11 Best Online Drum Machines to Build Beats On the Go (2022)

Drum Machines are equipment’s which can be used for producing drum beats. You do not need to have a full-fledged drum set anymore for creating some fresh beats. Drum Machines are electronic equipment which can be used for generating sounds of drums, cymbals, percussion, etc. There are different buttons for different sounds. Most of the musicians prefer these over traditional drum sets nowadays because of the ease and convenience that these machines provide.

If you are a budding musician or just an amateur, buying it is not a feasible option for you. This is because there cost is high. So, what can be done instead of buying it?

You can go for online Drum Machines instead. There are websites and even apps related to music which can be used for generating and downloading drum beats of your choice. This is an excellent option for beginners and amateurs who do not want to spend any money on buying it.

Most of these online Drum Machines are available for free and do the job of an electronic drum machine well. You do not have to download any software on your PC. There are many online machines to build beats out there, following are some of the best’s to produce beats.


  • 1 Top 11 Virtual Drum Machines of 2021
    • 1.1 One Motion
    • 1.2 Chrome Music Lab
    • 1.3 Pattern Sketch
    • 1.4 Splice Sounds
    • 1.5 HTML 5 Drum Machine
    • 1.6 Sampulator
    • 1.7 The Infinite DrumMachine
    • 1.8 Drumbit
    • 1.9 Drumbot
    • 1.10 Io808
    • 1.11 Web Audio Drum Machine
  • 2 Conclusion

Top 11 Virtual Drum Machines of 2021

The virtual Drum Machines allow you to quickly and easily create realistic sounding drum tracks using samples and grooves.

One Motion

This is one of the best online machines to build beats. The best part about this website is that it is free. The UI of this site is very user-friendly. Even beginners and amateurs can quickly figure out how to generate beats using this website. You can choose from the default drum set and techno drum set on this site. You can use number keys on your keyboard for creating various beats.

(Video) Buying Your First Drum Machine (Drum Machine Basics) | Reverb

You can also compose beats using this website. It is also possible to adjust the volume and pitch of the beats. You can also set the BPM from 1-200. This site has all the essential drum beats like the snare, kick, Hi-hat, Ride, crash, etc. You can save the beat to your PC after creating it. This website is straightforward to use.

Visit: One Motion

Chrome Music Lab

Chrome music lab is an excellent website for creating drum beats and relaxed rhythms. If you are a budding music producer, or if you just enjoy making your irregular beats, this website is the ideal website for you. The layout of this website is stunning, colourful and professional. On the home page of this site, you can see different sections like rhythm, chords, spectrogram, etc. Not only can you create drum beats, but you can also create keyboard chords on this website.

This website is a paradise for music lovers and enthusiasts. If you are looking to make drum beats, you will have to click on the rhythm section. Along with building and listening to the beats, you will get to see hilarious animated animal figures playing the drums and another percussion on this website. Overall this site is enjoyable to use.

Visit: Chrome Music Lab

Pattern Sketch

Pattern Sketch is another HTML5 based online drum machine that is compatible with all the modern web browsers. It is a JAVA Script sequencer. Roland TR808 and TR909 influenced it. This drum machine allows you to create your beats as patterns, adjust their volumes, and tempo. You can also alter the drum kit and even play your design back.

The software allows you to save, export, and even lets you collaborate with your peers. You can position your beat anywhere between the 16 to 64 steps. You can create effortless or complex loops using nine unique kits.

Visit: Pattern Sketch

(Video) WAMBOX Free Online Drum Machine - Overview + Tutorial

Splice Sounds

This is one of the best online drum machines to build beats. The layout of this website is beautiful. This online machine is more advanced as compared to the above-mentioned online drum machines. You can also play and edit beats of famous DJ’s like KSHMR and Lex Luger. This website has all the necessary drum sounds like kick, Snare, Hihat, crash, etc. You can adjust the BPM according to your choice on this site.

It is also possible to add keyboard chords and audio track to your beats using this website. You can download or share the beats that you created on this site. This website is not as easy to use as the other website mentioned on this list. If you want to create professional beats or track, this site is definitely for you.

Visit: Splice Sounds

HTML 5 Drum Machine

This is a basic online drum machine. You can use this website for creating some basic beats. You can adjust the tempo and the BPM on this website. This site is very complicated to use for beginners and amateurs.

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If you are a person with some prior knowledge in this field, then you can efficiently use this website for creating some fresh beats. You can save the beat that you create on this website to your PC. The layout of this site is fundamental and not at all attractive.

Visit: HTML 5 Drum Machine


Sampulator is a complete HTML5 built software. You can hit the keys on your keyboard to create tracks and record them. It doesn’t require any plugins. It utilizes your keyboard to make beats by converting each row into a drum segment.

(Video) Best Free Drum VST Plugins 2022

It is like a garage band sequencer for your browser. The pre-loaded loops in this online drum machine are really intuitive. You can save and distribute your creation by logging in with Twitter. The tracks made in the sampulator are usually catchy but complicated. As you playback the recording, you can see the keys being hit in the order you hit them on your screen.

Visit: Sampulator

The Infinite DrumMachine

This online drum machine website is a pretty basic online music creating website. The layout of this site is beautiful and colourful. You can add various beats and create your track on this website.

The process of creating beats on this website is not too hard. You can use this site from any browser. You can choose from hundreds of different audio filters to create a beat in the genre of your choice.

Visit: The Infinite Drum Machine


Drumbit is an online drum machine software constructed using HTML5. It can adapt to any contemporary web browser. It is client friendly software with a colorful graphical user interface. Neon shades of each color are dominant on the interface. You can easily alter the volume of the individual component. Drumbit allows you to add room effects and excellent sounding filters.

You can select from a variety of drum kits and can also change the left-right panning. After you are done making a rhapsodic beat, you can save your file for future editing. If you are satisfied with your work, you can save it as an audio file too. There is also a Drumbit plus edition for Chrome. This online drum machine is extremely easy to use and helps you make a drumbeat from scratch in the error-free procedure.

Visit: Drumbit

(Video) How To Make Beats for Free Online using HTML5 Drum Machine


This is another one of the online drum machines which can be used for creating beats. This website can be used for creating drum beats by adding primary drum sounds like the snare, kick, crash, etc.

You can also add different drum loops. This is website is not easy to use for amateurs and the UI of this website is not that user-friendly. You can save the beats you create using this site to your PC effortlessly.

Visit: Drumbot


The io808 is an online virtual Roland TR-808 drum machine emulator. It is designed to execute on your laptops, computers, or smartphone’s browser. It isn’t as good as other online drum machines, but it’s free to use. Just open your browser, and you are ready to create your own drum beats. This drum machine also integrates all the vintage features introduced in the first 808.

The io808 web page utilizes React, Redux, and the Web Audio API to recreate this virtual 808. So make some beats instead of wasting time on Facebook.

Visit: Io808

Web Audio Drum Machine

The Web Audio Drum Machine API is the latest way of dealing with audio on the internet. You can create your own beats with simple clicks. It provides a simple way to create new sounds or playback pre-recorded audio. It also helps us control the pitch of the drum beats accurately. You can change the tempo maximum up to 180 beats per minute. This online software incorporates 15 drum kits and 26 effects.

Web Audio is also free to use software available for your web browsers. To generate beats using Web Audio drum machine API, your browser should be aware of the sound-producing devices available on your computer.

(Video) Make a Punk Beat (HTML5 Drum Machine)

Visit: Web Audio Drum Machine


Precisely, it is not necessary to learn the traditional drum these days. Thus, the above online drum machines are the best software one could use for creating music. Surely, no one can stop you from becoming an online sensation with par excellence. We’d be happy to know of your experience if you download any of the above online drum machines.


What machine makes beats? ›

A beat machine, or drum machine, is an essential part of many classic electronic music tracks. However, many of the most well-known beat machines can be expensive, hard to find, and hard to learn.

What is the most realistic sounding drum machine? ›

What is the most realistic-sounding drum machine? In our opinion, the Alesis Stereo Electronic Drum Machine produces the most realistic sounding beats. It comes with over 200 samples of drums and percussion from some of the world's best instruments.

What do professional producers use to make beats? ›

Many producers also use Logic Pro X, FL Studio, Cubase or Protools or Studio One.

Which app can I use to produce beat? ›

BeatMaker 3

BeatMaker 3 by Intua is one of the most popular apps for beatmakers on the market today. This app is rich in features, giving you all of the elements you might expect to see in a full-fledged DAW. With the 16-pad drum pad interface, you can tap out and program drums.

How can I produce my own beats? ›

How to make a beat
  1. Step 1: Define your vibe. ...
  2. Step 2: Create a bass line. ...
  3. Step 3: Add in the drums. ...
  4. Step 4: Add melodic elements. ...
  5. Step 5: Fill in the gaps. ...
  6. Step 6: Expand the beat. ...
  7. Step 7: Mix and master your beat.
12 Nov 2021

What does Travis Scott use to make beats? ›

He, basically, uses three DAWs: FL Studio 11, Pro Tools, and Logic Pro X. You can find several pictures and videos online of Scott using these DAWs while creating his music in the studio. Travis clearly uses autotune plugins in a way that sounds pleasing to your ears.

What is the best free beat maker? ›

Top 15 Free Beat Maker Software
  1. Magix Music Maker. Magix Music Maker is a popular beat-making application for your music needs, ideal for beginners. ...
  2. FL Studio. FL Studio is compatible with macOS and Windows 8.1. ...
  3. Cakewalk by BandLab. ...
  4. orDrumbox. ...
  5. MuseScore. ...
  6. Ableton Live. ...
  7. LMMS. ...
  8. HammerHead Rhythm Station.
20 May 2022

What's the easiest drum machine to use? ›

What is the easiest drum machine to use? The Korg Volca Beats is arguably the easiest drum machine to use. The simple layout and lack of too many functions make learning how to use it an easy task.

What drum heads sound the best? ›

Choosing the best drumhead: Clear

The Remo Emperor or Aquarian Response 2 are two of the best clear drumhead choices. Both of these heads are well suited to louder music styles… They can handle heavy hitting, and will produce a big full sound (especially when hit with some force).

How do I make my drums sound professional? ›

These are the best ways to make a cheap drum kit sound good.
  1. Make sure you have new heads.
  2. Take time to tune up.
  3. Use an electronic drum tuner.
  4. Use dampening methods to kill nasty frequencies.
  5. Use a kick port for a tighter bass drum sound.
  6. Invest in decent cymbals.
  7. Look after your drum kit.
20 Mar 2018

What drum machine does Dr Dre use? ›

Akai MPC 3000

Dre says "I love using the MPC3000. I like setting up like four or five different MPC3000's, so I don't have to keep changing disks. So I have them all lined up, and I have different drum sounds in each one, and then we use one for sequencing th...

What drum machine did Michael Jackson use? ›

The LM-1 became a staple of 1980s pop music and helped establish drum machines as credible tools. It appeared on records by artists including the Human League, Gary Numan, Mecano, Icehouse, Michael Jackson and particularly Prince. The LM-1 was succeeded in 1982 by the LinnDrum.

What does Drake use to make beats? ›

That said, 40 has a preference when it comes to DAWs that he uses to produce Drake's music, and they are: Avid Pro Tools. Ableton Live. Steinberg Cubase Pro & Steinberg WaveLab.

Does making beats make money? ›

And, it's a fast-growing business. According to Urban Masterclass, “The beat selling industry generates at least $30 million a year. If you can get 0.1 percent of that, you'll be able to make $30,000 a year.” So, what are you waiting for?

What DAW does Kanye use? ›

Today in the 21st Century it's just more convenient to also use digital tools and not only analog hardware to produce music. So after Kanye West creates his beats with his analog gear he is using the Digital Audio Workstation called Pro Tools for the processing.

What is the best website to make a beat? ›

The Top 10 Beat Maker Online Software
  • Splice Sounds. Price: $7.99 monthly subscription. ...
  • Soundtrap. Price: £9.99 monthly subscription. ...
  • Gismart Beat Maker. Price: Free. ...
  • Intua. Price: $24.99, one-off purchase. ...
  • Serato Studio. Price: $9.99 monthly subscription. ...
  • ROLI Beatmaker Kit. ...
  • MAGIX Music Maker. ...
  • OrDrumBox.
3 Nov 2019

Do you need a license to make beats? ›

Music Licenses

If you're simply recording a demo or mixtape or are on a limited budget, a non-exclusive license will work just fine. A non-exclusive license grants you the right to use the beat for for your projects, but gives the producer the right to sell the beat to other artists.

Can you make beats with no equipment? ›

Starting out with the best equipment money can buy is an advantage. That fact is undeniable. But the truth is, you don't need high-tech equipment to get started, or even to make the best beats. What you need is the skill and passion for making beats.

What do rappers use to make beats? ›

Rap beats are created through instruments such as drum machines, the keyboard, pianos, turntables, and samplers. Although technology is not an instrument per se, it plays a vital role in producing today's hip-hop music.

What does Skrillex use to make beats? ›

Another DAW that Skrillex uses is Pro Tools by Avid, which is an all-around good software, but for Skrillex, Ableton is the go-to.

What software did juice WRLD use? ›

For instance, there's one that shows how beat maker Nick Mira produced “Lean Wit Me,” one of the many songs he worked on for Juice WRLD, using FL Studio (you can find alternative free software in Our Toolbox).

What does Tyler use to make beats? ›

In Conclusion

Well, he has pretty much used every DAW on the market to create the unique loops and effects on his tracks. His music is inspired by other genres, which stretches the limit of what people think is hip-hop. In the past, he's used FL Studio, Reason, Logic Pro X, and Pro Tools to produce his albums.

What is the easiest program to make beats? ›

Image Line FL Studio is a simple and easy-to-use beat-making program for beginners with a unique and intuitive sequencer, while Apple GarageBand is similarly easy to use for free at the cost of some flexibility and EDM-specific features.

What program can I use to make beats for free? ›

Some of the best beat making software include Magix Music Maker, FL Studio, and Logic Pro. Each of these programs have simple interfaces and offer loops and samples you can use in your beat. Magix Music Maker is free, FL Studio has a free version, and Logic Pro is a paid program only available to Apple users.

What app Can I make a beat for free? ›

7 Essential Free Apps for Making Music On The Go
  • GarageBand (iOS) It goes without saying that GarageBand is an incredible app considering it's free to download. ...
  • Groovebox (iOS) ...
  • Figure (iOS) ...
  • BandLab (Android/iOS) ...
  • Suggester (iOS) ...
  • Beat Maker Go (Android/iOS) ...
  • n-Track Studio DAW 9 (Android/iOS)
14 Jul 2022

Is drum harder than guitar? ›

Yes, generally speaking, drums are harder than the guitar. Of course, to play at a professional level, both instruments require the same amount of work. But if your goal is to have fun with music as quickly as possible, the guitar is your best bet.

What drum machine does Kanye use? ›

Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer

[West's] lyrics explored themes of loss, alienated fame, and heartache, while the album's production abandoned conventional hip hop sounds in favor of a minimalist sonic palette, which included prominent use of the titular Roland TR-808 drum machine.

Are drums the hardest to learn? ›

However, drums are by far one of the most difficult instruments to learn. The learning process is the same with any instrument. There is a definite learning curve, and like anything worth learning, it will take time, patience and practice.

What company makes the best drum heads? ›

  • Editor's Choice: Evans EMAD System Pack. ...
  • Best Drum Heads for Rock: Aquarian Drumheads PF-A Performance II Tom Pack. ...
  • Best Coated Drum Heads: Evans Onyx 2-Ply Tompack Coated Rock Drum Heads. ...
  • Best Drumhead Set: Evans G1 Tompack. ...
  • Best Muffled Bass Drum Head: Aquarian Drumheads Super-Kick II Drumhead Pack.

What is the deepest sounding drum? ›

Tom toms are smaller than the kick drum and produce a higher pitch. Rack mounted toms sit mounted atop the bass drum, while a floor tom has legs attached to sit on the floor. Tom toms will vary in pitch depending on their size and depth, with the floor tom being the deepest sound.

Are coated or clear drum heads better? ›

Coated drumheads tend to muffle the sound a little bit while clear options offer brighter, more open sounds. Coated options are great options for snare drums and a must if you play with brushes. You won't be able to achieve that sandpaper sound with a clear snare head.

How much does a professional set of drums cost? ›

The price of a professional drum set is usually between $3000 and $10000. Professional kits are built with better wood and hardware than beginner and intermediate drums. The build quality of professional kits is superior to that of beginner and intermediate kits.

What tools do drummers use? ›

Equipment For Every Drummer
  • Drumsticks.
  • Practice Pad.
  • Metronome.
  • Snare Drums.
  • Cymbals.
  • Drum Thrones.
  • Maintaining Your Drums.
2 Nov 2020

What note should drums be tuned to? ›

The top, batter head of a 14-inch snare drum is tuned to a range of 220–349 Hz (A3 to F4), generally a specific interval lower than the resonant head. The most common interval is a perfect fifth. Other choices include perfect fourth and major third.

Does Kanye still use an MPC? ›

According to Music Tools, Kanye has four main staples for sampling: an Ensoniq ASR-10 keyboard, an AKAI MPC2000 MIDI Production Center, Roland VS-1880 24-Bit Digital Studio Workstation, and a Gemini PT-1000 II turntable.

What does Kanye use for beats? ›

He Uses a DAW During the Recording Process

Like most musicians today, Kanye started using DAWs, at least for the recording phase of the production. Only after creating his tracks with the sampling keyboard, he processes them using Pro Tools.

Did Def Leppard use a drum machine? ›

Like all the other songs on the record, the song's drums were all samples from the Fairlight [CMI (computer musical instrument) sampler]. There are no real drums. The cymbals are played, but the bass drum, snare, and toms are all machine.

What drum machine did Kate Bush use? ›

The drums are classic eighties synthpop and came from the Linndrum, a drum machine that uses samples of real drum hits.

What drum brand did Ringo Starr use? ›

In postwar Britain, American-made instruments were rare and desirable. The Beatles' Ringo Starr, seeking his first American drum set, purchased this Ludwig kit from London's Drum City music store in 1963.

Did the Jesus and Mary Chain use a drum machine? ›

Looking back on it now, the mistake we made with the drum machines was that we tried to make them like real drums; we should have left them sounding cheap and drum machine-like but we didn't. But you certainly nailed the use of drum machines with 'Sidewalking'.

What is the best drum beat app? ›

The best drum machine apps are:
  • Patterning 2.
  • Elastic Drums.
  • FunkBox Drum Machine.
  • Beat Maker 3 – BM3.
  • Impaktor.
  • BeatHawk.
  • Groove Rider GR-16.
  • EGDR808.
6 Nov 2019

What is the fastest BPM drummer? ›

11-year-old Pritish A R (Australia) is officially the world's fastest drummer! He has broken the record for the most drumbeats in a minute using drumsticks, with a total of 2,370 – that's 39.5 beats per second.

Are drum beats online worth it? ›

Drumbeats online is just what I was…

And the stages on the website starting from beginner all the way through to Master drummer is a great idea. It gives you something to aim for. And the lessons are constructed really good. I would recommend this website to any drummer.

What do musicians use to keep the beat? ›

A metronome is a device that produces a click at a regular interval of time. You can set how fast you would like it to go based on beats per second.

Is there a difference between beat maker and producer? ›

The difference between a beat maker and a music producer is that the beatmaker makes hip-hop and rap beats, whereas a music producer is less specific and can make any kind of music. The word, “music producer,” can also refer to someone who helps develop an artist and their musical projects.

Who is the best trap beat maker? ›

The Best Trap Producers Of All Time (Part One)
  • Shawty Redd. Shawty Redd is often credited as one of the founding pioneers of trap music and is most notably known for his work with Young Jeezy on his debut album Let's get It: Thug motivation 101. ...
  • Zaytoven. ...
  • DJ Toomp. ...
  • Lex Luger. ...
  • 808 Mafia. ...
  • Drumma Boy.
27 Nov 2020

What drum machines do producers use? ›

The best drum machines available in 2022 are:
  • Erica Synths Perkons HD-01.
  • Roland TR-8S.
  • Soma Labs Pulsar-23.
  • Behringer RD-8 MKII Rhythm Designer.
  • Korg Volca Drum.
  • Elektron Model:Samples.
  • Moog DFAM.
  • Akai Pro Force.
31 Jul 2022

What should every beat have? ›

The majority of modern beats can be broken down into only a few standard elements: a kick, a snare, some high-frequency percussion sounds, a bass, and at least one melodic element.

What makes a beat catchy? ›

The study found that having a simple and relentless melody was the key to a song being "catchy". "We found, much to our surprise, that writing a very surprising and unusual hook is not the recipe for long term memorability,” musicologist Dr John Ashley Burgoyne explained.

How much does a beat cost from a producer? ›

Nowadays, beats can cost anywhere from $20 to $100,000 or more. It all depends on the quality of the beat and who produced it. If you're looking for a high-quality, industry-standard beat, then you should be prepared to spend at least a few hundred dollars.

Do producers need to master their beats? ›

Professional producers usually mix roughly as they produce, and then let mixing and mastering engineers take care of the sound so they can save time and get better results. Much like composing or arranging, deciding whether to mix and master will depend largely on your personal ability, resources, and circumstances.

What is the professional name for beat maker? ›

The artist who crafts the beat is the producer (or beatmaker), and the one who crafts the rap is the MC (emcee).

What is the best free online beat maker? ›

Soundtrap is an online music studio and one of our favorite online DAWs for making beats in our classrooms and in our workshops. Create, record & collaborate right in your browser for free with this powerful online DAW with absolutely no download required!

How many bars should a trap beat be? ›

Every trap beat needs an intro, at least a couple of verses and choruses, as well as an outro. The standard lengths for a rap verse and chorus are 16 bars and 8 bars respectively, whereas the intros and outros can range anywhere from 4 to 8 bars.


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