off kill switch, the Leadex provides you with the versatility and control over your build that you would expect.

If you are looking for a PSU with plenty of power and can spend a little bit more, then the Super Flower Leadex is an excellent choice. With a long lifespan of over 2,000 on/off cycles and a 10-year warranty this is a unit that will last a while and efficiently provide plenty of power for years to come. An intelligent thermal control design and high-quality build make the Leadex a go-to white power supply for your white-themed build.

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4. Antec Earthwatts Gold Pro Series EA750G Pro White

Form Factor: ATX | Capacity: 750 Watts | Efficiency Rating: 80+ Gold | Modular: Semi | Warranty: 7 Years | Dimensions: 140mm x 150mm x 86 mm

6 Best White PSU (Power Supply Units) in 2022 [650W – 1300W] | (11)REASONS TO BUY

  • Highly efficient
  • Quality construction
  • Near silent operation
  • Flexible cables
  • 7-year warranty
  • Budget-friendly


  • Semi-modular
  • Standard round cables

Our Rating: 9.6/10

A semi-modular system at a lower price point, the Antec Earthwatts Gold Pro Series EA750G Pro White is a decent choice for a PSU, especially if you are trying to make every dollar go the distance.

The compact design and high-efficiency rating mean that this is not only an asset to your build, but something nice to look at as well. With a whisper-quiet fan and long lifespan, the EA750G Pro White is a solid option when it comes to white PSUs.

Erring on the smaller side, the all-white Antec case looks sleek while providing a decent amount of airflow and a black-accented fan sitting on top. The semi-modular design means that you will have some options but are still restricted to the basic cables coming off of your block.

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While you do sacrifice some flexibility with the semi-modular system, the provided cables are flexible, making cable management and installation a breeze.

With 750 watts and an 80+ Gold rating, the EA750G Pro White boasts solid performance and demonstrates great value for the price. The 750 watts is more than enough for the components that the semi-modular design has the capacity for.

A 120mm silence fan helps keep things cool while staying quiet. It may not have the intelligence of the Super Flower or Corsair cooling systems but is still reactive to ambient temperatures and provides solid cooling while staying quiet, overall a good cooling system especially for the price.

High-quality capacitors and internal build make for a decent lifespan and the 7-year warranty means that you are supported for a good while. Antec has demonstrated some complications with customer support, but the overall quality of the build means that you will likely not run into any issues.

Providing a full 750 watts and 80+ Gold efficiency rating, the EA750G Pro White boasts a performance on par with many other more expensive PSUs. It is not a fully modular platform, so you are sacrificing some customization and flexibility opportunities, but the provided components and smaller size make it easy to install and fit in almost any build.

If you are working on a budget build but still want a power supply unit that punches way above its weight class when it comes to performance and efficiency, the Antec Earthwatts Gold Pro Series EA750G Pro White is a great option for you. Excellent for beginner and budget builders alike, this PSU provides great value for the price.

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5. Corsair CX650F RGB White

Form Factor: ATX | Capacity: 650 Watts | Efficiency Rating: 80+ Bronze | Modular: Fully | Warranty: 5 Years | Dimensions: 150mm x 86mm x 140mm

6 Best White PSU (Power Supply Units) in 2022 [650W – 1300W] | (12)REASONS TO BUY

  • Fully modular
  • Stays super quiet
  • Stable power delivery
  • RGB lighting
  • Budget-friendly


  • Less efficient
  • Less wattage

Our Rating: 9.5/10

The Corsair CX650F RGB does not have the punching power of the previous PSUs. Less efficiency and less wattage mean that it is not the perfect option for every build.

But at the lowest price and with built-in RGB and an ARGB controller adapter included, this is an excellent choice for a build that puts a little more of a focus on style or for anyone looking for a decent budget PSU option.

With a similar design to the RM750x, the CX650F RGB features a white case with some black accents on the sides. It does not have quite the intricate cooling slit design as its more powerful counterpart, but what it does have is an array of addressable RGB lights in the fan that can use the built-in display or connect to your motherboard for full ARGB control.

What this PSU is slightly lacking in substance, it makes up for in style. If you are looking for a unit that you can show off then the CX650F is a great option.

Getting down to brass tax, you may be wondering exactly how this unit falls short in regard to power and performance. The CX650F RGB comes in at 650 watts, and unfortunately only achieved an 80+ Bronze rating. So, what does this mean for your build? Likely, not much.

If you are running a standard build with mid-range components and not putting too much in your case, then you should be ok. Additionally, while it lacks the Gold rating that the other PSUs on this list boast, it still consistently provides over 85% efficiency, even as you approach maximum system loads. The CX650F does fall a little shorter in performance and efficiency, however, in many builds, this is not something you will likely ever notice.

Getting back to the benefits of the CX650F, this PSU boasts a fully modular design, meaning that you can pick and choose your components and don’t have to worry about wasted cables or space. With white cabling to match the aesthetic and easy install, getting your build up and running with this unit should be very easy.

Additionally, even when operating at full capacity, the cooling system and fan never get louder than a whisper, meaning you will likely never know the PSU is there other than the great RGB effects it is showing off.

The Corsair CX650F RGB may not be a heavyweight when it comes to performance or efficiency. With lower wattage and a bronze rating, it falls short of the other units on this list. However, it is a fully modular platform and has the lowest price point of any of the other units discussed. Plus, with the RGB effects, this PSU can add some pizzazz to your build.

If you are looking for a decent budget option or are willing to sacrifice a little bit of performance for a lot of style, then the CX650F is a great option for you.

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6. Cooler Master V650 Gold V2 White Edition

Form Factor: ATX | Capacity: 650 Watts | Efficiency Rating: 80+ Gold | Modular: Fully | Warranty: 10 Years | Dimensions: 160mm x 86mm x 150mm

6 Best White PSU (Power Supply Units) in 2022 [650W – 1300W] | (13)REASONS TO BUY

  • Reliable
  • Highly efficient
  • Fully modular
  • 10-year warranty
  • Quiet operation


  • Overpriced
  • Non-braided cables

Our Rating: 9.3/10

On its own, the Cooler Master V650 Gold White Edition V2 is a very solid power supply unit. With decent power, high performance, and a fully modular platform the V650 Gold V2 should be near the top of most lists.

However, it is when we compare it to the rest of the PSUs discussed that it falls short. For a few dollars more you can the Corsair RM750x that performs better on all levels; and for a few dollars less you can get the Antec, which while it is only semi-modular, still provides more power and is just as efficient. Overall, the V650 Gold V2 is a solid option but unfortunately is outperformed by its peers.

With a power capacity of 650 watts, the V650 Gold V2 is tied with the much cheaper Corsair CX650F in terms of juice. 650 watts is plenty for most builds and the fully modular platform allows the flexibility to pick and choose what cables you need.

The cables on the V650 are white to match the unit itself and you get a whopping 16 of them, but they do fall a little short in flexibility and durability, meaning installation may get a little frustrating. This unit is rated at 80+ Gold and operates at 90% efficiency even at a full load, so in terms of consistency, this is a very solid PSU.

Top-quality components and capacitors mean that the V650 Gold V2 has a lifespan of over 100,000 hours, and with a 10-year warranty you should feel pretty comfortable. Additionally, the Gold V2 has a larger, 135mm, fan with reactive RPM operation, meaning it will run slower at lower temperatures. At under 40% load, the fan is completely silent, and even at full tilt, it is barely audible.

Overall, the Cooler Master V650 Gold White Edition V2 is a decent choice for most builds. However, it fails to stand out in any significant way. For the price point, there are other PSUs with more capacity, and it is a little too expensive to be considered for budget builds.

Outside of a potentially frustrating installation process, everything that the V650 Gold V2 does, it does very well; there are just other power supply units that do it a little better. If you happen to purchase a V650 on a whim then it is a great option, but if you are doing your homework (like by reading this list) then you may find a slightly better option.

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What is the best 650W PSU? ›

Best 650W Modular Power Supplies
  • Budget Pick: EVGA 650 B5 80-Plus Bronze (Fully-Modular)
  • Premium Pick: CORSAIR RM650 80-Plus Gold (Fully-Modular)
  • Budget Option #1: SEASONIC FOCUS GX-850 80-Plus Gold (Fully-Modular)
  • Budget Option #2: CORSAIR RMx Series™ RM850x 80-Plus Gold (Fully-Modular)
  • Premium Option: be quiet!
29 Apr 2022

Which brand PSU is best? ›

Included in this guide:
  • XPG. Core Reactor 650W. Check Price.
  • Cooler Master. V750 Gold V2. Check Price.
  • EVGA. SuperNOVA 850 G7. Check Price.
  • Corsair RM1000x (2021) View.
  • be quiet! Dark Power Pro 12 1500W. Check Price.
  • Corsair. AX1600i. Check Price.
  • Corsair. SF750. Check Price.
  • SilverStone. SX1000 SFX-L. Check Price.
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Is white better than bronze PSU? ›

The short answer is that EVGA's White line is smaller and features only 500W & 600W PSUs, while the Bronze line features a more extensive range from 450W to 850W. Additionally, White has fewer overall features than Bronze, especially in regard to power efficiency, warranty, etc.

What is the strongest PSU? ›

The best power supply is the EVGA Supernova 850 T2. Expect to pay $190 USD / £220. The thing that makes the EVGA Supernova 850 T2 a cut above most PSUs is its 80 Plus Titanium certification, meaning it's 94% efficient or higher under a typical load.


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