10 Best Battery-Powered Fans for Camping (2023)

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Sitting in a hot tent or camper where the air is stagnant and humid is a miserable experience. If the air conditioning isn’t keeping up or you can’t find a breeze, it may be time to add a battery-powered fan to your emergency equipment list.

You’ll find that this addition can help you keep cool without needing an electrical plug. Chill out with your wind-making machine, then recharge it for your next hot adventure.

Are There Fans That Use Batteries?

Fans of all shapes and sizes now come with batteries. Many have lithium batteries that you can recharge with a simple USB cord attached to a laptop, computer, or power bank.

Some depend on alkaline batteries that you have to replace after use, but all battery fans give campers the freedom to create a breeze without depending on 120-volt electricity. Take a fan with you to an outdoor concert or ball game, or hang one from the roof of your tent to circulate air. Cooling down an RV kitchen while cooking can make meal prep more comfortable.

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How Long Will a Battery Fan Last?

Depending on the amp hours of batteries you use and the speed set, a fan may be able to run up to 40 hours. A 10040maH battery with a fan set on low can run for 36 hours. However, that battery will only last 8 hours if the speed is high.

Why a Battery Fan Is Perfect for Camping

Power consumption is always a concern when camping, especially if you are boondocking and dependent on your RV’s batteries. A portable rechargeable battery fan is an excellent addition to your equipment.

There’s no need to look for an AC outlet while the generator’s running or worry about the charge in your coach’s battery bank. Take the fan with you anywhere and flip the switch for an instant breeze.

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10 Battery Powered Fans to Take On Your Next Camping Trip

Many battery fans are on the market, but we’ve narrowed it down to our favorite top ten. The fans listed below have different power options and unique designs to give you a sense of the wide variety available.

1. Rechargeable Hanging Fan

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Portable Camping Fan with LED Lantern- 40H Work Time Rechargeable Battery Operated Fan with Hanging Hook for Tent Car RV Hurricane Emergency Outages Survival Kit

  • BORN FOR CAMPING: This upgraded portable fan combines tent fan, camping light and aroma diffuser, circulate air evenly,...
  • VERSATILE PLACEMENT: This camping fan has a built-in hook to hang it on the tents, branches or inside a car. It can be...


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This portable rechargeable fan has a hook for hanging, as well as a base so it can sit on a flat surface, making it versatile for camping or in a sticks-and-bricks home. It uses lithium polymer batteries you can recharge with a USB cable connected to a laptop, car charger, or a power bank.

A bonus is a light you can use by itself or while operating the battery fan. One charge will last up to 19 hours when using the fan or for 40 hours when you’re using just the light.

2. 2-In-1 Rechargeable Fan and Light

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Drchop Portable Fan Rechargeable, 10400mAh Battery Operated Powered Fan, Outdoor Camping Fan with Light & Hook, Personal USB Desk Fan, for Bedroom, Table, Home, Office, Tent, Travel (Classic Orange)

  • 【8-36 Hours Battery Life】 The battery operated fan powered by a 10400mAh large-capacity battery, it can work...
  • 【Powerful but Quiet Wind】Our camping fan use professional high-performance brushless motor, one-touch stepless speed...


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With double the battery size of our first offering, this 2 in 1 rechargeable fan costs about $10 more. It also has a light and a much heavier base for firm support and can run from 8 to 36 hours continuously, depending on the speed you select.

It is truly a variable speed fan and comes with a USB-C cord for recharging from a laptop or chargers, but it does take 5 hours to charge.

Pro Tip: Is this the best RV fan on the market? Let’s look into MaxxAir Fan to find out!

3. Mini Handheld Personal Fan

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IPOW Mini Handheld Fan Personal Portable Fan 3 Speed Adjustable Angle Removable Base Lanyard USB Recharging Battery Operated Small Desk Cooling Face Fan for Home Camping Disney Travel Icy White

  • Both Handheld and Hand Free - Easy removable base offers both a convenient handheld fan for outdoors as well as a steady...
  • Easy Choice with 3 Speed Indicators - 3 speed settings with individual light indicator provides you with an easy choice...


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For a handheld rechargeable option, this mini fan can also hang from a lanyard. It’s ready to go anywhere you are, and a charge will last from 4 to 13 hours. It has a smaller battery than the first two fans here, but it can keep you cool at concerts or in the stands at a ball game. The mini handheld fan is about as big as a large cell phone.

4. Milwaukee Cordless Jobsite Fan

When you already have Milwaukee cordless tools, adding this cordless fan to your equipment makes sense. It runs on the Milwaukee 18-volt battery pack and has a corded option when 120-volt is available.

Measuring 9” by 9,” the fan can move air up to 40’ away, and with the battery, the charge will last six to seven hours before needing a recharge.

5. Portable Neck Fan

For relief from the heat, try this portable neck fan. It’s hands-free and has two small fans that rotate up to 360 degrees. Recharge it via a USB port by plugging it into a laptop or charging station, then take it to the pool or a summer festival to keep cool. The charge can last from 6 to 48 hours, depending on the speed you use.

6. Slenpet Rechargeable Fan

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SLENPET 20000mAh Rechargeable Battery Operated Fan, Portable USB Port Power Supply, 200 Hours Working Time, Timer Off Quiet Desk Fan, 350°Rotation Table Fan for Bedroom, Office, Camping

  • Long Working Time - Build-in 20000mAh rechargeable battery, 200 hours working time, 1 full charged, 1-week use, no need...
  • Power Supply with USB Power Port - This fan equips with a USB power port, you can charge your cell phone, laptop, and...

The perfect rechargeable desk fan can charge your small electronic devices while it works! The Slenpet fan is a monster with a rechargeable battery that will last from 15 to 200 hours, depending on the high, medium, or low setting you choose.

It has a firm, square design that sits on a flat surface and can move air well.

7. Crystal Mini Handheld Fan

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Mini Handheld Fan Rechargeable, Portable Retractable 3 Speeds with Fragrance, LIGHTDESIRE Personal Fan Small Handheld Battery Operated Desk Electric Fan for Travel Home Office Queue Makeup Fan (White)

  • ❤【Smaller Than Your Cellphone】Hand held fan Sized 2.9×1×5.1inch. It is fold up by the pull-out style so as to...
  • ❤【Powerful Airflow of 3 Adjustable Speeds】Built in premium motor and 7pcs fan blades, the cute pocket fan offers...

Disguised as a giant perfume bottle, the Crystal Mini Fan is a handheld air mover releasing a fragrance. You can set it on a table and retract it into its case, never revealing its true purpose until you desire. You can recharge the fan by plugging a USB cord into a power bank, charger, or laptop, and its run time extends from two to five hours.

Keep in Mind: If you’re considering getting a Coleman RV air conditioner, you’ll need to read this before purchasing.

8. Coleman Lighted Tent Fan

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Coleman CPX Lighted Tent Fan with Stand

  • Country Of Origin : China
  • The Package Height Of The Product Is 7.17 Inches


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A minimalist design is central to the Coleman lighted tent fan. With a simple circular fan supported by a removable magnetic disc, you can attach the fan to the roof of a tent as you would place the magnet on the outside.

An intense light is in the center, and you can dim it as a night light, and you can recharge the tent fan with a battery cartridge or D cell batteries.

9. Geek Aire Outdoor Floor Fan

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Geek Aire Rechargeable Outdoor High Velocity Floor Fan,10'' Portable 7800mAh Battery Operated Fan with Metal Blade,360°Vertical Tilt, 24 h Run Time Cordless Fan for Camping Travel Tent Hurricane Home

  • ✔ Dare to Be Different: The stable fan structure based on aerodynamic and the advanced brushless DC motor makes this...
  • ✔ High Quality Battery: Our battery fan has the rechargeable built-in 7800mAh battery which can run up to 24 hours. Be...

A miniature version of a large floor fan, the Geek Aire fan is a mover and shaker. With a stable foundation and a tiltable fan case, this fan can run continuously for 24 hours. It takes three to four hours to charge from a USB outlet in a laptop, computer, or power bank.

10. Treva Portable Fan

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Treva 10-Inch Portable Desktop Battery Fan, Powered by Battery and/or AC Adapter - Air Circulating with 2 Cooling Speeds

  • BATTERY-OPERATED POWERFUL PORTABLE FAN : With Treva’s 10" Battery-Operated Portable Fan, you can cool off wherever you...
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: This portable fan is durably crafted using sturdy plastic construction for long-lasting use with a...

An old-school fan that runs on batteries has a stylish makeover with the Treva portable fan. This desktop version is sleek and lightweight and is strictly for a tabletop, as there are no hooks. Running with six D-cell batteries makes it a dependable off-grid fan… until the batteries run out. That’s when you can use the AC adaptor.

Feel the Breeze With a Battery Fan

Sometimes, comfortable camping comes down to staying cool. A rechargeable fan is the easiest way to relax without worrying if an electrical socket or extension cord is nearby. It also helps if you have a cold beverage in your hand!

There are several fans with many power sources, including USB chargeable, battery fans, and even fans with AC adaptors. Any way you look at it, a fan can take the heat off and set your camping trip up for fantastic memories! Have you ever been without a fan in a hot tent?

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