5 Best 16-inch Chainsaws For Sale To Buy In 2022 Reviews (2023)

Keen on buying a 16-inch chainsaw that will help you with cutting woods?

Then this article is a must-read for you! Check out 16-inch models with different power sources and for different applications and learn more about their features in this article. That way you will be able to choose the one that best meets your requirements for happy sawing.

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Tips For Buying A 16-Inch Chainsaw

Power Source Of 16-Inch Chainsaws

The market offers plenty of different 16-inch chainsaw models, and one of their biggest differences is the power source. Chainsaws can be powered either by gas, electricity, or batteries. Gas models are usually the most powerful, so they are preferred by professionals and other users who need to cut tough wood. Battery and electric models, on the other hand, are less powerful and thus recommended for lighter occasional cutting. This is why they are more popular among homeowners.

Features Of The Best 16-Inch Chainsaws

As chainsaws are powerful and dangerous tools, always try to look for models with durable chain brakes and low kickback cutting equipment. For comfortable operations, look for models that won’t be too heavy for you and opt for ergonomically designed handles with anti-vibration technology. As maintenance can be hard, you might also want to go for 16-inch chainsaws with side-access chain tensioning mechanisms and automatic chain oiling systems.

What Are They Suitable For?

A 16-inch chainsaw is somewhere in the middle range of guide bar lengths. It can be used for smaller cutting jobs, but if you are an experienced user, you can even cut thicker trees with it. With a 16-inch chainsaw, you should be able to cut firewood, split logs, fell and prune trees, and even trim bushes. This is why a 16-inch chainsaw could be ideal for any homeowner’s house chores in the yard, while also having some potential for even more demanding work.

Where To Look For 16-Inch Chainsaws?

I would recommend looking for the best 16-inch chainsaws on online retailer websites. For example, Amazon is an online retailer that offers free shipping for many of their products and also allows you to check out the customer reviews left under the products. That way you can see what other buyers have to say about a certain product to help you figure out whether it is worth your money or not. Shopping from the comfort of your home on Amazon can save you both time and space.

5 Best 16-Inch Chainsaws Reviews

16-Inch Electric Chainsaw

Craftsman 16 Chainsaw

Corded Chainsaw With Safety Features

This 16-inch electric chainsaw is powered by a 12-Amp motor and features a low kickback guide bar and chain for safe operation. It can cut wood and has a maximum cutting capacity of 14 inches. The 16-inch chainsaw delivers a powerful cutting performance and requires plugging in to be able to operate.

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Auto Oiling With A Viewing Window

The maintenance of the chain is made easy thanks to the automatic chain oiler and a tool-free chain tensioning mechanism. That way you can quickly adjust the tightness of the chain while working, and keep the chain constantly lubricated for safe and effective sawing. The oil tank has a viewing window so that you can easily check the level of the oil supply and never run out mid-task.

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Suitable For House Chores

Since this type of 16-inch electric chainsaw is corded, it is popular among homeowners who need a chainsaw to clean up after a storm, or occasionally have to deal with house chores such as trimming bushes and trees, or cutting up some firewood. To see what else the market has to offer on electric models, visit my post about the best electric chainsaws.

Why Buy This Product?

  • 12-Amp motor
  • easy chain maintenance
  • maximum cutting capacity is 14 inches

Best 16-Inch Gas Chainsaw

Poulan 16-Inch Chainsaw

Air Cleaning Technology For Longer Run Time

This 16-inch gas chainsaw is powered by a 40cc engine and includes 2-stroke oil and a scrench tool. The 2-stroke chainsaw is engineered for 70% less harmful emissions and fuel consumption reduced by 20% while delivering a powerful cutting performance. The run time of the air filter is increased as the chainsaw features technology for air cleaning.

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Spring-Assist For Fewer Pulls

As gas chainsaws can sometimes be hard to start, this model is designed with a spring assist that helps to decrease the number of pulls needed to start the engine. The chainsaw features integrated on-board tool storage that can be easily accessed for a tool that is used on the chain tensioning mechanism.

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Anti-Vibration Handles With Easily Accessible Controls

This 16-inch chainsaw comes with an advanced anti-vibration technology that keeps the chainsaw comfortable to use. The handles are comfortable and decrease the feeling of fatigue thanks to the ergonomic design with easily accessible controls. If you are interested in gas models, read this post with reviews of some of the best gas chainsaws on the market.

Why Buy This Product?

  • 40cc gas engine
  • spring-assist starts
  • ergonomic handles
  • on-board tool storage

Best 16-Inch Battery-Powered Chainsaw

GreenWorks 16-Inch Chainsaw

Low Kickback Chain & Chain Brake

This 40-volt chainsaw includes a 4-Ah battery, a battery charger, and a 16-inch long guide bar with a chain. To ensure the safety of the user, this chainsaw is equipped with a chain brake and a low kickback chain for preventing dangerous kickback situations that can lead to serious and even fatal injuries. This 16-inch chainsaw can deliver up to 100 cuts per charge.

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Knob For Tool-Less Chain Tensioning

The oil tank is translucent for the view of the oil level and automatically supplies the bar and the chain with oil. The chain tensioner is designed with a knob for tool-less adjustments on the chain tightness. The brushless motor can be easily started with the push of a button for smooth sawing and less noise. The lithium-ion battery gives 30% more torque and 70% less vibration than gas models.

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For Beginners & Experienced Users

As less vibration is produced, the saw operator can stay comfortable while using this chainsaw. It can be used by beginners, as well as experienced users as it is easy to start and maintain in good condition. If you are interested in cordless chainsaws, read about them in this article about the best battery-powered chainsaws.

Why Buy This Product?

  • 40-volt cordless chainsaws
  • includes a battery and a charger
  • delivers up to 100 cuts per charge
  • chain brake for user safety
  • produces less vibration

Best 16-Inch Chainsaw For Home Use

Dewalt 16-Inch Chainsaw

Chain Brake For Low Kickback Possibilities

This chainsaw features a 16-inch Oregon guide bar and a chain designed for low kickback possibilities. However, in case a kickback situation occurs, it can be stopped with a chain brake that stops the chain from spinning. This chainsaw is powered by a 60-volt battery and can be used for outdoor house chores and construction cuts.

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Sensitive To Noise

The chainsaw produces less noise than gas models so it is ideal for use in areas that are sensitive to noise, especially when using it at the clients’ properties. The battery model takes a pull of the trigger to start, compared to repetitive pulls of the cord to start a gas chainsaw. Chain adjustments are made easy thanks to the tool-free tensioning mechanism and the chain is constantly lubricated.

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70 Cuts Per Charge

The 16-inch chainsaw comes with a hard bar cover for safe storing and protection. The battery can deliver up to 70 cuts per charge. The 16-inch chainsaw features an ergonomic and lightweight design and can be used even for longer periods. It is great for homeowners who need a chainsaw for occasional trims and prunes in the garden or yard. If you are a homeowner looking for a chainsaw, read my post about the best chainsaws for home use.

Why Buy This Product?

  • 60-volt battery
  • low kickback cutting equipment
  • 70 cutes per charge
  • starts with the pull of a trigger

Best 16-Inch Chainsaw For The Money

Husqvarna 16-Inch Chainsaw

Designed For An Eco-Friendly Approach

This 16-inch chainsaw is powered by a 40.9cc gas engine with an idling speed of 2900 revolutions per minute. The 2-stroke engine is designed to lower fuel consumption and that also helps to reduce exhaust emissions for a more eco-friendly approach. The air filter can be easily accessed when it needs to be cleaned or replaced.

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Convenient Chain Maintenance For Durability

The guide bar and the chain are constantly lubricated to deliver safe and efficient performance and prolong the run time of the chainsaw. The 16-inch chainsaw delivers 2.4 horsepower and weighs 9.8 pounds without the attached cutting equipment. The chain tensioning system is convenient for when you have to quickly adjust the chain tightness while working.

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Inertia-Activated Brake For Safety

In the case of inertia, the chain brake will be activated to stop the chain from running to prevent danger and even injuries. This 16-inch chainsaw is listed for the price of around 300 dollars on Amazon. If you want to see other models under 300 dollars, give this post about the best chainsaws for the money a read.

Why Buy This Product?

  • 40.9cc gas chainsaw
  • 2.4 horsepower
  • inertia-activated chain brake for user safety

Conclusion: Which 16-Inch Chainsaw To Get?

I would recommend you look into investing your money in one of the two following models. Firstly, the Craftsman 16 chainsaw is powered by a 12-Amp motor and requires plugging in to be able to work. It is designed for house chores while keeping the saw operator safe. If you’d also like to check out electric pole saws, read this article about the best electric pole chainsaws.

Secondly, the Poulan Pro 16 Chainsaw powered by a 40cc gas engine is ideal for pruning and felling trees and cutting firewood. Thanks to the ergonomic design, it can be done while keeping the saw operator comfortable. Check out gas pole saws in this article about the best gas-powered pole saws. To learn more about chainsaws in general, check out this post with my selection of the best chainsaws.

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